The Community for Technology Leaders
Computer Vision, IEEE International Conference on (2001)
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
July 7, 2001 to July 14, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1143-0
Session 9: Sensors and Early Vision

Caustics of Catadioptric Cameras (Abstract)

Rahul Swaminathan , Columbia University
Michael D. Grossberg , Columbia University
Shree K. Nayar , Columbia University
pp. 2

Split Aperture Imaging for High Dynamic Range (Abstract)

Manoj Aggarwal , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Narendra Ahuja , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 10
Session 10: Tracking

A Co-inference Approach to Robust Visual Tracking (Abstract)

Ying Wu , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Thomas S. Huang , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 26

BraMBLe: A Bayesian Multiple-Blob Tracker (Abstract)

M. Isard , Compaq Systems Research Center
J. MacCormick , Compaq Systems Research Center
pp. 34

Probabilistic Tracking in a Metric Space (Abstract)

Kentaro Toyama , Microsoft Research
Andrew Blake , Microsoft Research Ltd.
pp. 50
Session 11: Video Analysis

Alignment of Non-Overlapping Sequences (Abstract)

Yaron Caspi , The Weizmann Institute of Science
Michal Irani , The Weizmann Institute of Science
pp. 76

Multi-Agent Event Recognition (Abstract)

Somboon Hongeng , University of Southern California
Ramakant Nevatia , University of Southern California
pp. 84
Poster Session 3

Biologically Motivated, Precise and Simple Calibration and Reconstruction Using a Stereo Light Microscope (Abstract)

L. Eckert , Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
R.-R. Grigat , Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
pp. 94

True Single View Point Cone Mirror Omni-Directional Catadioptric System (Abstract)

Shih-Sch? Lin , University of Pennsylvania
Ruzena Bajcsy , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 102

Using Scene Constraints during the Calibration Procedure (Abstract)

Didier Bondyfalat , INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
Th?odore Papadopoulo , INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
Bernard Mourrain , INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
pp. 124

Image Segmentation by Data Driven Markov Chain Monte Carlo (Abstract)

Zhuowen Tu , Ohio State University
Song-Chun Zhu , Ohio State University
Heung-Yeung Shum , Microsoft Research Beijing
pp. 131

Confidence and curvature estimation of curvilinear structures in 3-D (Abstract)

P. Bakker , Delft University of Technology
L. J. van Vliet , Delft University of Technology
P. W. Verbeek , Delft University of Technology
pp. 139

Probabilistic Framework for Segmenting People Under Occlusion (Abstract)

Ahmed M. Elgammal , University of Maryland
Larry S. Davis , University of Maryland
pp. 145

Folds and Cuts: How Shading Flows Into Edges (Abstract)

Patrick S. Huggins , Yale University
Steven W. Zucker , Yale University
pp. 153

Feature Selection from Huge Feature Sets (Abstract)

Jos? Bins , Pontif?cia Universidade Cat?lica (RS)
Bruce A. Draper , Colorado State University
pp. 159

Affine Invariant Erosion of 3D Shapes (Abstract)

Santiago Betelu , Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Guillermo Sapiro , University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Allen Tannenbaum , Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta
pp. 174

Multiple View Geometry of Non-planar Algebraic Curves (Abstract)

J. Yermiyahu Kaminski , Bar-Ilan University
Michael Fryers , Bar-Ilan University
Amnon Shashua , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mina Teicher , Bar-Ilan University
pp. 181

Concentric Mosaic(s), Planar Motion and 1D Cameras (Abstract)

Long Quan , CNRS-INRIA
Le Lu , Microsoft Research China; Chinese Academy of Sciences
Heung-Yeung Shum , Microsoft Research China
Maxime Lhuillier , CNRS-INRIA
pp. 193

Shape Deformation: SVM Regression and Application to Medical Image Segmentation (Abstract)

Song Wang , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Weiyu Zhu , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Zhi-Pei Liang , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 209

Structure and Motion from Silhouettes (Abstract)

Kwan-Yee K. Wong , University of Cambridge
Roberto Cipolla , University of Cambridge
pp. 217

Uncalibrated Motion Capture Exploiting Articulated Structure Constraints (Abstract)

David Liebowitz , Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden
Stefan Carlsson , Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden
pp. 230

Harmonics Extraction Based on Higher Order Statistics Spectrum Decomposition for A Unified Texture Model (Abstract)

Yong Huang , Nanyang Technological University
Kap Luk Chan , Nanyang Technological University
Zhongyang Huang , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 245

The Earth Mover?s Distance is the Mallows Distance: Some Insights from Statistics (Abstract)

