The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings 18th International Conference on Data Engineering (2002)
San Jose, California
Feb. 26, 2002 to Mar. 1, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1531-2
Keynote Address 1
Session 1: Database Applications and Experiences

DBXplorer: A System for Keyword-Based Search over Relational Databases (Abstract)

Sanjay Agrawal , Microsoft Research
Surajit Chaudhuri , Microsoft Research
Gautam Das , Microsoft Research
pp. 0005

TAILOR: A Record Linkage Tool Box (Abstract)

Mohamed G. Elfeky , Purdue University
Ahmed K. Elmagarmid , Purdue University
Vassilios S. Verykios , Drexel University
pp. 0017

Providing Database as a Service (Abstract)

Hakan Hacigümüs , University of California, Irvine
Sharad Mehrotra , University of California, Irvine
Bala Iyer , IBM Silicon Valley Lab.
pp. 0029
Session 2: Semistructured Data, Metadata and XML 1

Detecting Changes in XML Documents (Abstract)

Gregory Cobena , INRIA Rocquencourt, France
Serge Abiteboul , INRIA Rocquencourt, France
Amelie Marian , Columbia University, NY
pp. 0041

Reverse Engineering for Web Data: From Visual to Semantic Structures (Abstract)

Christina Yip Chung , Verity Inc.
Michael Gertz , University of California, Davis
Neel Sundaresan , NehaNet Corp.
pp. 0053

From XML Schema to Relations: A Cost-Based Approach to XML Storage (Abstract)

Philip Bohannon , Bell Laboratories
Juliana Freire , Bell Laboratories
Prasan Roy , Bell Laboratories
Jérôme Siméon , Bell Laboratories
pp. 0064
Industry Session 1: Web Services Infrastructures
Session 3: Scientific, Engineering, Statistical, Temporal, Spatial, and Geographical Databases 1

Sequenced Subset Operators: Definition and Implementation (Abstract)

Joseph Dunn , The University of Arizona
Sean Davey , The University of Arizona
Anne Descour , The University of Arizona
Richard T. Snodgrass , The University of Arizona
pp. 0081

Exploring Spatial Datasets with Histograms (Abstract)

Chengyu Sun , University of California, Santa Barbara
Divyakant Agrawal , University of California, Santa Barbara
Amr El Abbadi , University of California, Santa Barbara
pp. 0093

Efficient Temporal Join Processing Using Indices (Abstract)

Donghui Zhang , University of California, Riverside
Vassilis J. Tsotras , University of California, Riverside
Bernhard Seeger , Philipps Universit?
pp. 0103
Session 4: Semistructured Data, Metadata and XML 2

Similarity Flooding: A Versatile Graph Matching Algorithm and Its Application to Schema Matching (Abstract)

Sergey Melnik , Stanford University
Hector Garcia-Molina , Stanford University
Erhard Rahm , University of Leipzig, Germany
pp. 0117

Exploiting Local Similarity for Indexing Paths in Graph-Structured Data (Abstract)

Raghav Kaushik , Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Pradeep Shenoy , Univ. of Washington-Seattle
Philip Bohannon , Bell Labs
Ehud Gudes , Ben-Gurion Univ.
pp. 0129

Structural Joins: A Primitive for Efficient XML Query Pattern Matching (Abstract)

Shurug Al-Khalifa , Univ of Michigan
H. V. Jagadish , Univ of Michigan
Jignesh M. Patel , Univ of Michigan
Yuqing Wu , Univ of Michigan
Nick Koudas , AT&T Labs-Research
Divesh Srivastava , AT&T Labs-Research
pp. 0141
Session 5: Data Warehousing and OLAP

Condensed Cube: An Efficient Approach to Reducing Data Cube Size (Abstract)

Wei Wang , Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Hongjun Lu , Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Jianlin Feng , Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Jeffrey Xu Yu , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 0155

Indexing Spatio-Temporal Data Warehouses (Abstract)

Dimitris Papadias , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Yufei Tao , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Panos Kalnis , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jun Zhang , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
pp. 0166

Processing Reporting Function Views in a Data Warehouse Environment (Abstract)

Wolfgang Lehner , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Wolfgang Hümmer , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Lutz Schlesinger , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
pp. 0176
Advanced Technology Seminar 1
Session 6: Scientific Engineering, Statistical, Temporal, Spatial, and Geographical Databases 2

