The Community for Technology Leaders
Geometric Modeling and Graphics, International Conference on (2003)
London, England
July 16, 2003 to July 18, 2003
ISBN: 0-7695-1985-7

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Session GMAG03_1_1: Geometrical Modeling I

A Role for 3D Modelling in Controlling Webcams and Interpreting Real-Time Video (Abstract)

Steve Smith , University of the West of England
John Counsell , University of the West of England
Simon Aldrich , University of the West of England
pp. 2

Geometric Correction of Scanned Topographic Maps Using Capable Input Information (Abstract)

Takaharu Miyoshi , Hiroshima Institute of Technology
Kazufumi Kaneda , Hiroshima University
Eihachiro Nakamae , Sanei Co. Ltd.
Weiqing Li , Zhejiang University
Hideo Yamashita , Hiroshima University
pp. 8

Combination of Automatic and Interactive Tools for Solution Space Browsing (Abstract)

Pascal Mathis , Université Louis Pasteur
Pascal Schreck , Université Louis Pasteur
Jean-François Dufourd , Université Louis Pasteur
Caroline Essert-Villard , Université Louis Pasteur
pp. 14
Session GMAG03_1_2: GMAG — Applications I

Offline Arabic Text Recognition System (Abstract)

Syed Nazim Nawaz , King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Abdulaziz Al-Khuraidly , King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Muhammad Sarfraz , King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
pp. 30

Saudi Arabian License Plate Recognition System (Abstract)

Muhammad Sarfraz , King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Mohammed Jameel Ahmed , King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Syed A. Ghazi , King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
pp. 36

Data Organization for Broadcasting in Mobile Computing (Abstract)

Putra Sumari , Universiti Sains Malaysia
Hailiza Kamarulhaili , Universiti Sains Malaysia
Rozaida Mohd Darus , Universiti Sains Malaysia
pp. 49
Session GMAG03_2_1: Geometric Modeling II

Generating Well Behaved Meshes for Parameterized Surfaces (Abstract)

Maharavo Randrianarivony , Technical University of Chemnitz
Guido Brunnett , Technical University of Chemnitz
pp. 56

Generating Blending Surfaces with an Iterative Solution to Fourth Order PDE (Abstract)

Jian J Zhang , Bournemouth University
Lihua You , Bournemouth University
pp. 62

Reconstruction of a 3D Solid Model from Orthographic Projections (Abstract)

Mohammed Latif , Manchester Metropolitan University
Zhe Wang , Manchester Metropolitan University
pp. 75
Session GMAG03_2_2: GMAG - Algorithms

Extensible Point Location Algorithm (Abstract)

Paul Schrater , University of Minnesota
Rashmi Sundareswara , University of Minnesota
pp. 84

A Neural Approach for Solving the Constraint Satisfaction Problem (Abstract)

S. Hamissi , Universit? Badji Mokhtar
M. Babes , Universit? Badji Mokhtar
pp. 96
Session GMAG03_2_3: Curve Design

Message Recovery Signature Scheme Using Complementary Elliptic Curves (Abstract)

Teo Chun Yew , Universiti Science Malaysia
Putra Sumari , Universiti Science Malaysia
Hailiza Kamarul Haili , Universiti Science Malaysia
pp. 106

Family of G<sup>2</sup> Cubic Transition Curves (Abstract)

Zulfiqar Habib , Kagoshima University
Manabu Sakai , Kagoshima University
pp. 117

Improvement in Decimation of Triangle Meshes for Level of Detail (Abstract)

Son-Ni Ho , Multimedia University
Kok-Why Ng , Multimedia University
Ya-Ping Wong , Multimedia University
pp. 123
Session GMAG03_2_4: GMAG-Applications II

A Fast and Memory-Efficient Method for LOD Modeling of Polygonal Models (Abstract)

Muhammad Hussain , Kyushu University and Intelligent Cooperation and Control, PREST, JST
Yoshihiro Okada , Kyushu University and Intelligent Cooperation and Control, PREST, JST
Koichi Niijima , Kyushu University
pp. 137

Proposition of Two Evolutionist Approachs — Genetic Algorithm and Neurol Network — To Solve CSP (Abstract)

S. Hamissi , Universit? Badji Mokhtar
N. Siyahia , Universit? Badji Mokhtar
M Babes , Universit? Badji Mokhtar
pp. 143

Mobile Agent System Architecture for Supporting Mobile Market Application Service in Mobile Computing Environment (Abstract)

Young Ju Noh , Cheongyang College
Phyoung Jung Kim , Chungbuk Provincial University of Science & Technology
pp. 149
Session GMAG03_3_1: Curves and Surfaces Design II

An Obstacle-Avoiding Minimum Variation B-Spline Problem (Abstract)

Tomas Berglund , Luleå University of Technology
Inge Söderkvist , Luleå University of Technology
Håkan Jonsson , Luleå University of Technology
pp. 156

A Linear Complexity Algorithm for the Bernstein Basis (Abstract)

J.M. Peña , Universidad de Zaragoza
J. Delgado , Universidad de Zaragoza
pp. 162

Visual and Complexity Analysis of the Extended Loop Subdivision Scheme (Abstract)

Nicolaas Tack , IMEC/DESICS and K.U. Leuven
Gauthier Lafruit , IMEC/DESICS
Rudy Lauwereins , IMEC/DESICS and K.U. Leuven
pp. 168

Synthetic Modelling System Architecture (Abstract)

Yvon Gardan , IFTS, Charleville-M?zi?res
Estelle Perrin , Metz University
Nicolas Gardan , IFTS, Charleville-M?zi?res
Fr?d?ric Danesi , IFTS, Charleville-M?zi?res
pp. 174

Bump Map Generation from 3D Scan Data (Abstract)

Seung Tae Oh , Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Kwan H. Lee , Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 180
Session GMAG03_3_2: Computer Aided Applications

FreeSculptor: A Computer-Aided Freeform Design Environment (Abstract)

Kuo-Cheng Wu , University of Salford
Hissam Tawfik , University of Salford
Terrence Fernando , University of Salford
pp. 188

Computer Aided Ferret Design (Abstract)

Stephen Mann , University of Waterloo
Selina Siu , University of Waterloo
pp. 195

Research on Digitizing Processing of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty (Abstract)

Mingyi He , Northwestern Polytechnical University
Jian Wang , Northwestern Polytechnical University
Bangshu Xiong , Northwestern Polytechnical University
pp. 201
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