The Community for Technology Leaders
Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications, International Conference on (1999)
New Delhi, India
Sept. 23, 1999 to Sept. 26, 1999
ISBN: 0-7695-0300-4

Preface (PDF)

pp. xiii
Keynote Presentation

Adaptive Processing of Data Structures (Abstract)

Ah Chung Tsoi , University of Wollongong
pp. 2

Can Neural Networks Really Generalize? (Abstract)

M. Vidyasagar , Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
pp. 3

Indian Language Multimedia and Information Retrieval (Abstract)

B.B. Chaudhuri , Indian Statistical Institute
pp. 4
Agent-Based Systems

Delegation Mechanism in Agent-Oriented Framework for Managing Long-Lived Transaction (Abstract)

Hiroshi Yamamoto , Nagoya University
Yuntao Guo , Nagoya University
Koichiro Suzuki , Nagoya University
Toyohide Watanabe , Nagoya University
pp. 14

A Framework for Agent-Oriented Workflow in Agricultur (Abstract)

Mirjana Ivanovic , University of Novi Sad
Zoran Budimac , University of Novi Sad
pp. 18
Artificial Neural Networks

ANN Parallelization on a Token-Based Simulated Parallel System (Abstract)

Alexandra Cristea , University of Electro-Communications
Toshio Okamoto , University of Electro-Communications
pp. 24

Architecture Design of Artificial Neural Networks Based on Box & Jenkins Models for Time Series Prediction (Abstract)

Helio Diniz , University of S?o Paulo
Luciano de Andrade , University of S?o Paulo
André de Carvalho , University of S?o Paulo
Marinho de Andrade , University of S?o Paulo
pp. 29

Credit Assessment Using Constructive Neural Networks (Abstract)

Humberto Costa de Sousa , University of S?o Paulo
André de Carvalho , University of S?o Paulo
pp. 40

Self-Organization Neurons Blocks Networks (Abstract)

Meuser J.S. Valença , Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Teresa B. Ludermir , Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
pp. 60

Using Kohonen Map for the Placement of Regular VLSI Designs (Abstract)

Morteza Saheb Zamani , Amir-Kabir University of Technology
Farhad Mehdipur , Amir-Kabir University of Technology
pp. 65

Using Neural Network Method Computes Quadratic Optimization Problems (Abstract)

A.I. Wu , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
P.K.S. Tam , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 70
Evolutionary Algorithms

Formulation of an Encryption Algorithm on the Basis of Molecular Genetics and Image Patterns (Abstract)

M Prashant , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
R Siddharth , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Rajeev Kumar , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
pp. 76

Genetic Algorithms in Optical Thin Film Optimization Design (Abstract)

D.G. Li , Edith Cowan University
A.C. Watson , Edith Cowan University
pp. 86

Object Oriented Toolkit for Multi-Objective Genetic Optimization (Abstract)

Rajeev Kumar , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
N. Vinay Kumar , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
I.J. Nagrath , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
pp. 96
Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks

Evolutionary Training of a Neurofuzzy Network for Detection of P Wave of the ECG (Abstract)

Valfredo Pilla, Jr. , Federal Center of Technological Education of Paran?
Heitor Silvério Lopes , Federal Center of Technological Education of Paran?
pp. 102

Modular Rough Fuzzy MLP: Evolutionary Design (Abstract)

Pabitra Mitra , Indian Statistical Institute
Sushmita Mitra , Indian Statistical Institute
Sankar K. Pal , Indian Statistical Institute
pp. 107

On Generalization of Machine Learning with Neural-Evolutionary Computations (Abstract)

Rajeev Kumar , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
pp. 112

A Survey on Supervised Learning by Evolving Multi-Layer Perceptrons (Abstract)

Arnaud Ribert , Universit? de Rouen
Emmanuel Stocker , Universit? de Rouen
Yves Lecourtier , Universit? de Rouen
Abdel Ennaji , Universit? de Rouen
pp. 122
Hybrid Systems

Application of Genetic and Fuzzy Modeling in Time Series Analysis (Abstract)

Kuldeep Kumar , Bond University
Berlin Wu , National Chengchi University
pp. 128

Combining CBR and GA for Designing FPGAs (Abstract)

Dominic Job , Napier University
Julian Miller , Napier University
Venky Shankararaman , Hertfordshire University
pp. 133

A Formal Model for Software Evolution* (Abstract)

M. Harn , Naval Postgraduate School Monterey
V. Berzins , Naval Postgraduate School Monterey
Luqi , Naval Postgraduate School Monterey
B. Shultes , Naval Postgraduate School Monterey
pp. 143

Intelligent Hybrid System for a Training and Teaching Environment (Abstract)

Jaqueline Brigladori Pugliesi , University of S?o Paulo - S?o Carlos
Solange Oliveira Rezende , University of S?o Paulo - S?o Carlos
pp. 148