Elizaveta Levina , University of California, Berkeley
Peter Bickel , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 251

Physics-based Model Acquisition and Identification in Airborne Spectral Images (Abstract)

David Slater , University of California
Glenn Healey , University of California
pp. 257

Surface Matching by 3D Point?s Fingerprint (Abstract)

Y. Sun , The University of Tennessee
M. A. Abidi , The University of Tennessee
pp. 263

A Gabor Feature Classifier for Face Recognition (Abstract)

Chengjun Liu , University of Missouri
Harry Wechsler , George Mason University
pp. 270

Pairwise Face Recognition (Abstract)

Guo-Dong Guo , Microsoft Research China
Hong-Jiang Zhang , Microsoft Research China
Stan Z. Li , Microsoft Research China
pp. 282

Separating Appearance from Deformation (Abstract)

Nebojsa Jojic , Microsoft Research
Patrice Simard , Microsoft Research
Brendan J. Frey , University of Toronto
David Heckerman , Microsoft Research
pp. 288

View-Based Clustering of Object Appearances Based on Independent Subspace Analysis (Abstract)

Stan Z. Li , Microsoft Research China
XiaoGuang Lv , Microsoft Research China
HongJiang Zhang , Microsoft Research China
pp. 295

Do we really have to consider covariance matrices for image features? (Abstract)

Yasushi Kanazawa , Toyohashi University of Technology
Kenichi Kanatani , Okayama University
pp. 301

3D Object Tracking Using Shape-Encoded Particle Propagation (Abstract)

H. Moon , University of Maryland
R. Chellappa , University of Maryland
A. Rosenfeld , University of Maryland
pp. 307

People Tracking Using Hybrid Monte Carlo Filtering (Abstract)

Kiam Choo , University of Toronto
David J. Fleet , Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
pp. 321

Improving AR using Shadows Arising from Natural Illumination Distribution in Video Sequences (Abstract)

Taeone Kim , Dept. of E.E. POSTECH, Korea
Yong-Duek Seo , SVR Lab, Engineering Department, U. Cambridge, UK
Ki-Sang Hong , Dept. of E.E. POSTECH, Korea
pp. 329

An EM Algorithm for Video Summarization, Generative Model Approach (Abstract)

Xavier Orriols , Universitat Aut?noma de Barcelona
Xavier Binefa , Universitat Aut?noma de Barcelona
pp. 335

Video georegistration: Algorithm and quantitative evaluation (Abstract)

R. P. Wildes , Sarnoff Corporation
D. J. Hirvonen , Sarnoff Corporation
S. C. Hsu , Sarnoff Corporation
R. Kumar , Sarnoff Corporation
W. B. Lehman , Sarnoff Corporation
B. Matei , Sarnoff Corporation
W.-Y. Zhao , Sarnoff Corporation
pp. 343

Automatic Segmentation and Indexing in a Database of Bird Images (Abstract)

Madirakshi Das , University of Massachusetts
R. Manmatha , University of Massachusetts
pp. 351
Session 12: Reflectance

The KGBR Viewpoint-Lighting Ambiguity and its Resolution by Generic Constraints (Abstract)

A. L. Yuille , Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
James M. Coughlan , Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
S. Konishi , Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
pp. 376

Lambertian Reflectance and Linear Subspaces (Abstract)

Ronen Basri , The Weizmann Institute of Science
David Jacobs , NEC Research Institute
pp. 383

Beyond Lambert: Reconstructing Surfaces with Arbitrary BRDFs (Abstract)

Sebastian Magda , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
David J. Kriegman , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Todd Zickler , Yale University
Peter N. Belhumeur , Yale University
pp. 391
Session 13: Image Databases

On the Complexity of Probabilistic Image Retrieval (Abstract)

Nuno Vasconcelos , Cambridge Research Laboratory
pp. 400

Learning the Semantics of Words and Pictures (Abstract)

Kobus Barnard , University of California, Berkeley
David Forsyth , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 408

A Database of Human Segmented Natural Images and its Application to Evaluating Segmentation Algorithms and Measuring Ecological Statistics (Abstract)

David Martin , University of California, Berkeley
Charless Fowlkes , University of California, Berkeley
Doron Tal , University of California, Berkeley
Jitendra Malik , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 416
Session 14: Vision Systems and Texture

Capturing Natural Hand Articulation (Abstract)

Ying Wu , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
John Y. Lin , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Thomas S. Huang , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 426

Example-based Facial Sketch Generation with Non-parametric Sampling (Abstract)

