The Community for Technology Leaders
2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (1996)
Maui, Hawaii
Jan. 3, 1996 to Jan. 6, 1996
ISSN: 1060-3425
ISBN: 0-8186-7327-3

Preface (PDF)

pp. x

Introduction (PDF)

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Referees (PDF)

pp. xiii

Logical vs Numerical Inference on Statistical Databases (PDF)

Ramayya Krishnan , Carnegie Mellon University
Sumit Dutta Chowdhury , Carnegie Mellon University
Sumitra Mukhergee , Carnegie Mellon University
Stephen Roehrig , Carnegie Mellon University
George T. Duncan , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 3

Defeasible Logic Graphs for Decision Support (PDF)

Donald Nute , Artificial Intelligence Center, Dept. of Philosophy The University of Georgia
Katrin Erk , Department of Computer Science University of Koblenz
pp. 11

Testing Speech Act Theory and Its Applicability to EDI and Other Computer-Processable Messages (PDF)

Scott A. Moore , Computer & Information Systems Department University of Michigan Business School
pp. 30

GHMI: A General Hypertext Data Model Supporting Integration of Hypertext and Information Systems (PDF)

Michael Bieber , New Jersey Institute of Technology
Jiangling Wan , New Jersey Institute of Technology
pp. 47
Technology Management: Systems and Processes

A Comparative Analysis of Information Systems Issues Facing Canadian Business (PDF)

Stephen C. Hayne , School of Management Arizona State University West
Carol E. Pollard , Faculty of Management University of Calgary
pp. 68
Executive Information Systems
Chair: Hugh J. Watson
Hypermedia in Information Systems and Organizations

Querying Structured Hyperdocuments (PDF)

Yong Kyu Lee , School of Computer & Information Science Syracuse University
Kyoungro Yoon , School of Computer & Information Science Syracuse University
Seong-Joon Yoo , School of Computer & Information Science Syracuse University
P. Bruce Berra , Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering Syracuse University
pp. 155
Emerging Paradigms for Intelligent Systems

A Model of Structured Discourse for Cooperating Intelligent Agent (PDF)

Joseph Latimer , Department of M.I.S. University of Arizona
Ai-Mei Chang , Information Resources Management College National Defense University
pp. 191

Pattern-Matching in Search Problem Solving (PDF)

Mladen Stanojevic , The Mihailo Pupin Institute
Sanja Vranes , The Mihailo Pupin Institute
Dusan Velasevic , Faculty of Electrical Engineering
pp. 201

A Hyperknowledge Environment to Support Strategic Decision-Making (PDF)

H. Vanharanta , Joensuu University, Dept. of Econimics
A-M. Chang , Information Resources Management College, National Defense University
pp. 210

Knowledge-Level Assessment of Problem Solving Methods (PDF)

Fatma Mili , Computer Science and Engineering Oakland University
Yee-Lan Wong , Computer Science and Engineering Oakland University
pp. 220
Methods and Tools for Information Systems Development

Strictly Class-Based Modeling Considered Harmful (PDF)

Eswaran Subrahmanian , Engineering Design Research Center
Sean Levy , Engineering Design Research Center
Birgitte Krogh , Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Allen Dutoit , Engineering Design Research Center
pp. 242

An Approach to Information Systems Modelling Based on Systematic Complexity Reduction (PDF)

A.H. Seltveit , Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science The Norwegian Institute of Technology
pp. 251

Input Domain Partitioning in Software Testing (PDF)

Tomas Vagoun , Fellow of the Institute of International Education
pp. 261

Relevance Feedback in the Retrieval of Reusable Software Components (PDF)

Lan Jin , York University, Atkinson College
Anestis A. Toptsis , York University, Atkinson College
pp. 279
Multimedia Information Systems

Perceptional Link Method Based on Dynamic Hypermedia System for Design Image Database System (PDF)

Michiaki Katsumoto , Computer Science Department Toyo University
Manabu Fukuda , Computer Science Department Toyo University
Yositaka Shibata , Computer Science Department Toyo University
pp. 291

Enhancing End-User Mental Models of Computer Systems Through the use of Animation (PDF)

Janette Moody , The Citadel
Matthew A. Augustine , University of South Florida Department of Psychology
J. Ellis Blanton , University of South Florida
pp. 299

Techniques for Improving the Capacity of Video-on-Demand Systems (PDF)

Hari Kalva , Image and Advanced Television Laboratory
Borko Furht , Department of Computer Science and Engineering Florida Atlantic University
pp. 308

Multimedia Features of a Dynamically Adaptive Telemedicine System (PDF)

Robert Rainer , Department of Pathology
William J. Chimiak , Department of Radiology
pp. 316
Risks in End User Computing

An Experimental Study of Spreadsheet Presentation and Error Detection (PDF)

Jimmie Joseph , University of Pittsburgh
Susan Johnson , University of Pittsburgh
Sandeep Rustagi , University of Pittsburgh
Kathleen S. Hartzel , University of Pittsburgh
Dennis F. Galletta , University of Pittsburgh
pp. 336

Factors Influencing Risks and Outcomes in End-User Development (PDF)

Joline Morrison , University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Diane Janvrin , University of Iowa
pp. 346

Perceived Risks and Management Actions: Differences in End-User Application Development Across Functional Groups (PDF)

Carol V. Brown , Indiana University-Bloomington and Indianapolis
Cheri Speier , Indiana University-Bloomington and Indianapolis
pp. 374
Modeling Technologies and Information Systems
Neural Networks in Business

Genetically Optimized Neural Network Classifiers for Bankruptcy Prediction- An Empirical Study (PDF)

Peter Protzel , Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge Based Systems
Joerg Wallrafen , Deloitte & Touche LLP Consulting Group
Heribert Popp , Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge Based Systems
pp. 419

The Human Machine Interface in Decision Support Systems: Comparing the Functional Mappings of Human Subjects to those Generated by Feedforward Neural Networks (PDF)

Leo Pipino , University of Massachusetts
Anne Rybolt , Country School Weston, MA
David Kopcso , Babson College, Babson Park, MA 02139
William Rybolt , Division of Mathematics and Science
pp. 427

Applications of Neural Network in Manufacturing (PDF)

Purnima Rajagopalan , MIS Manager, Galaxy Services Group
Ramesh Rajagopalan , Mercer University, Macon, GA 31207
pp. 447
The Internet and the Information Superhighway

Teaching Internet in IS Classes: A Case Study and Generalization (PDF)

Gabriel Goren , Nanyang Business School Nanyang Technological University
Efraim Turban , California State University Long Beach and Visiting Professor at Nanyang Business School
pp. 471

Geographic Variation in Internet Connectivity (PDF)

R.W. Oliver , Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
D.A. Weiskopf , Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
L.M. Froeb , Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
pp. 480

Modeling Belief and Preference in Multi-Agent Support Systems (PDF)

George M. Kasper , College of Business Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
Shawn D. Bird , Waypoint Aeronautical Seattle, Washington
pp. 486

Author Index (PDF)

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