The Community for Technology Leaders
2013 IEEE 33rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops (2002)
Vienna, Austria
July 2, 2002 to July 5, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1588-6
Keynote Address

Keynote Address (PDF)

Yasushi Wakahara , University of Tokyo
pp. null
Session 1: Ad Hoc Networks

An Adaptive Maintenance of Hierarchical Structure in Ad Hoc Networks and Its Evaluation (Abstract)

Tomoyuki Ohta , Hiroshima City University
Kaori Maeda , Hiroshima City University
Kenji Ishida , Hiroshima City University
Yoshiaki Kakuda , Hiroshima City University
Shinji Inoue , Hiroshima City University
pp. 7
Session 2: Secure and Fault Tolerant Networks

Spy: A Method to Secure Clients for Network Services (Abstract)

S. Rajagopalan , Telcordia Technologies
D.N. Serpanos , University of Patras
R.J. Lipton , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 23

Quantifying Effect of Network Latency and Clock Drift on Time-Driven Key Sequencing (Abstract)

Geoffrey G. Xie , Naval Postgraduate School
Tim Levin , Naval Postgraduate School
Cynthia Irvine , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 35

Extended Minimal Routing in 2-D Meshes with Faulty Blocks (Abstract)

Zhen Jiang , Florida Atlantic University
Jie Wu , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 49
Session 3: Network Control Techniques for Assurance

PFTPD: An FTP Proxy System to Assure the Freshness of Files (Abstract)

Kenji ISHIDA , Hiroshima City University
Masato BITO , Hiroshima City University
Junichi FUNASAKA , Hiroshima City University
pp. 57

Stability of Autonomous Decentralized Flow Control Schemes in High-Speed Networks (Abstract)

Chisa Takano , NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
Masaki Aida , NTT Corporation
pp. 63

Service Oriented Communication Technology for Achieving Assurance (Abstract)

Kinji Mori , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Naohiro Kaji , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Khaled Ragab , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Takanori Ono , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 69

An Internet Auction Method using Decentralized Selection Servers (Abstract)

Kenji ISHIDA , Hiroshima City University
Kitsutaro AMANO , Hiroshima City University
Junichi FUNASAKA , Hiroshima City University
Yukiyoshi JUTORI , Hiroshima City University
pp. 75
Session 4: Evaluation and Management for Assurance

Modeling of Train Control System and a Method of Assurance Evaluation (Abstract)

Masayuki MATSUMOTO , East Japan Railway Company
Dai WATANABE , Hitachi, Ltd.
Tadao TSURUMAKI , East Japan Railway Company
Kinji MORI , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 89

Adaptive Checkpointing for Time Warp Technique with a Limited Number of Checkpoints (Abstract)

Kazuhiko Iwasaki , Tokyo Metropolitan University
Satoshi Fukumoto , Tokyo Metropolitan University
Ryo Suzuki , Tokyo Metropolitan University
pp. 95
Session 1A: Distance Learning

Implementing a Distributed Lecture-on-Demand Multimedia Presentation System (Abstract)

Timothy K. Shih , Tamkang University
Wen-Chih Chang , Tamkang University
Yi-Jen Liu , Tamkang University
Lawrence Y. Deng , Tamkang University
Sheng-Hua Shiau , Tamkang University
pp. 111

An Integrated Distance Learning System Capable of Supporting Interactions for Asynchronous Distance Learning (Abstract)

Shimon Sakai , Keio University
Yutaka Matsushita , Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
Ken-ichi Okada , Keio University
Hiroshi Shigeno , Keio University
Naoaki Mashita , Keio University
Tsunenobu Narahara , Keio University
pp. 116
Session 1B: Agents

Mobile Agent Model for Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Makoto Takizawa , Tokyo Denki University
Hiroyuki Ohsida , Tokyo Denki University
Takao Komiya , Tokyo Denki University
pp. 131

Mobile Angent-Based Transcoding Functions (Abstract)

