The Community for Technology Leaders
High-Performance Distributed Computing, International Symposium on (1999)
Redondo Beach, California
Aug. 3, 1999 to Aug. 6, 1999
ISSN: 1082-8907
ISBN: 0-7695-0287-3

CrispORB: high performance CORBA for system area network (PDF)

T. Ishizaki , Comput. Syst. Labs., Fujitsu Labs. Ltd., Japan
pp. 11-18
Keynote Address
Session 1: CORBA: Chair: Dennis Gannon, Indiana University
Session 2: Performance Assessment and Prediction I: Chair: Rich Wolski, University of Tennessee

Accurately Measuring MPI Broadcasts in a Computational Grid (PDF)

Bronis R. de Supinski , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nicholas T. Karonis , Northern Illinois University
pp. 4

Direct Queries for Discovering Network Resource Properties in a Distributed Environment (Abstract)

Bruce Lowekamp , Carnegie Mellon University
David O'Hallaron , Carnegie Mellon University
Thomas Gross , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 5
Session 3: Applications: Chair: Carl Kesselman, USC-ISI

A Methodology for Supporting Collaborative Exploratory Analysis of Massive Data Sets in Tele-Immersive Environments (Abstract)

Jason Leigh , University of Illinois at Chicago
Andrew E. Johnson , University of Illinois at Chicago
Thomas A. DeFanti , University of Illinois at Chicago
Stuart Bailey , National Center for Data Mining
Robert Grossman , National Center for Data Mining
pp. 8
Session 4: Performance Assessment: Chair: Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory

An Evaluation of Linear Models for Host Load Prediction (Abstract)

Peter A. Dinda , Carnegie Mellon University
David R. O'Hallaron , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 10

Overview of a Performance Evaluation System for Global Computing Scheduling Algorithms (Abstract)

Atsuko Takefusa , Ochanomizu University
Satoshi Matsuoka , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kento Aida , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hidemoto Nakada , Electrotechnical Laboratory
Umpei Nagashima , National Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research
pp. 11
Session 5: OO and Component Architectures: Chair: Andrew Grimshaw, University of Virginia

CAT: A High Performance, Distributed Component Architecture Toolkit for the Grid (Abstract)

Juan Villacis , Indiana University
Madhusudhan Govindaraju , Indiana University
David Stern , Indiana University
Andrew Whitaker , Indiana University
Fabian Breg , Indiana University
Prafulla Deuskar , Indiana University
Benjamin Temko , Indiana University
Dennis Gannon , Indiana University
Randall Bramley , Indiana University
pp. 14

Steering Data Streams in Distributed Computational Laboratories (Abstract)

Carsten Isert , Georgia Institute of Technology
Davis King , Georgia Institute of Technology
Karsten Schwan , Georgia Institute of Technology
Beth Plale , Georgia Institute of Technology
Greg Eisenhauer , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 16

An Approach for MPI Based Metacomputing (Abstract)

Michael Resch , High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart
Edgar Gabriel , High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart
Alfred Geiger , High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart
pp. 17

High Performance Phylogenetic Inference (Abstract)

Mark Clement , Brigham Young University
Quinn Snell , Brigham Young University
Glenn Judd , Brigham Young University
Michael Whiting , Brigham Young University
pp. 18

Passive, Domain-Independent, End-to-End Message Passing Performance Monitoring to Support Adaptive Applications in MSHN (Abstract)

Matt Schnaidt , Naval Postgraduate School
Debra Hensgen , Naval Postgraduate School
John Falby , Naval Postgraduate School
Taylor Kidd , Naval Postgraduate School
David St. John , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 19

Dynamic Task Migration in Home-based Software DSM Systems (Abstract)

Weisong Shi , Institute of Computing Technology
Weiwu Hu , Institute of Computing Technology
Zhimin Tang , Institute of Computing Technology
M. Rasit Eskicioglu , University of Alberta
pp. 20

MAT Marks : A Shared Memory Environment for MATLAB Programming (Abstract)

George Almasi , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Calin Cascaval , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
David A. Padua , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 21

QoS as Middleware: Bandwidth Reservation System Design (Abstract)

Gary Hoo , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
William Johnston , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
pp. 23

Proteus: A Runtime Reconfigurable Distributed Shared Memory System (Abstract)

Jyh-Chang Ueng , National Cheng Kung University
Ce-Kuen Shieh , National Cheng Kung University
Wu-Hwa. Liu , National Cheng Kung University
Chi-Chang Lin , National Cheng Kung University
pp. 24

Remote Application Scheduling on Metacomputing Systems (Abstract)

