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Proceedings. 18th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (Cat. No.98CB36183) (1998)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 26, 1998 to May 29, 1998
ISSN: 1063-6927
ISBN: 0-8186-8292-2

Vice Chairs (PDF)

pp. xiii
Keynote Address
Session 1A: Distributed Object Systems, Chair: Tse-Yun Feng, Penn State University

Coordinated Exception Handling in Distributed Object Systems: From Model to System Implementation (Abstract)

Jie Xu , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Alexander Romanovsky , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Brian Randell , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
pp. 12

Flexible Protocol Composition in Bast (Abstract)

Benoit Garbinato , Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Rachid Guerraoui , Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
pp. 22
Session 1B: Real-Time Communications, Chair: Ajay Kshemkalyani, University of Cincinnati
Session 2A: Retrieval and Caching of Distributed Information, Chair: Frank Dignum, Eindhoven University of Technology

Methodologies for Distributed Information Retrieval (Abstract)

Owen de Kretser , University of Melbourne
Alistair Moffat , University of Melbourne
pp. 66
Session 2B: Distributed Algorithms and Verification, Chair: Keith Marzullo, University of California, San Diego

An Adaptive Protocol for Implementing Causally Consistent Distributed Services (Abstract)

Michel Raynal , IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu
Gerard Thia-Kime , IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu
Mustaque Ahamad , Georgia Technical University
pp. 86
Session 3A: Communication Protocols, Chair: Wen-Shyen Eric Chen, National Chung-Hsing University

Efficient Ordered Brodacasting in Reliable CSMA/CD Networks (Abstract)

Pankaj Jalote , Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 112
Session 3B: Distributed Data Replication and Sharing, Chair: Michel Raynal, IRISA
Session 4A: Collaborative Applications I, Chair: Anish Arora, The Ohio State University
Session 4B: Performance Issues, Chair: Naftaly Minski, Rutgers University

LBF: A Performance Metric for Program Reorganization (Abstract)

Hyeonsang Eom , University of Maryland
Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth , University of Maryland
pp. 222
Session 5A: RPCs and Remote Message Passing, Chair: Peter Scheuermann, NSF/CISE
Session 5B: Consistency and Load Balancing for Web Applications, Chair: Jie Wu, Florida Atlantic University

A Framework for Consistent, Replicated Web Objects (Abstract)

I. Kuz , Delft University of Technology
M. Van Steen , Vrije Universiteit
A.S. Tanenbaum , Vrije Universiteit
pp. 276

Dynamic Load Balancing in Geographically Distributed Heterogeneous Web Servers (Abstract)

Michele Colajanni , Universita' di Roma "Tor Vergata"
Valeria Cardellini , Universita' di Roma "Tor Vergata"
pp. 295
Session 6A: Web-Based Commerce, Chair: Hans Weigrand, Tilburg University
Session 6B: Real-Time Synchronization and Protocols, Chair: Diego Latella, C.N.R. Ist. CNUCE
Session 7A: Collaborative Applications II, Chair: Bernd Krämer

Design and Implementation of a Distributed X-Multiplexor (Abstract)

Alan T. Krantz , Emory University
Sarah E. Chodrow , Emory University
Michael D. Hirsch , Emory University
Injong Rhee , Emory University
Julie Sult , Emory University
Vaidy S. Sunderam , Emory University
pp. 372

CLIQUES: A New Approach to Group Key Agreement (Abstract)

Gene Tsudik , University of Southern California
pp. 380
Session 7B: Security, Composability, and Failure Detection, Chair: Reind van de Riet, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Experience with Secure Multi-Processing in Java (Abstract)

Dirk Balfanz , Princeton University
Li Gong , Sun Microsystems, Inc.
pp. 398
Keynote Address
Session 8A: Fault Tolerant Systems, Chair: Pankaj Jalote, Indian Institute of Technology

A Delay-Optimal Quorum-Based Mutual Exclusion Scheme with Fault-Tolerance Capability (Abstract)

Guohong Cao , The Ohio-State University
Mukesh Singhal , The Ohio-State University
Yi Deng , Florida International University
Naphtali Rishe , Florida International University
Wei Sun , Florida International University
pp. 444

Low-Overhead Protocols for Fault-Tolerant File Sharing (Abstract)

Lorenzo Alvisi , The University of Texas at Austin
Sriram Rao , The University of Texas at Austin
Harrick M. Vin , The University of Texas at Austin
pp. 452
Session 8B: Mobile and Wireless Systems, Chair: Alexander Schill, TU Dresden

Low-Cost Checkpointing with Mutable Checkpoints in Mobile Computing Systems (Abstract)

Guohong Cao , The Ohio State University
Mukesh Singhal , The Ohio State University
pp. 464

A Feedback Based Scheme for Improving TCP Performance in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Kartik Chandran , University of Texas at Dallas
Sudarshan Raghunathan , University of Texas at Dallas
S. Venkatesan , University of Texas at Dallas
Ravi Prakash , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 472

NFS/M: An Open Platform Mobile File System (Abstract)

John C.S. Lui , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Oldfield K.Y. So , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
T.S. Tam , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 488
Session 9A: Wide-Area Network Computing, Chair: Hiroaki Higaki, Tokyo Denki University

Improved Lightpath (Wavelength) Routing in Large WDM Networks (Abstract)

Weifa Liang , The University of Queensland
George Havas , The University of Queensland
Xiaojun Shen , University of Missouri at Kansas City
pp. 516
Session 9B: Workflow Systems and Transactions, Chair: Athman Bougesttaya, QUT
Session 10A: Distributed Shared Memory, Chair: Hans Albrecht-Schindler, Technical University, Ilmenau

Robust State Sharing for Wide Area Distributed Applications (Abstract)

Brad Topol , Georgia Institute of Technology
Mustaque Ahamad , Georgia Institute of Technology
John T. Stasko , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 554
Session 10B: Agent Systems and Market-Based Computing, Chair: Michael Papazoglou, Tilburg University

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