Yoshitaka Shibata , Iwate Prefectural University
Norio Shiratori , Tohoku University
Koji Hashimoto , Iwate Prefectural University
pp. 137

An Agent Based Matchmaking System Using Knowledge Base (Abstract)

Leonard Barolli , Saitama Institute of Technology
Zixue Cheng , University of Aizu
Norio Shiratori , Tohoku University
Akio Koyama , Yamagata University
pp. 142
Session 2A: Multimedia Communication

Protocol for Synchronizing Multimedia Objects Exchanged in a Group of Processes (Abstract)

Makoto Takizawa , Tokyo Denki University
Seiichi Hatori , Tokyo Denki University
Kenichi Shimamura , Tokyo Denki University
pp. 156

OCEAN: Object Communication Environment for Arbitrary Network (Abstract)

Osamu Tsumori , SHARP Corporation
Isao Shirakawa , Osaka University
Koji Sato , SHARP Corporation
Toru Chiba , SHARP Corporation
Katsuya Nakagawa , Osaka University and SHARP Corporation
Keitaro Hanada , SHARP Corporation
Mitsuru Minakuchi , SHARP Corporation
Masaru Kawakita , Osaka University
pp. 162
Session 2B: Web

Personal Web Space (Abstract)

Tony Liu , University of Alberta
Paul Sorenson , University of Alberta
Yangjun Chen , University of Winnipeg
pp. 169

The Design of Interactive Negotiation Agent on the Web (Abstract)

Sheng-Hua Shiau , Tamkang University
Pei-Ying Wu , Tamkang University
Timothy K. Shih , Tamkang University
Chuan-Feng Chiu , Tamkang University
pp. 176

Persistent Cache in Cooperative Search Engine (Abstract)

Nobuyoshi Sato , Toyo University
Yoshifumi Sakai , Toyo University
Hideki Mori , Toyo University
Minoru Uehara , Toyo University
pp. 182
Session 3A: Database and Retrieval

Content-Based Trademark Retrieval System Using a New Region Based Shape Description Method: The Distance-Angle Pair-Wise Histogram (Abstract)

B. Y. Hsu , National Dong Hwa University
X. L. Yang , National Dong Hwa University
Shinfeng D. Lin , National Dong Hwa University
pp. 191

Combining Region-Based Differential and Matching Algorithms to Obtain Accurate Motion Vectors for Moving Object in a Video Sequence (Abstract)

Yuh-Ren Choo , National Cheng Kung University
Pau-Choo Chung , National Cheng Kung University
Chich-Ling Huang , National Cheng Kung University
pp. 202

Scene Context Dependent Key Frame Selection In Streaming (Abstract)

Jenq-Neng Hwang , University of Washington
Anthony G. Nguyen , The Boeing Company
pp. 208
Session 3B: Systems

A Transmission Service with Three-Queue Management for a Distributed Remote Monitoring Environment (Abstract)

Jui-Fa Chen , TamKang University
Wen-Chen Hu , Auburn University
Wei-Chuan Lin , TakMing College
Zhi Yu Jian , TamKang University
Chi-Ming Chung , TamKang University
pp. 217


Jae-Kyu Chun , Korea Telecom
Young-Woo Lee , Korea Telecom
Seok-Hyung Cho , Korea Telecom
Young-Il Kim , Korea Telecom
Ki-Yong Cho , Korea Telecom
pp. 222

An Improved α-Shapes Algorithm for Geometric Reconstruction (Abstract)

Tsong Wu Lin , Soochow University
Bin Shyan Jong , Chung Yuan Christian University
Kun Shyan Jong , Chung Yuan Christian University
Wen Hao Yang , Chung Yuan Christian University
pp. 228

Empirical Study of Inter-Arrival Packet Times and Packet Losses (Abstract)

Yoshitaka Shibata , Iwate Prefectural University
Tak Kushida , IBM Research
pp. 233
Session 4A: Database and VOD

A Novel Joint Rate Control Scheme for the Coding of Multiple Real Time Video Programs (Abstract)