Cost Models for Overlapping and Multi-Version B-Trees (Abstract)

Yufei Tao , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dimitris Papadias , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jun Zhang , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
pp. 0191

GADT: A Probability Space ADT for Representing and Querying the Physical World (Abstract)

Anton Faradjian , Cornell University
Johannes Gehrke , Cornell University
Philippe Bonnet , Datalogisk Institut Kobenhavns Universitet
pp. 0201

Similarity Search Over Time-Series Data Using Wavelets (Abstract)

Ivan Popivanov , University of Toronto
Renee J. Miller , University of Toronto
pp. 0212
Session 7: Semistructured Data, Metadata and XML 3

XGRIND: A Query-Friendly XML Compressor (Abstract)

Pankaj M. Tolani , Indian Institute of Science
Jayant R. Haritsa , Indian Institute of Science
pp. 0225

Efficient Filtering of XML Documents with XPath Expressions (Abstract)

Chee-Yong Chan , Lucent Technologies
Pascal Felber , Lucent Technologies
Minos Garofalakis , Lucent Technologies
Rajeev Rastogi , Lucent Technologies
pp. 0235

Mixing Querying and Navigation in MIX (Abstract)

Pratik Mukhopadhyay , University of California, San Diego
Yannis Papakonstantinou , University of California, San Diego
pp. 0245
Industry Session 2: Data Mining Applications for CRM and Personalization
Poster Flash Session
Keynote Address 2
Session 8: Middleware and Metadata

Integrating Workflow Management Systems with Business-to-Business Interaction Standards (Abstract)

Mehmet Sayal , Hewlett-Packard Labs
Fabio Casati , Hewlett-Packard Labs
Umesh Dayal , Hewlett-Packard Labs
Ming-Chien Shan , Hewlett-Packard Labs
pp. 0287

Declarative Composition and Peer-to-Peer Provisioning of Dynamic Web Services (Abstract)

Boualem Benatallah , University of New South Wales
Quan Z. Sheng , University of New South Wales
Anne H.H. Ngu , University of New South Wales
Marlon Dumas , Queensland University of Technology
pp. 0297

A Publish & Subscribe Architecture for Distributed Metadata Management (Abstract)

Markus Keidl , University of Passau
Alexander Kreutz , University of Passau
Alfons Kemper , University of Passau
Donald Kossmann , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
pp. 0309
Industry Session 3: Web Caching
Advanced Technology Seminar 2
Demo & Industrial Exhibits Session 1
Session 9: WWW and Databases

Design and Evaluation of Alternative Selection Placement Strategies in Optimizing Continuous Queries (Abstract)

Jianjun Chen , University of Wisconsin
David J. DeWitt , University of Wisconsin
Jeffrey F. Naughton , University of Wisconsin
pp. 0345

Design and Implementation of a High-Performance Distributed Web Crawler (Abstract)

Vladislav Shkapenyuk , Polytechnic University
Torsten Suel , Polytechnic University
pp. 0357

Evaluating Top-k Queries over Web-Accessible Databases (Abstract)

Nicolas Bruno , Columbia University
Luis Gravano , Columbia University
Amelie Marian , Columbia University
pp. 0369
Session 10: Heterogeneous, Distributed & Parallel Databases

Efficiently Ordering Query Plans for Data Integration (Abstract)

AnHai Doan , University of Washington
Alon Halevy , University of Washington
pp. 0393

Active XQuery (Abstract)

Angela Bonifati , Politecnico di Milano
Daniele Braga , Politecnico di Milano
Alessandro Campi , Politecnico di Milano
Stefano Ceri , Politecnico di Milano
pp. 0403
Industry Session 4: DBMS Extensions for Data Warehousing and Spatial Data
Session 11: WWW, Databases and Others

A Fast Regular Expression Indexing Engine (Abstract)

Sridhar Rajagopalan , IBM Almaden Research Center
pp. 0419

Geometric-Similarity Retrieval in Large Image Bases (Abstract)

Ioannis Fudos , University of Ioannina
Leonidas Palios , University of Ioannina
Evaggelia Pitoura , University of Ioannina
pp. 0441
Session 12: Database Access Structures and Techniques

Indexing of Moving Objects for Location-Based Services (Abstract)

