The Community for Technology Leaders
Cognitive Informatics, IEEE International Conference on (2003)
London, England
Aug. 18, 2003 to Aug. 20, 2003
ISBN: 0-7695-1986-5

Preface (PDF)

pp. viii
Keynote I

Ruthless Reductionism in Recent Neuroscience (PDF)

John Bickle , University of Cincinnati
pp. 3
Session 1: Cognitive Informatics 1

A Layered Reference Model of the Brain (Abstract)

Yingxu Wang , University of Calgary
Shushma Patel , South Bank University
Dilip Patel , South Bank University
Ying Wang , The Fourth City Hospital, Xian
pp. 7

Perceptual Learning and Abstraction in Machine Learning (Abstract)

Shi Zhongzhi , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jean-Daniel Zucker , Universite Paris-Nord
Nicolas Bredeche , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 18

On Information and Knowledge Representation in the Brain (Abstract)

Yingxu Wang , University of Calgary
Dong Liu , University of Calgary
pp. 26

Profiling Co-Operative Problem-Based Learning Situations (Abstract)

Christian Sallaberry , University of Pau
Franck Barbier , University of Pau
Pierre Laforcade , University of Pau
Thierry Nodenot , University of Pau
pp. 32
Session 2: Neural Networks

Signal Classification through Multifractal Analysis and Complex Domain Neural Networks (Abstract)

T. Martin , University of Manitoba
J. Pear , University of Manitoba
K. Cannons , University of Manitoba
V. Cheung , University of Manitoba
W. Kinsner , University of Manitoba
pp. 41

Exploring Cognitive Approach through the Neural Network Paradigm: "Trajectory Planning Application" (Abstract)

Amar Ramdane-Cherif , Universit? de Versailles St.-Quentin
Nadia Saadia , Facult? d' Electronique et Informatique
Amel Berni , Facult? d' Electronique et Informatique
Nicole Levy , Universit? de Versailles St.-Quentin
pp. 47

Statistical Learning Theory and State of the Art in SVM (Abstract)

Yixin Zhong , Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Xiangying Wang , Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
pp. 55

A Modular Neural Network Architecture with Approximation Capability and Its Applications (Abstract)

Zhongzhi Shi , Chinese Academy of Science
Changlin Cai , Chinese Academy of Science
pp. 60
Session 3: Cognitive Informatics and Software Engineering

Measurement of the Cognitive Functional Complexity of Software (Abstract)

Jingqiu Shao , University of Calgary
Yingxu Wang , University of Calgary
pp. 67

Psychotherapy for System Requirements (Abstract)

pp. 75

Adding Diversity to Software Inspections (Abstract)

Zhichao Yin , University of Alberta
James Miller , University of Alberta
pp. 81
Keynote II

Automatic Concept Evolution (PDF)

Terence C. Fogarty , South Bank University
pp. 89
Session 4: Cognitive Informatics 2

The Cognitive Process of Comprehension (Abstract)

Yingxu Wang , University of Calgary
Davrondjon Gafurov , Technological University of Tajikistan
pp. 93

Analogy of Incremental Program Development and Constructivist Learning (Abstract)

Shaochun Xu , Wayne State University
V?clav Rajlich , Wayne State University
pp. 98

A Cognitive Complexity Metric Based on Category Learning (Abstract)

Juergen Rilling , Concordia University
Tuomas Klemola , Concordia University
pp. 106

From Cognitive Psychology to Cognitive Informatics (Abstract)

Vincent Chiew , University of Calgary
Yingxu Wang , University of Calgary
pp. 114

Mixing Semantic Networks and Conceptual Vectors: The Case of Hyperonymy (Abstract)

Violaine Prince , University Montpellier 2
Mathieu Lafourcade , University Montpellier 2
pp. 121

Perspectives on Cognitive Informatics (Abstract)

Zhongzhi Shi , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jun Shi , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 129
Session 5: Agent Technologies

Agent Paradigm in Clinical Large-Scale Data Mining Environment (Abstract)

Z. Ramdane-Cherif , Lab. INSERM
N. Levy , Université de Versailles
A. Ouali , Université de Versailles and Lab. INSERM
A. Ramdane-Cherif , Université de Versailles
M. O. Krebs , Lab. INSERM and Hospital. Saint Anne
pp. 143

Towards the Identification of Living Agents in Complex Computational Environments (Abstract)

Manuel Núnez , Universidad Complutense
Ismael Rodríguez , Universidad Complutense
Fernando Rubio , Universidad Complutense
pp. 151

Defining Meta-Adaptable Living Agents (Abstract)

Fernando Rubio , Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Natalia López , Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Ismael Rodríguez , Universidad Complutense de Madrid
pp. 161

Conceptual Framework for Interactive Ontology Building (Abstract)

Patrice Duroux , Université Montpellier II
Jean Sallantin , Université Montpellier II
Jacques Divol , Université Montpellier II
pp. 179
Session 6: Chaos, Web and Document Classification

Characterizing Chaos through Lyapunov Metrics (Abstract)

W. Kinsner , University of Manitoba
pp. 189

Expressing Performance Issues in Web Application Design (Abstract)

Abdesselam Redouane , University of Quebec at Outaouais
pp. 202

Background Color Coordination Support System for Web Page Design (Abstract)

Hisae Ueki , Waseda University
Motoei Azuma , Waseda University
pp. 207

Classification of Documents by Content (Abstract)

Violaine Prince , Université Montpellier 2
Maguelonne Teisseire , Université Montpellier 2
Jacques Chauche , Université Montpellier 2
Simon Jaillet , Université Montpellier 2
pp. 214
Keynote III
Author Index

Author Index (PDF)

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