Potential of Artificial Intelligence Based Feature Selection Methods in Regression Models (Abstract)

P. Pudil , University of Economics and Czech Academy of Sciences
K. Fuka , University of Economics and Czech Academy of Sciences
K. Beránek , University of Economics and Czech Academy of Sciences
P. Dvorák , University of Economics and Czech Academy of Sciences
pp. 159

Using Machine Learning Techniques for Automatic Evaluation of Web Sites (Abstract)

Milan Zorman , University of Maribor
Vili Podgorelec , University of Maribor
Peter Kokol , University of Maribor
Spela Hleb Babic , University of Maribor
pp. 169
Image & Signal Processing

An Automated Method for Inspection of IC Bonds (Abstract)

Hyoung K. Lee , Seoul National Uiversity
Suk I. Yoo , Seoul National Uiversity
pp. 176

A Content-Based Video Query Agent Using Feature-Based Image Search Engine (Abstract)

Katsunobu Fushikida , Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
Yoshitsugu Hiwatari , Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
Hideyo Waki , Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
pp. 181

Inferring Solid Objects with Cylindrical Surfaces from Orthographic Views (Abstract)

Yuyan Chao , Nagoya University
Takashi Watanabe , Nagoya University
Kiyoshi Minemura , Nagoya University
pp. 191

Vision-Based Traffic Surveillance System on the Internet (Abstract)

Se Hyun Park , Kyungpook National University
Keechul Jung , Kyungpook National University
Jun Koo Hea , Kyungpook National University
Hang Joon Kim , Kyungpook National University
pp. 201

Vision System with Depth Obtaining Capabilities (Abstract)

Miguel las Heras , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
Josep Amat , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
pp. 206
Rough Sets/Logic Synthesis

Functional Decomposition for FPGA Based Designs: A Weighted Graph Approach for Encoding of Compatible Classes (Abstract)

Henry Selvaraj , University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Muthukumar Venkatesan , Monash University
Bob Bignall , Monash University
Brijesh Verma , University of Missouri
pp. 217
Knowledge-Based Engineering

Modeling the Decision Making Behaviors within Human Conflict Negotiation (Abstract)

Jean Graffagnini , University of Alabama
Sajjan Shiva , University of Alabama
Dinesh Pate1 , University of Surrey
pp. 235

Schema - Independent Mediators Using Content Semantics to Access Data Resources (Abstract)

Mário L. O. Flecha , Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
José Luis Braga , Universidade Federal de Vi?osa
pp. 240
Memory, Storage and Retrieval

Content Based Image Retrieval Using Mobile Agents (Abstract)

Chetan Arora , Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi
Paramjeet Nirankari , Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi
Hiranmay Ghosh , Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi
Santanu Chaudhury , Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi
pp. 248

In-Clip Search Algorithm for Content-Based Audio Retrieval (Abstract)

Punpiti Piamsanga , Kasetsart University
Nikitas A. Alexandridi , George Washington University
Sanan Srakaew , George Washington University
George C. Blankenship , George Washington University
S.R. Subramanya , University of Missouri-Rolla
pp. 263

An Intelligent On-line System for Content Based Image Retrieval (Abstract)

B. Verma , Griffith University-Gold Coast Campus and University of Missouri-Columbia
S. Kulkarni , Griffith University-Gold Coast Campus
pp. 273

Use of Transforms for Indexing in Audio Databases (Abstract)

S.R. Subramanya , University of Missouri--Rolla
Abdou Youssef , George Washington University
Bhagirath Narahari , George Washington University
Rahul Simha , College of William and Mary
pp. 278

Visual Image Retrieval on Compressed Domain with Q-Distance (Abstract)

Hong Heather Yu , Panasonic Information and Networking Technology Lab
pp. 285
Pattern Recognition

Human Shape Recognition from Snakes Using Neural Networks (Abstract)

Ken Tabb , University of Hertfordshire
Stella George , University of Hertfordshire
Rod Adams , University of Hertfordshire
Neil Davey , University of Hertfordshire
pp. 292

Logico-Algebraic Structures of Partially Defined Objects and of Partially Denoting Attributes (Abstract)

Piero Pagliani , Research Group on Knowledge and Communication Models
pp. 297

Regular Feature Extraction for Recognition of Braille (Abstract)

C.M. Ng , Hong Kong Technical College
Vincent Ng , Hong Kong Technical College
Y Lau , Hong Kong Technical College
pp. 302
Formal Models for Multimedia

An Approach to Graph Layout to Assist in Web Navigation (Abstract)

Wei Lai , University of Southern Queensland
Maurice Danaher , Edith Cowan University
pp. 314
Multimedia and Telecommunications

End-to-End Simulation of VBR Traffic over ATM Networks Using CIPP Network Traffic model (Abstract)

R. Manivasakan , Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
U.B. Desai , Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
Abhay Karandikar , Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
pp. 338

