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Proceedings. Fifth IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE 2000) (2000)
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Nov. 15, 2000 to Nov. 17, 2000
ISSN: 1530-2059
ISBN: 0-7695-0927-4
Banquet Address

Disruptive Technologies (PDF)

Jim Skinner , Computer Sciences Corporation
pp. xi
Keynote Address
Session I: Test-Based Comprehension and Failure Prediction Models and Metrics

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Constructions of Behaviour Observation Schemes in Software Testing (Abstract)

M. Hecht , SoHaR Inc.
Y. He , SoHaR Inc.
H Hecht , SoHaR Inc.
X An , SoHaR Inc.
pp. 7

Determining the Expected Time to Unsafe Failure (Abstract)

D.T. Smith , Virginia Military Institute
T. A. DeLong , Virginia Military Institute
B. W. Johnson , Virginia Military Institute
T. C. Giras , Virginia Military Institute
pp. 17

Analysis of Software Cost Models with Rejuvenation (Abstract)

T. Dohi , Hiroshima University
K. Goseva-Popstojanova , Hiroshima University
K. S. Trivedi , Hiroshima University
pp. 25
Panel Session: How can Symposia Be Structured to Benefit Both Industry and Academia?

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Four Areas of Overlapping Interest (PDF)

R. R. Lutz , California Institute of Technology and Iowa State University
pp. 49
Session II: Using, Extending, and Analyzing UML

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A Stochastic Extension of a Behavioural Subset of UML Statechart Diagrams (Abstract)

S. Gnesi , Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Inf., CNR
D. Latella , Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Inf., CNR
M. Massink , Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Inf., CNR
pp. 55

Capturing an Application's Temporal Properties with UML for Real-Time (Abstract)

Weiguo He , University of Nebraska-Lincoln
S. Goddard , University of Nebraska-Lincoln
pp. 65

The DADSim Air Defense Simulation Environment (Abstract)

Yeong Choi Sang , Korea National Defense University
D. Wijesekera , Korea National Defense University
pp. 75

Quantitative Analysis of Dependability Critical Systems Based on UML Statechart Models (Abstract)

H. Gabor , Budapest University of Technology & Economics
M. Istvan , Budapest University of Technology & Economics
pp. 83
Keynote Address

Disappearing Formal Methods (PDF)

John Rushby , SRI International
pp. 95
Session III: Special-Purpose High Consequence Processors

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A Flexible Real-Time Architecture (Abstract)

G. L. Wickstrom , Sandia Natational Laboratories
pp. 99

Application of the B Formal Method to the Proof of a Type Verification Algorithm (Abstract)

A. Requet , Gemplus Res. Lab.
L. Casset , Gemplus Res. Lab.
G. Grimaud , Gemplus Res. Lab.
pp. 115
Panel Session: Do Formal Methods Really Belong in the Toolbox of the Practicing Engineer?

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Session IV: Requirements Specification, Analysis, and Synthesis

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The Synthesis of Real-Time Systems from Processing Graphs (Abstract)

S. Goddard , University of Nebraska-Lincoln
K. Jeffay , University of Nebraska-Lincoln
pp. 177
Session V: Works in Progress

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Providing Convincing Evidence of Safety in X-by-Wire Automotive Systems (Abstract)

B. J. Czerny , Delphi Automotive System
J. G. D'Ambrosio , Delphi Automotive System
B. T. Murray , Delphi Automotive System
pp. 189

The Experience of Auditing Software for Safety Critical Railway Signalling Equipment (Abstract)

T. K. Ghoshal , Jadavpur University
S. Bhattacharya , Jadavpur University
K. Datta , Jadavpur University
pp. 193

A Layered Framework Strategy for Deploying High Assurance VPNs (Abstract)

S. Patton , Illinois State University
B. Smith , Illinois State University
D. Doss , Illinois State University
W. Yurcik , Illinois State University
pp. 199

Formal Specification Techniques as a Catalyst in Validation (Abstract)

B. K. Aichernig , Graz University of Technology
A. Gerstinger , Graz University of Technology
R. Aster , Graz University of Technology
pp. 203

High Assurance Software Testing in Business and DoD (Abstract)

C. Bayrak , Arkansas University
M. Sahinoglu , Arkansas University
T Cummings , Arkansas University
pp. 207

GSU Middleware Architecture Design (Abstract)

K. S. Tso , IA Tech. Inc.
A. T. Tai , IA Tech. Inc.
L. Alkalai , IA Tech. Inc.
S.N. Chau , IA Tech. Inc.
W. H. Sanders , IA Tech. Inc.
pp. 212
Session VI: Specification, Rigorous Validation, and Analysis

null (PDF)

pp. null

Safety Validation of Embedded Control Software Using Z Animation (Abstract)

B. M. Atchison , Queensland University
P. A. Lindsay , Queensland University
pp. 228

Modeling with Extended Fault Trees (Abstract)

K. Buchacker , Friedrich-Alexander-University
pp. 238

Analysis of Group Communication Protocols to Assess Quality of Service Properties (Abstract)

A. Coccoli , University of Pisa
S. Schemmer , University of Pisa
F. Di Giandomenico , University of Pisa
H. Mock , University of Pisa
A. Bondavalli , University of Pisa
pp. 247
Session VII: Development and Testing Tools and System Architectures

null (PDF)

pp. null

A High-Assurance Measurement Repository System (Abstract)

F. B. Bastani , University of Texas at Dallas
S. Ntafos , University of Texas at Dallas
I-Ling Yen , University of Texas at Dallas
D. E. Harris , University of Texas at Dallas
R. R. Morrow , University of Texas at Dallas
R. Paul , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 265

Prediction of Software Faults Using Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression Modeling (Abstract)

Zhiwei Xu , Florida Atlantic University
T. M. Khoshgoftaar , Florida Atlantic University
E. B. Allen , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 281
Panel Session: Testing in High Assurance System Engineering

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pp. null
Session VIII: Reliability Models and Metrics

null (PDF)

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On the Sensitivity of NMR Unreliability to Non-Exponential Repair Distributions (Abstract)

R. M. Kieckhafer , Michigan Technological Unversity
M. H. Azadmanesh , Michigan Technological Unversity
Y. Hui , Michigan Technological Unversity
pp. 293

Using Product, Process, and Execution Metrics to Predict Fault-Prone Software Modules with Classification Trees (Abstract)

T. M. Khoshgoftaar , Florida Atlantic University
R. Shan , Florida Atlantic University
E. B. Allen , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 301

An Exception Handling Software Architecture for Developing Fault-Tolerant Software (Abstract)

A. F. Garcia , Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
D. M. Beder , Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
C. M. F. Rubira , Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
pp. 311

Bayesian Framework for Reliability Assurance of a Deployed Safety Critical System (Abstract)

B. Cukic , West Virginia University
D. Chakravarthy , West Virginia University
pp. 321
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