Nam Ling , Santa Clara University
F. Pan , Nanyang Technological University
X. Yang , Nanyang Technological University
S. Wu , Nanyang Technological University
Z. G. Li , Nanyang Technological University
G. Feng , Nanyang Technological University
C. Zhu , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 241

A Scalable Technique for VCR-Like Interactions in Video-on-Demand Applications (Abstract)

Mounir A. Tantaoui , University of Central Florida
Simon Sheu , National Tsing Hua University
Kien A. Hua , University of Central Florida
pp. 246

XExplainer: A Tool for Generating Descriptive Text from Database (Abstract)

Jong-Hyeok Lee , Pohang University of Science and Technology
Sin-Jae Kang , Pohang University of Science and Technology
Ji-Eun Roh , Pohang University of Science and Technology
pp. 252

The Numeric Indexing For Music Data (Abstract)

Yu-lung Lo , Chaoyang University of Technology
Shiou-jiuan Chen , Chaoyang University of Technology
pp. 258
Session 4B: Security and Watermark

An Efficient Method to Improve the Quality of Watermarked Cover Image (Abstract)

Jyh-Long Lin , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Chuan-Fu Wu , Chunghwa Telecommunication Laboratories
Jen-Yi Huang , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Buh-Yun Sher , Chinese Military Academy
Wen-Shyong Hsieh , National Sun Yat-Sen University
pp. 267
Session 5A: 3DCG and Visualization

Interactive Traditional Japanese Crafting System using Virtual Reality Technique over Highspeed Network (Abstract)

Yoshitaka Shibata , Iwate Prefectural University
Akihiro Miyakawa , Educational Division of Tatsuruhama-cho
Masamitsu Sugimoto , Iwate Prefectural University
Mikako Hosokawa , Iwate Prefectural University
pp. 285

Visualizing External Inter-Component Interfaces (Abstract)

Robert R. Roxas , University of Aizu
Nikolay N. Mirenkov , University of Aizu
pp. 290

A Visual Editor for Multimedia Application Development (Abstract)

S.-K. Chang , University of Pittsburgh
T. Arndt , Cleveland State University
A. Guercio , University of Salerno
pp. 296
Session 6A: QoS

A Scalable Architecture for Differentiated Services (Abstract)

C. L. Lee , National Chiao Tung University
Y. C. Chen , National Chiao Tung University
J. R. Chen , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 311

A Fair Admission Control for Large-Bandwidth Multimedia Applications (Abstract)

Yuan-Cheng Lai , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Yu-Dar Lin , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
pp. 317
Session 7A: Mobile and Wireless Network

QOS Control of Multimedia Communication over Wireless Network (Abstract)

Yoshitaka Shibata , Iwate Prefectural University
Norihiko Uchida , Iwate Prefectural University
Kazuo Takahata , Iwate Prefectural University
pp. 336

Performance Evaluation of Mobile Agent on Its Living Time and Target Existing Rates in Servers (Abstract)

Tetsuya Sigeyasu , Yamaguchi University
Misako Urakami , Oshima National College of Maritime Technology
Hiroshi Matsuno , Yamaguchi University
pp. 341
Mobile Teamwork Infrastructure for Organisation Networks (MOTION)

Nokia Requirements and User Story for the Project MOTION (PDF)

Katja Nykänen , Nokia Research Center
Mikko Tarkiainen , Nokia Research Center
pp. 357

Peer-to-Peer for Collaborative Applications (Abstract)

Gianpaolo Cugola , Politecnico di Milano
Gian Pietro Picco , Politecnico di Milano
pp. 359

TWSAPI: A Generic Teamwork Services Application Programming Interface (Abstract)

Pascal Fenkam , Technical University of Vienna
Gerald Reif , Technical University of Vienna
Harald Gall , Technical University of Vienna
Engin Kirda , Technical University of Vienna
pp. 365
Agents and Middleware