Predictive QoS Schemes for Real-Time Multimedia Applications in Communications (Abstract)

S. Shamala , University Putra Malaysia
A.K. Ramani , University Putra Malaysia
M. Yazid , University Putra Malaysia
pp. 343
Multimedia and Virtual Reality
Multimedia Systems

A Guidance Metric for Developing Hypermedia Educational Designs (Abstract)

Vincent Ng , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Stephen Chan , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
John Lee , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Cm Ng , The Hong Kong Technical College
pp. 366

Html and Multimedia Web Gis (Abstract)

Tariq Rahim Soomro , Zhejiang University
Kougen Zheng , Zhejiang University
Yunhe Pan , Zhejiang University
pp. 371

Multimedia Education - Several-Angles View (Abstract)

Marijana Lomic , Institute of Mathematics
Zoran Putnik , Institute of Mathematics
pp. 383

Network Service Selection for Distributed Multimedia Applications (Abstract)

Robert Simon , George Mason University
Arun Sood , George Mason University
Padmavathi Mundur , George Mason University
pp. 388

An Object-Oriented Model for HyTime Using UML (Abstract)

Luis Paulo Scott , Centro Universit?rio de Rio Preto
Maria da Graça Pimentel , Universidade de S?o Paulo
pp. 393

On Speed Optimization of MPEG-4 Decoder for Real-Time Multimedia Applications (Abstract)

Gunnar Hovden , Santa Clara University
Nam Ling , Santa Clara University
pp. 399

A Pruning Based Fast Rate Control Algorithm for MPEG Coding (Abstract)

T.G. Venkatesh , Sanyo LSI Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
S. Srinivasan , Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 403

Temporal Hypermedia for Multimedia Applications in the World Wide Web (Abstract)

Norbert Braun , Zentrum f?r Graphische Datenverarbeitung
Ralf Dörner , Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (Fraunhofer IGD)
pp. 413

Cache Transparency in VOD Systems: Taking Advantage of Viewer's Flexibility (Abstract)

B. Sonah , University of Mauritius
M.R. Ito , University of British Columbia
pp. 420

Multi-Criteria Capital Budgeting Using FLIP (Abstract)

Cengiz Kahraman , Istanbul Technical University
Ziya Ulukan , Galatasaray University
pp. 426

Supporting Cooperative Work with Viceroy (Abstract)

Xuanming Dong , Nanyang Technological University
K. R. Subramanian , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 437

Vibratory Tactile Display: A Fractal Brownian Approach (Abstract)

M.C. Agarwal , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
K.L. Arvind , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Rajeev Kumar , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
L. Behera , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
I.J. Nagrath , Birla Institute of Technology & Science
pp. 442

An Efficient Evolutionary Algorithm for (Near-) Optimal Steiner Trees Calculation: An Approach to Routing of Multipoint Connections (Abstract)

Marios-Phaedon P. Saltouros , National Technical University of Athens
Michael Theologou , National Technical University of Athens
Michalis K. Angelopoulos , Public Power Corporation
Christos S. Ricudis , Omirou Georgiadi 6
pp. 448

Fuzzy Approach to Recognize Handwritten Tamil Characters (Abstract)

R.M. Suresh , Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
S. Arumugam , Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
L. Ganesan , Government College of Engineering
pp. 459

Genetic Algorithms with Adaptive Probabilities of Operators Selection (Abstract)

Jaroslaw T. Stanczak , Politechnika Warszawska
Jan J. Mulawka , Politechnika Warszawska
Brijesh K. Verma , Griffith University Gold Coast Campus
pp. 464

Holographic Technology Applied to Face Location and Identification (Abstract)

Larissa J. Peniche-Ruiz , Instituto Tecnol?gico de M?rida
Pedro R. Mendoza E. , Instituto de Investigaciones El?ctricas
Raúl Pinto Elías , Centro Nacional de Investigaci?n y Desarrollo Tecnol?gico
pp. 469

Improvement of Artificial Odor Discrimination System Using Fuzzy-LVQ Neural Network (Abstract)

B. Kusumoputro , University of Indonesia
M.R. Widyanto , University of Indonesia
M.I. Fanany , University of Indonesia
H. Budiarto , University of Indonesia
pp. 474

Learn@Net: An Integrated Multimedia System for Distance Learning (Abstract)

S.C. Ng , Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
C.M. Ng , Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
H.W. Tsang , Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
L.M. Hung , Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
pp. 479

Multimedia Environment Support by WWW in a Computer Assisted Learning System (Abstract)

João Rafael Galvão , Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
José Magno Lopes , Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
Mário Rui Gomes , Technical University of Lisbon
pp. 484

A New Supervised Training Algorithm for Generalized Learning (Abstract)

A. Bhaumik , B.E. College
S. Banerjee , B.E. College
J. Sil , B.E. College
pp. 489

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