H.A. James , University of Adelaide
K.A. Hawick , University of Adelaide
pp. 25

Fault Tolerant Computing on the Grid: What are My Options? (Abstract)

Jon B. Weissman , University of Texas at San Antonio
pp. 26

Adaptive Write Detection in Home-Based Software DSMs (Abstract)

Weiwu Hu , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Weisong Shi , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhimin Tang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 27
Session 6: Applications: Chair: Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon University

Distributed Applications in a German Gigabit WAN (Abstract)

Thomas Eickermann , Research Centre J?
Wolfgang Frings , Research Centre J?
Stefan Posse , Research Centre J?
Gernot Goebbels , GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology
Roland Völpel , GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology
pp. 28

Spatially Decomposed Multigrain MOM Problems on NOWs (Abstract)

Walter B. Ligon Iii , Clemson University
Anthony Q. Martin , Clemson University
Daniel C. Stanzione Jr , Clemson University
pp. 29
Session 7: Fault Tolerance and Checkpointing: Chair: Alexander Reinefeld, Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (ZIB)

Process Hijacking (Abstract)

Victor C. Zandy , University of Wisconsin
Barton P. Miller , University of Wisconsin
Miron Livny , University of Wisconsin
pp. 32

A Network-Aware Distributed Storage Cache for Data Intensive Environments (Abstract)

Brian L. Tierney , University of California at Berkeley
Jason Lee , University of California at Berkeley
Brian Crowley , University of California at Berkeley
Mason Holding , University of California at Berkeley
Jeremy Hylton , Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Fred L. Drake Jr , Corporation for National Research Initiatives
pp. 33
Session 8: Current Topics in HPDC: Chair: Francine Berman, UC San Deigo

Grids as Production Computing Environments: The Engineering Aspects of NASA's Information Power Grid (Abstract)

William E. Johnston , NASA Ames Research CenterA
Dennis Gannon , NASA Ames Research CenterA
Bill Nitzberg , NASA Ames Research CenterA
pp. 34

To Overprovision or To Share via QoS-aware Resource Management? (Abstract)

Klara Nahrstedt , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 35

Six Misconceptions about Reliable Distributed Computing (Abstract)

Werner Vogels , Cornell University
Robbert Van Renesse , Cornell University
Ken Birman , Cornell University
pp. 36
Session 9: Scheduling

Job-Length Estimation and Performance in Backfilling Schedulers (Abstract)

Dmitry Zotkin , University of Maryland at College Park
Peter J. Keleher , University of Maryland at College Park
pp. 39
Session 10: Visualization and Data Management: Chair: Paul Messina, California Institute of Technology

An Approach to Immersive Performance Visualization of Parallel and Wide-Area Distributed Applications (Abstract)

Luiz de Rose , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Mario Pantano , Andersen Consulting
Ruth A. Aydt , University of Illinois at Urbana
Eric Shaffer , University of Illinois at Urbana
Benjamin Schaeffer , University of Illinois at Urbana
Shannon Whitmore , University of Illinois at Urbana
Daniel A. Reed , University of Illinois at Urbana
pp. 40

Reducing Data Distribution Bottlenecks by Employing Data Visualization Filters (Abstract)

Ernest Franke , Southwest Research Institute
Michael Magee , Southwest Research Institute
pp. 41

Data Management for Large-Scale Scientific Computations in High Performance Distributed Systems (Abstract)

A. Choudhary , Northwestern University
M. Kandemir , Northwestern University
H. Nagesh , Northwestern University
J. No , Northwestern University
X. Shen , Northwestern University
V. Taylor , Northwestern University
S. More , Northwestern University
R. Thakur , Northwestern University
pp. 42
Session 12: Application Interfaces: Chair: Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology

A Resource Description Environment for Distributed Computing Systems (Abstract)

Matthias Brune , Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum
Alexander Reinefeld , Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum
Jörg Varnholt , University of Paderborn
pp. 43

Using Gateway System to Provide a Desktop Access to High Performance Computational Resources (Abstract)

Erol Akarsu , Syracuse University
Geoffrey Fox , Syracuse University
Tomasz Haupt , Syracuse University
Alexey Kalinichenko , Syracuse University
Kang-Seok Kim , Syracuse University
Praveen Sheethaalnath , Syracuse University
Choon-Han Youn , Syracuse University
pp. 45
Session 13: Clusters: Chair: Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin

Using Embedded Network Processors to Implement Global Memory Management in a Workstation Cluster (Abstract)

Yvonne Coady , University of British Columbia
Joon Suan Ong , University of British Columbia
Michael J. Feeley , University of British Columbia
pp. 48
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