A Physically Grounded Approach to Coordinate Movements in a Team (Abstract)

Marco Mamei , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Letizia Leonardi , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Franco Zambonelli , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
pp. 373

Architecture of an Agent-Based Negotiation Mechanism (Abstract)

Rachid Anane , Coventry University
Kuo-Ming Chao , Coventry University
Nick Godwin , Coventry University
Jen-Hsiang Chen , Coventry University
pp. 379

Exploiting Logical Mobility in Mobile Computing Middleware (PDF)

Stefanos Zachariadis , University College London
Cecilia Mascolo , University College London
Wolfgang Emmerich , University College London
pp. 385

Considerations and Requirements for Tools Supporting Mobile Teams (PDF)

Mario Pichler , Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Thomas Hofer , Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Gerhard Leonhartsberger , Software Competence Center Hagenberg
pp. 389

Mobility of Context for Project Teams (Abstract)

Schahram Dustdar , Caramba Labs Software AG
pp. 391
Heterogeneous Collaboration

Trust-Aware Cooperation (PDF)

Karl Aberer , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Zoran Despotovic , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Manfred Hauswirth , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
pp. 408

Adaptive Applications for Mobile Heterogenous Devices (Abstract)

F. Mancinelli , University of L?Aquila
G. Marinelli , University of L?Aquila
P. Inverardi , University of L?Aquila
pp. 410
Session 1: Applications

Separating the Navigational Aspect (Abstract)

Jesus Torres Valderrama , University of Seville
Antonia M. Reina Quintero , University of Seville
pp. 419

Managing Interaction Concerns in Web-Service Systems (Abstract)

Mary Stearns , HP Software & Solutions Operation
Giacomo Piccinelli , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
pp. 424

Separation of Concerns in Agent Applications by Roles (Abstract)

Giacomo Cabri , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Letizia Leonardi , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Franco Zambonelli , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
pp. 430
Session 2: Auto-Adaptive Systems

An Architectural Approach to Auto-Adaptive Systems (Abstract)

J.L. Fiadeiro , ATX Software SA and University of Lisbon
L. Andrade , ATX Software SA
pp. 439
Session 3: Distribution

Distributing Objects with Multiple Aspects (Abstract)

Salah Sadou , Universit? de Bretagne Sud
pp. 459

Separating Introspection and Intercession to Support Metamorphic Distributed Systems (Abstract)

E. P. Kasten , Michigan State University
P. K. McKinley , Michigan State University
S. M. Sadjadi , Michigan State University
R. E. K. Stirewalt , Michigan State University
pp. 465

Using Aspect Oriented Programming to Build a Portable Load Balancing Service (Abstract)

Guy Bernard , Institut National des Télécommunications
Erik Putrycz , Institut National des Télécommunications
pp. 473
Session 4: Composition and Configuration

Towards Dynamic Configuration of Distributed Applications (Abstract)

Michel Riveill , University of Nice
Anne-Marie Pinna-Dery , University of Nice
Mireille Blay-Fornarino , University of Nice
pp. 487

Aspect Oriented Programming Using Actors (Abstract)

Francesco Pupo , Universit? della Calabria
Libero Nigro , Universit? della Calabria
Angelo Furfaro , Universit? della Calabria
pp. 493
Architectures I

On QoS-Aware Publish-Subscribe (Abstract)

Luís Rodrigues , Universidade de Lisboa
Filipe Araújo , Universidade de Lisboa
pp. 511
Filtering and Efficiency I

Efficient Distribution-Based Event Filtering (Abstract)

Annika Hinze , Freie Universität Berlin
Sven Bittner , Freie Universität Berlin
pp. 525

Predicate Matching and Subscription Matching in Publish/Subscribe Systems (Abstract)

Hubert Ka Yau Leung , University of Toronto
H.-Arno Jacobsen , University of Toronto
Ghazaleh Ashayer , University of Toronto
pp. 539
Multimedia and Content Delivery

