The Community for Technology Leaders
Geometric Modeling and Processing (2000)
Hong Kong, China
Apr. 10, 2000 to Apr. 12, 2000
ISBN: 0-7695-0562-7

Preface (PDF)

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Session 1: Model Acquisition and Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering B-Rep Models from Multiple Point Clouds (Abstract)

Tamás Várady , Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Pál Benkö , Hungarian Academy of Sciences
pp. 3

Rapid 3D Model Acquisition from Images of Small Objects (Abstract)

Wee Kheng Leow , National University of Singapore
Zhiyong Huang , National University of Singapore
Yong Zhang , National University of Singapore
Rudy Setiono , National University of Singapore
pp. 33
Session 2: Analysis and Applications of Geometric Models

Geometric Processing for Analysis (Abstract)

C.G. Armstrong , The Queen's University of Belfast
R.M. McKeag , The Queen's University of Belfast
H. Ou , The Queen's University of Belfast
M.A. Price , The Queen's University of Belfast
pp. 45

A Feature-Based Approach to Automatic Injection Mold Generation (Abstract)

Zhenyong Zhou , Zhejiang University
Shuming Gao , Zhejiang University
Zhengchao Gu , Zhejiang University
Jiaoying Shi , Zhejiang University
pp. 57
Session 3: Model Representations and Parameterized Design

A Representation Independent Geometric Modeling Kernel (Abstract)

A.E. Middleditch , Brunel University
A.J. Gomes , Brunel University
C.M.P. Reade , Kingston University
pp. 79

Dimension-Driven Parameterized Design of Free Form Objects (Abstract)

K.M. Yu , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
W.M. Zhu , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 90

On Families of Objects and their Semantics (Abstract)

Rafael Bidarra , Delft University of Technology
Willem F. Bronsvoort , Delft University of Technology
pp. 101
Session 4: Proximity Query and Voronoi Regions

Proximity Queries for Modeling and Manufacturing (Abstract)

Stephen Cameron , Oxford University
Joe Pitt-Francis , Oxford University
pp. 115
Session 5: Approximation and Interpolation Methods I

Poisson Approximation (Abstract)

Ron Goldman , Rice University
Geraldine Morin , Rice University
pp. 141

Optimization of Knots for the Multi Curve B-Spline Approximation (Abstract)

Toni Prahasto , University of Diponegoro
Sanjeev Bedi , University of Waterloo
pp. 150

Constrained C1 Piecewise Bicubic B?zier Surface Interpolation (Abstract)

Caiming Zhang , University of Kentucky
Fuhua (Frank) Cheng , University of Kentucky
Brian A. Barsky , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 162
Session 6: Approximation and Interpolation Methods II

Approximating NURBS Curves by Arc Splines (Abstract)

Xunnian Yang , Zhejiang University
pp. 175

A Method of Shape Control of Curve Design (Abstract)

Qi Duan , Shandong University of Technology
T.S. Chen , Dayeh University
K. Djidjeli , University of Southampton
W.G. Price , University of Southampton
E.H. Twizell , Brunel University
pp. 184
Session 7: Mesh Processing and Subdivision Surfaces I

Robust Watermarking of Polygonal Meshes (Abstract)

Michael G Wagner , Arizona State University
pp. 201

On-Line Polygon Refining Using a Low Computation Subdivision Algorithm (Abstract)

Yuan-Chung Lee , National Chiao-Tung University
Chein-Wei Jen , National Chiao-Tung University
pp. 209

Using Most Isometric Parametrizations for Remeshing Polygonal Surfaces (Abstract)

Ulf Labsik , University of Erlangen at Nuremberg
Kai Hormann , University of Erlangen at Nuremberg
Guenther Greiner , University of Erlangen at Nuremberg
pp. 220

Polyhedral Surface Smoothing with Simultaneous Mesh Regularization (Abstract)

Yutaka Ohtake , University of Aizu
Alexander G. Belyaev , University of Aizu
Ilia A. Bogaevski , Independent University of Moscow
pp. 229
Session 8: Mesh Processing and Subdivision Surfaces II

Generating Fair Meshes with G1 Boundary Conditions (Abstract)

Robert Schneider , Max-Planck Institute for Computer Sciences
Leif Kobbelt , Max-Planck Institute for Computer Sciences
pp. 251

Catmull-Clark Surface Fitting for Reverse Engineering Applications (Abstract)

Weiyin Ma , City University of Hong Kong
Nailiang Zhao , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 274
Session 9: Minkowski Roots, Parametrization, and Implicitization

Minkowski Roots of Complex Sets (Abstract)

Rida T. Farouki , University of California at Davis
Hwan Pyo Moon , University of California at Davis
Weiqing Gu , Harvey Mudd College
pp. 287

Implicitization by Dixon A-Resultants (Abstract)

Eng-Wee Chionh , National University of Singapore
Ming Zhang , Rice University
Ronald N. Goldman , Rice University
pp. 310
Session 10: Computation in Geometric Modeling

Interval Methods in Geometric Modeling (Abstract)

Adrian Bowyer , University of Bath
Jakob Berchtold , University of Bath
David Eisenthal , University of Bath
Irina Voiculescu , University of Bath
Kevin Wise , University of Bath
pp. 321

Bounding Interval Rational B?zier Curves with Interval Polynomial B?zier Curves (Abstract)

Falai Chen , University of Science and Technology of China
Wenping Lou , University of Science and Technology of China
Thomas W. Sederberg , Brigham Young University
pp. 328

Fast Conversion of Dynamic B-Spline Curves into a Set of Power Form Polynomial Curves (Abstract)

Deok-Soo Kim , Hanyang University
Joonghyun Ryu , Hanyang University
Taeboom Jang , Hanyang University
Hyunchan Lee , Hongik University
Hayong Shin , Chrysler Corporation
Joonyoung Park , Dongguk University
pp. 337
Session 11: Geometric Processing and Tolerancing

On Optimal Tolerancing in Computer-Aided Design (Abstract)

H. Pottmann , University of Technology
B. Odehnal , University of Technology
M. Peternell , University of Technology
J. Wallner , University of Technology
R. Ait Haddou , University of Calgary
pp. 347

Gershon Elber (Abstract)

Myung-Soo Kim , Seoul National University
pp. 364

Surface Slicing Algorithm for Rapid Prototyping and Machining (Abstract)

Cha-Soo Jun , Gyeongsang National University
Dong-Soo Kim , Gyeongsang National University
JiSeon Hwang , Hyundai Motor Co.
Tien-Chien Chang , Purdue University
pp. 373
Session 12: Geometric Operations

Gn-Blending with Rolling Ball Contact Curves (Abstract)

Erich Hartmann , Darmstadt University of Technology
pp. 385

Constrained Shape Scaling of Multi-Surface Objects (Abstract)

Pifu Zhang , University of Kentucky
Caiming Zhang , University of Kentucky
Fuhua (Frank) Cheng , University of Kentucky
pp. 398

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