Simonas ?altenis , Aalborg University
Christian S. Jensen , Aalborg University
pp. 0463

SCADDAR: An Efficient Randomized Technique to Reorganize Continuous Media Blocks (Abstract)

Ashish Goel , University of Southern California
Cyrus Shahabi , University of Southern California
Shu-Yuen Didi Yao , University of Southern California
Roger Zimmermann , University of Southern California
pp. 0473
Advanced Technology Seminar 3
Demo & Industrial Exhibits Session 2
Keynote Address 3
Session 13: Data, Text and Web Mining 1

Data Mining Meets Performance Evaluation: Fast Algorithms for Modeling Bursty Traffic (Abstract)

Mengzhi Wang , Carnegie Mellon University
Ngai Hang Chan , Carnegie Mellon University
Spiros Papadimitriou , Carnegie Mellon University
Christos Faloutsos , Carnegie Mellon University
Tara Madhyastha , University of California Santa Cruz
pp. 0507

d-Clusters: Capturing Subspace Correlation in a Large Data Set (Abstract)

Jiong Yang , IBM T.J. Watson Research Centers
Wei Wang , IBM T.J. Watson Research Centers
Haixun Wang , IBM T.J. Watson Research Centers
Philip Yu , IBM T.J. Watson Research Centers
pp. 0517

Efficient Evaluation of Queries with Mining Predicates (Abstract)

Surajit Chaudhuri , Microsoft Corp.
Vivek Narasayya , Microsoft Corp.
Sunita Sarawagi , IIT Bombay
pp. 0529
Session 14: Database Engine Architecture and Implementation

Recovery Guarantees for General Multi-Tier Applications (Abstract)

Roger Barga , Microsoft Research
David Lomet , Microsoft Research
Gerhard Weikum , University of the Saarland
pp. 0543

Fjording the Stream: An Architecture for Queries Over Streaming Sensor Data (Abstract)

Samuel Madden , University of California, Berkeley
Michael J Franklin , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 0555
Industry Session 5: E-Business I
Session 15: Data, Text and Web Mining 2

OSSM: A Segmentation Approach to Optimize Frequency Counting (Abstract)

Carson Kai-Sang Leung , The University of British Columbia
Raymond T. Ng , The University of British Columbia
Heikki Mannila , University of Helsinki
pp. 0583
Session 16: Query Processing and Optimization 1

A Sampling-Based Estimator for Top-k Query (Abstract)

Chung-Min Chen , Telcordia Technologies
Yibei Ling , Telcordia Technologies
pp. 0617

Improving Range Query Estimation on Histograms (Abstract)

Francesco Buccafurri , University of Reggio Calabria
Domenico Rosaci , University of Reggio Calabria
Luigi Pontieri , DEIS-UNICAL & ISI-CNR
Domenico Saccà , DEIS-UNICAL & ISI-CNR
pp. 0628

Query Estimation by Adaptive Sampling (Abstract)

Yi-Leh Wu , University of California at Santa Barbara
Divyakant Agrawal , University of California at Santa Barbara
Amr El Abbadi , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 0639
Advanced Technology Seminar 4
Industry Session 6: E-Business II
Panel Session 1
Session 17: Data, Text and Web Mining 3

Lossy Reduction for Very High Dimensional Data (Abstract)

Christopher Jermaine , Georgia Institute of Technology
Edward Omiecinski , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 0663

Discovering Similar Multidimensional Trajectories (Abstract)

Michail Vlachos , UC Riverside
Dimitrios Gunopoulos , UC Riverside
George Kollios , Boston University
pp. 0673

Streaming-Data Algorithms for High-Quality Clustering (Abstract)

Liadan O'Callaghan , Stanford University
Adam Meyerson , Stanford University
Rajeev Motwani , Stanford University
Nina Mishra , Hewlett Packard Laboratories
Sudipto Guha , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 0685
Session 18: Query Processing and Optimization 2

A Non-Blocking Parallel Spatial Join Algorithm (Abstract)

Gang Luo , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jeffrey F. Naughton , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Curt J. Ellmann , NCR Advance Development Lab
pp. 0697

Decoupled Query Optimization for Federated Database Systems (Abstract)

Amol Deshpande , University of California, Berkeley
Joesph M. Hellerstein , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 0716
Industry Session 7: Performance-Oriented Architectures for Web Applications
Panel Session 2

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