Multimedia Customisation Using an Event Notification Protocol (Abstract)

Ricky Robinson , University of Queensland
Andry Rakotonirainy , University of Queensland
pp. 549

Real-Time Processing of Media Streams: A Case for Event-Based Interaction (Abstract)

Frank Eliassen , University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory
Olav Lysne , University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory
Viktor S. Wold Eide , University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory
Ole-Christoffer Granmo , University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory
pp. 555

Mobile Push: Delivering Content to Mobile Users (Abstract)

Ivana Podnar , University of Zagreb
Mehdi Jazayeri , Technical University of Vienna
pp. 563
Short Paper Session

Coordination Architecture for Evolvable Event-Based Systems (PDF)

L. Andrade , ATX Software SA
J.L. Fiadeiro , ATX Software SA and University of Lisbon
pp. 571

Exploiting an Event-Based System to Develop a Distributed E-Commerce Infrastructure (PDF)

E. Di Nitto , CEFRIEL-Politecnico di Milano
M. Pianciamore , CEFRIEL-Politecnico di Milano
pp. 573

The Impact of Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks (Abstract)

Bhaskar Krishnamachari , Cornell University
Deborah Estrin , University of California at Los Angeles
Stephen Wicker , Cornell University
pp. 575

Parallel Implementation of Composite Events (PDF)

Opher Etzion , IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa
Michal Shmueli , Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
pp. 579

Taxonomy of Distributed Event-Based Programming Systems (PDF)

René Meier , Trinity College Dublin
Vinny Cahill , Trinity College Dublin
pp. 585
Coordination and Composite Events

Event-Driven Coordination of Real-Time Components (Abstract)

Costas Mourlas , University of Cyprus
George A. Papadopoulos , University of Cyprus
Theophilos Limniotes , University of Cyprus
pp. 589

Tuple-Based Coordination Models in Event-Based Scenarios (Abstract)

Mirko Viroli , Università degli Studi di Bologna
Alessandro Ricci , Università degli Studi di Bologna
pp. 595
Filtering and Efficiency II

Hermes: A Distributed Event-Based Middleware Architecture (Abstract)

Jean M. Bacon , University of Cambridge
Peter R. Pietzuch , University of Cambridge
pp. 611

Subscription Summaries for Scalability and Efficiency in Publish/Subscribe Systems (Abstract)

Andreas Economides , Technical University of Crete
Peter Triantafillou , Technical University of Crete
pp. 619

Event Systems: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too (Abstract)

S. B. Handurukande , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
P. Th. Eugster , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
R. Guerraoui , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
P. Felber , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
pp. 625
Architectures II

Distributed Supervisory System with Cooperative Multi-Agent FEP (Abstract)

Katsunori Yamaoka , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Aki Kobayashi , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Juichi Kosakaya , Hitachi Engineering Co., Ltd.
pp. 633

STEAM: Event-Based Middleware for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Vinny Cahill , Trinity College Dublin
René Meier , Trinity College Dublin
pp. 639
Session 1: Infrastructure Issues

A Collaborative Infrastructure for Scalable and Robust News Delivery (Abstract)

Ken Birman , Cornell University
Robbert van Renesse , Cornell University
Werner Vogels , Cornell University
Chris Re , Cornell University
pp. 655

Switchboard: Secure, Monitored Connections for Client-Server Communication (Abstract)

Lawrence Port , New York University
Tracy Pesin , New York University
Eric Freudenthal , New York University
Edward Keenan , New York University
pp. 660

Resource-Sharing and Service Deployment in Virtual Data Centers (Abstract)

Sven Graupner , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Vadim Kotov , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Holger Trinks , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
pp. 666
Session 2: Techniques and Algorithms

Intrinsic References in Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Kave Eshghi , Hewlett Packard Laboratories
pp. 675

Efficient Massive Sharing of Content among Peers (Abstract)

Chryssani Xiruhaki , Technical University of Crete
Peter Triantafillou , Technical University of Crete
Manolis Koubarakis , Technical University of Crete
pp. 681