Hong Chen , Microsoft Research, China
Ying-Qing Xu , Microsoft Research, China
Heung-Yeung Shum , Microsoft Research, China
Song-Chun Zhu , The Ohio State University, USA
Nan-Ning Zheng , Xi?an Jiaotong University, China
pp. 433

Dynamic Textures (Abstract)

Stefano Soatto , UCLA; Washington University, St.Louis
pp. 439

Shape from texture and integrability (Abstract)

D. A. Forsyth , U.C. Berkeley
pp. 447
Poster Session 4

The Impact of Viewing Geometry on Vision Through the Atmosphere (Abstract)

Pei-hsiu Suen , University of California
Glenn Healey , University of California
David Slater , University of California
pp. 454

BRDF/BTF Measurement Device (Abstract)

Kristin J. Dana , Rutgers University
pp. 460

A Curve Evolution Approach for Image Segmentation using Adaptive Flows (Abstract)

Haihua Feng , Boston University; The Math Works Inc.
David A. Casta? , Boston University
W. Clem Karl , Boston University
pp. 494

Segmentation and Range Sensing Using a Moving-aperture Lens (PDF)

Anbumani Subramanian , Virginia Tech, Blacksburg
Lakshmi R. Iyer , Virginia Tech, Blacksburg
A.Lynn Abbott , Virginia Tech, Blacksburg
Amy E. Bell , Virginia Tech, Blacksburg
pp. 500

Finding "Anomalies" in an Arbitrary Image (Abstract)

Toshifumi Honda , Hitachi Ltd.
Shree K. Nayar , Columbia University
pp. 516

JetStream: Probabilistic Contour Extraction with Particles (Abstract)

Patrick P?rez , Microsoft Research
Andrew Blake , Microsoft Research
Michel Gangnet , Microsoft Research
pp. 524

A Framework for Segmentation of Talk & Game Shows (Abstract)

Omar Javed , University of Central Florida
Zeeshan Rasheed , University of Central Florida
Mubarak Shah , University of Central Florida
pp. 532

A simple and efficient template matching algorithm (Abstract)

Fr?d?ric Jurie , Blaise-Pascal University
Michel Dhome , Blaise-Pascal University
pp. 544

Performance Evaluation of Stereo for Tele-presence (Abstract)

Jane Mulligan , University of Pennsylvania
Volkan Isler , University of Pennsylvania
Kostas Daniilidis , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 558

A Versatile Method for Trifocal Tensor Estimation (Abstract)

Bogdan Matei , Rutgers University
Bogdan Georgescu , Rutgers University
Peter Meer , Rutgers University
pp. 578

Reconstructing Surfaces Using Anisotropic Basis Functions (Abstract)

Huong Quynh Dinh , Georgia Institute of Technology
Greg Turk , Georgia Institute of Technology
Greg Slabaugh , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 606

Structure From Motion Using Sequential Monte Carlo Methods (Abstract)

Gang Qian , University of Maryland
Rama Chellappa , University of Maryland
pp. 614

Noise in bilinear problems (Abstract)

J. A. Haddon , U.C. Berkeley
D. A. Forsyth , U.C. Berkeley
pp. 622

Plan-view trajectory estimation with dense stereo background models (Abstract)

T. Darrell , MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
D. Demirdjian , MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
N. Checka , MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
P. Felzenszwalb , MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
pp. 628

Model-Based Bundle Adjustment with Application to Face Modeling (Abstract)

Ying Shan , Microsoft Research
Zicheng Liu , Microsoft Research
Zhengyou Zhang , Microsoft Research
pp. 644

Photometric Image-Based Rendering for Image Generation in Arbitrary Illumination (Abstract)

Yasuhiro Mukaigawa , Okayama University
Hajime Miyaki , Okayama University
Sadahiko Mihashi , Okayama University
Takeshi Shakunaga , Okayama University
pp. 652

Learning Spectral Calibration Parameters For Color Inspection (Abstract)

P. Carvalho , University of Coimbra
A. Santos , University of Coimbra
A. Dourado , University of Coimbra
B. Ribeiro , University of Coimbra
pp. 660

Image Detection Under Varying Illumination and Pose (Abstract)

Margarita Osadchy , University of Haifa
Daniel Keren , University of Haifa
pp. 668

Kernel Machine Based Learning For Multi-View Face Detection and Pose Estimation (Abstract)

Stan Z. Li , Microsoft Research China, Beijing Sigma Center
QingDong Fu , Microsoft Research China, Beijing Sigma Center; University of Science and Technology of China
Lie Gu , Microsoft Research China, Beijing Sigma Center
Bernhard Sch?lkopf , Microsoft Research China, Beijing Sigma Center
Yimin Cheng , University of Science and Technology of China
HongJiag Zhang , Microsoft Research China, Beijing Sigma Center
pp. 674

