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Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2000)
Maui, Hawaii
Jan. 4, 2000 to Jan. 7, 2000
ISSN: 1530-1605
ISBN: 0-7695-0493-0
Emerging Technologies Track

Introduction to the Emerging Technology Track (PDF)

Ralph H. Sprague Jr , University of Hawaii
Hesham El-Rewini , University of Nebraska at Omaha
pp. 4001
Advances in Software Specification and Verification

Detecting Anomalies in Constructed Complex Systems (PDF)

Christopher Landauer , The Aerospace Corporation
Kirstie L. Bellman , The Aerospace Corporation
pp. 4003

Strategic Information Systems Planning with Box Structures (PDF)

Alan R. Hevner , University of South Florida
Donald J. Berndt , University of South Florida
James Studnicki , University of South Florida
pp. 4005
Errors, Risks, and Security in Information Technology

Quality Control in Spreadsheets: A Software Engineering-Based Approach to Spreadsheet Development (PDF)

Kamalasen Rajalingham , University of Greenwich
David Chadwick , University of Greenwich
Brian Knight , University of Greenwich
Dilwyn Edwards , University of Greenwich
pp. 4006

Two Corpuses of Spreadsheet Errors (PDF)

Raymond R. Panko , University of Hawaii
pp. 4008
Restructuring the Electric Power Industry: Emerging Issues, Methods and Tools

Utility Information Integration ? Vision, Benefits, Strategies, and Status (PDF)

S.F. Mauser , PsyCor International, Incorporated
J. Gillerman , Systems Integration Specialists Company, Incorporated
D. Nordell , Northern States Power Company
pp. 4010

Building a Topology Estimator for Large Inter-Regional Networks (PDF)

Robin Podmore , Incremental Systems Corporation
Margaret Goodrich , Psycor International
David Becker , Electric Power Research Institute
Peter Hirsch , Electric Power Research Institute
Stephen Lee , Electric Power Research Institute
Marck Robinson , PowerData Corporation
pp. 4011

Visualization of Power System Data (PDF)

Thomas J. Overbye , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jamie D. Weber , PowerWorld Corporation
pp. 4014

Optimal Bidding and Contracting Strategies in the Deregulated Electric Power Market: Part I (PDF)

D.J. Wu , Drexel University
Paul R. Kleindorfer , University of Pennsylvania
Jin E. Zhang , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 4015

An Economic Analysis of the Self Commitment of Thermal Units (PDF)

Simon Ede , Cornell University
Ray Zimmerman , Cornell University
Timothy Mount , Cornell University
Robert Thomas , Cornell University
William Schulze , Cornell University
pp. 4016

Towards the Real-Time Monitoring of AGC (PDF)

Mohammad Adnan Sujan , Drexel University
Chika Nwankpa , Drexel University
Mark H. Gravener , PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.
pp. 4017

Transfer Capability Computations in Deregulated Power Systems (PDF)

Mohamed Shaaban , University of Hong Kong
Yixin Ni , University of Hong Kong
Felix F. Wu , University of Hong Kong
pp. 4018

Probabilistic Transfer Capability Assessment in a Deregulated Environment (PDF)

A.P. Sakis Meliopoulos , Georgia Institute of Technology
Sun Wook Kang , Georgia Institute of Technology
George Cokkinides , University of South Carolina
pp. 4019

Transmission Loading Relief (TLR) and Hour-Ahead ATC (PDF)

Santiago Grijalva , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Peter W. Sauer , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 4020

A New Tool for Visualization and Animation of Power Component and System Operation (PDF)

A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos , Georgia Institute of Technology
George Cokkinides , University of South Carolina
Benjamin Beker , University of South Carolina
Roger Dougal , University of South Carolina
pp. 4022

Understanding Price Volatility in Electricity Markets (PDF)

Fernando L. Alvarado , University of Wisconsin
Rajesh Rajaraman , Christensen Associates
pp. 4024

Nodal-Price Dependent, Dual-Mode Transmission Line Protection Strategy (PDF)

Koeunyi Bae , Cornell University
KyungSoo Han , Cornell University
James S. Thorp , Cornell University
pp. 4027

Impact of Distribution Efficiency on Generation and Voltage Stability (PDF)

Miroslav Begovic , Georgia Institute of Technology
Borka Milosevic , Georgia Institute of Technology
Miomir Kostic , Georgia Institute of Technology
Damir Novosel , ETS Institute
pp. 4028

Strategic Gaming in Electric Power Markets (PDF)

Paul R. Kleindorfer , University of Pennsylvania
D.-J. Wu , Drexel University
Chitru S. Fernando , Tulane University
pp. 4029

Capacity Payments and the Pricing of Reliability in Competitive Generation Markets (PDF)

Felix F. Wu , University of Hong Kong
Angela S. Chuang , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 4032

Analysis of Coordinated Multilateral Trades (PDF)

Pierre-François D. Quet , Ohio-State University
Jose B. Cruz Jr , Ohio-State University
Ali Keyhani , Ohio-State University
pp. 4033

Unbundling of Transmission: The Operation and Economics of a for-Profit Transmission Company (PDF)

Richard D. Tabors , Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tabors Caramanis & Associates
pp. 4034

Hazard Potentials and Dependent Network Failures (PDF)

Karen Brady , George Washington University
Jagdish Chandra , George Washington University
Yuling Cui , George Washington University
Nozer D. Singpurwalla , George Washington University
pp. 4037

Initial Evidence for Self-Organized Criticality in Electric Power System Blackouts (PDF)

B.A. Carreras , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
A.B. Poole , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
D.E. Newman , University of Alaska at Fairbanks
I. Dobson , University of Wisconsin at Madison
pp. 4038

Collaborative Nets (PDF)

Sarosh Talukdar , Carnegie Mellon University
Eduardo Camponogara , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 4039

Research, Development, and Demonstration Needs for Large-Scale, Reliability-Enhancing, Integration of Distributed Energy Resources (PDF)

Joseph Eto , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Vikram Budhraja , Edison Technology Solutions
Carlos Martinez , Edison Technology Solutions
Jim Dyer , Edison Technology Solutions
Mohan Kondragunta , Edison Technology Solutions
pp. 4040

Micro Turbine Generator Program (PDF)

Stephanie L. Hamilton , Southern California Edison
pp. 4041

Providing Premium Power through Distributed Resources (PDF)

Robert Lasseter , University of Wisconsin at Madison
P. Piagi , University of Wisconsin at Madison
pp. 4042

Placement of Dispersed Generations Systems for Reduced Losses (PDF)

T. Griffin , Entergy Arkansas, Incorporated
K. Tomsovic , Washington State University
D. Secrest , Avista Corporation
A. Law , Avista Corporation
pp. 4043
Software Process Improvement

Wrappings as Design Patterns (PDF)

Christopher Landauer , The Aerospace Corporation
pp. 4049
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