A Demand based Algorithm for Rapid Updating of Replicas (Abstract)

Leandro Navarro-Moldes , Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Jesús Acosta-Elias , Polytechnic University of Catalonia
pp. 686
Session 3: Peer-to-Peer Systems

Toward a Peer-to-Peer Shared Virtual Reality (Abstract)

Gwendal Simon , Universitaire de Beaulieu
Joaquín Keller , France Telecom Research & Development
pp. 695

Rheeve: A Plug-n-Play Peer-to-Peer Computing Platform (Abstract)

Jiannong Cao , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Wang-kee Poon , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 706
Session 1: Devices

Interaction of All IP Mobile Internet Devices with Networked Appliances in a Residential Home (Abstract)

D. Pakkala , VTT Electronics
A. Tikkala , VTT Electronics
P. Välitalo , VTT Electronics
J. Latvakoski , VTT Electronics
P. Pääkkönen , VTT Electronics
J. Remes , VTT Electronics
pp. 717

Progressive HTML for Proximate and Automatic Interactions (Abstract)

Arnaud Troël , IRISA/INRIA
Michel Banâtre , IRISA/INRIA
Frédéric Weis , IRISA/Univ. Rennes 1
pp. 723

Superphony : Towards Ubiquitous Audio Communication Services (Abstract)

Aimé Vareille , France Telecom Research and Development
Patrick Paniez , France Telecom Research and Development
Marc Lacoste , France Telecom Research and Development
pp. 728
Session 2: Networks and Communications

DBGlobe: A Data-Centric Approach to Global Computing (Abstract)

Alexandros Karakasidis , University of Ioannina
Evaggelia Pitoura , University of Ioannina
pp. 735

Research and Implementation of Mobile Ad Hoc Network Emulation System (Abstract)

Hantao Song , Beijing Institute of Technology
Weiguo Liu , Beijing Institute of Technology
pp. 749
Session 3: Home Networks, Networked Appliances, and Security

A Framework for Connecting Home Computing Middleware (Abstract)

Makoto Kurahashi , Waseda University
Yasunobu Morimoto , Waseda University
Hiro Ishikawa , Waseda University
Eiji Tokunaga , Waseda University
Tatsuo Nakajima , Waseda University
pp. 765

A Flexible, Privacy-Preserving Authentication Framework for Ubiquitous Computing Environments (Abstract)

Roy Campbell , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M. Dennis Mickunas , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Anand Ranganathan , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jalal Al-Muhtadi , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 771

An Efficient and Flexible Access Control Framework for Java Programs in Mobile Terminals (Abstract)

Yukikazu Nakamoto , NEC Networks Development Laboratories
Hiroyuki Tomimori , NEC Networks Development Laboratories
pp. 777
Session 4: Wearable Computing

An Architecture Concept for Ubiquitous Computing Aware Wearable Computers (Abstract)

Bernd Brügge , Technische Universität München
Asa MacWilliams , Technische Universität München
Gudrun Klinker , Technische Universität München
Christian Sandor , Technische Universität München
Thomas Reicher , Technische Universität München
Martin Bauer , Technische Universität München
Martin Wagner , Technische Universität München
pp. 785

LifeMinder: A Wearable Healthcare Support System Using User?s Context (PDF)

Miwako Doi , Toshiba Corporation
Takuji Suzuki , Toshiba Corporation
Kazushige Ouchi , Toshiba Corporation
pp. 791
W8: International Workshop on Web Caching Systems

Energy-Aware Web Caching for Mobile Terminals (Abstract)

Françoise Sailhan , Inria -Rocquencourt
Valérie Issarny , Inria -Rocquencourt
pp. 820

Site-Based Mapping for Parallel Proxy Servers with Fewer TCP Connections (Abstract)

K. H. Yeung , City University of Hong Kong
K. F. Law , City University of Hong Kong
K. Y. Wong , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 826
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