Markov Face Models (Abstract)

Sarat C. Dass , Michigan State University
Anil K. Jain , Michigan State University
pp. 680

Face Recognition with Support Vector Machines: Global versus Component-based Approach (Abstract)

Bernd Heisele , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Purdy Ho , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tomaso Poggio , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 688

Computationally Efficient Face Detection (Abstract)

Sami Romdhani , Microsoft Research Ltd.
Philip Torr , Microsoft Research Ltd.
Bernhard Sch?lkopf , Microsoft Research Ltd.
Andrew Blake , Microsoft Research Ltd.
pp. 695

A Data-Driven Model for Monocular Face Tracking (Abstract)

Salih Burak Gokturk , Robotics Laboratory
Jean-Yves Bouguet , Intel Corporation
Radek Grzeszczuk , Intel Corporation
pp. 701

Trust-Region Methods for Real-Time Tracking (Abstract)

Hwann-Tzong Chen , Academia Sinica
Tyng-Luh Liu , Academia Sinica
pp. 717

3D LAMP: a New Layered Panoramic Representation (Abstract)

Zhigang Zhu , University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Tsinghua University, Beijing
Allen R. Hanson , University of Massachusetts at Amherst
pp. 723

Automatic registration of 2-D with 3-D imagery in urban environments (Abstract)

Ioannis Stamos , Columbia University, New York
Peter K. Allen , Columbia University, New York
pp. 731
Demo Overviews

3D-Mode: A 3D Modeling and Measurement System Using a Few Photos (PDF)

Gang Xu , Ritsumeikan University
Takahisa Nakayama , Ritsumeikan University
Takeshi Kajikawa , Ritsumeikan University
Jun-ichi Terai , Ritsumeikan University
pp. 738

Efficient Sequential Karhunen-Loeve Basis Extraction (PDF)

Avraham Levy , HP Labs Israel
Michael Lindenbaum , CS Dept. Technion - I.I.T.
pp. 739

A Demonstration of Handprinted Symbol Recognition (PDF)

J.R. Parker , University of Calgary
Juraj Pivovarov , University of Calgary
pp. 740

Demonstration of Segmentation with Interactive Graph Cuts (PDF)

Yuri Y. Boykov , Siemens Corporate Research
Marie-Pierre Jolly , Siemens Corporate Research
pp. 741

Real-Time Video Phase-Locked Loops (PDF)

Jeffrey E. Boyd , University of Calgary
Maxwell Sayles , University of Calgary
pp. 742

FaceTracker : A Human Face Tracking and Facial Organ Localizing System (PDF)

Jun Miao , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hongming Zhang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wen Gao , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Gang Deng , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hong Liu , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xilin Chen , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 743

AMILab: A 2D/3D Image Processing Software (PDF)

Agustin Trujillo , Universidad de Las Palmas
Karl Krissian , Universidad de Las Palmas
pp. 744

Cloning Your Own Face With A Desktop Camera (PDF)

Zhengyou Zhang , Microsoft Research
Zicheng Liu , Microsoft Research
Denis Adler , Microsoft Research
Michael Cohen , Microsoft Research
Erik Hanson , Microsoft Research
Ying Shan , Microsoft Research
pp. 745

Control of Home Appliances Using Face and Hand Sign Recognition (PDF)

H. Watanabe , Softopia Japan and JST
H. Hongo , Softopia Japan and JST
M. Yasumoto , Softopia Japan and JST
Y. Niwa , Softopia Japan and JST
K. Yamamoto , Gifu University
pp. 746

Robust Real-time Face Detection (PDF)

Paul Viola , One Cambridge Center
Michael Jones , One Cambridge Center
pp. 747

Self-Calibrating Camera-Projector Systems for Interactive Displays and Presentations (PDF)

Rahul Sukthankar , Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory
Tat-Jen Cham , Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory
Gita Sukthankar , Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory
Jim Rehg , Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory
David Hsu , Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory
Thomas Leung , Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory
pp. 748

Real-time Virtual Object Insertion (PDF)

Paolo Favaro , Washington University
Hailin Jin , Washington University
Stefano Soatto , University of California, Los Angeles
pp. 749

Tele-Graffiti: A Pen and Paper-Based Remote Sketching System (PDF)

Naoya Takao , Carnegie Mellon University
Jianbo Shi , Carnegie Mellon University
Simon Baker , Carnegie Mellon University
Iain Matthews , Carnegie Mellon University
Bart Nabbe , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 750
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