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Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems, IEEE International Workshop (2001)
Bologna, Italy
Oct. 31, 2001 to Nov. 2, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1384-0
Session 1: Collaborative and Cooperative Software Engineering I - Chair: Amndt Bode, Technical University of Munich, Germany
A. de Farias , University of Twente
L. Pires , University of Twente
M. Van Sinderen , University of Twente
D. Quartel , University of Twente
pp. 0002
M. Pinto , Universidad de M?laga
L. Fuentes , Universidad de M?laga
J. Troya , Universidad de M?laga
M. Fayad , University of Nebraska
pp. 0009
Session 2: Distributed Multimedia Computing - Chair: Maarten Boasson, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
R. Chow , University of Florida
C.-w. Lee , University of Florida
J. Liu , University of Florida
pp. 0018
S. Gupta , Arizona State University
M. Reisslein , Arizona State University
A. Sen , Arizona State University
pp. 0025
Session 3: Ubiquitous Computing and Web-Based Computing - Chair: Marco Avvenuti, University of Pisa, Italy
S. Yau , Arizona State University
F. Karim , Arizona State University
pp. 0034
Y. Zhang , Oxford Brookes University
H. Zhu , Oxford Brookes University
S. Greenwood , Oxford Brookes University
Q. Huo , Oxford Brookes University
pp. 0041
A. Ruiz , Universidad de Sevilla
M. Toro , Universidad de Sevilla
R. Corchuelo , Universidad de Sevilla
A. Durán , Universidad de Sevilla
pp. 0048
Session 4: Intranet and Internet Technologies for Distributed Systems - Chair: Kinji Mori, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
F. DePaoli , Universit? di Milano Bicocca
pp. 0056
Z. Zhang , The Pennsylvania State University
T.-y. Feng , The Pennsylvania State University
pp. 0062
K. Ohn , Yeungnam University
R. Hwang , Yeungnam University
H. Cho , Yeungnam University
pp. 0067
Session 5: Distributed Agents and Applications of Distributed Systems - Chair: Radu Popscu-Zeletin, GMD-FOKUS, Germany
H. Zhou , Yunnan University
H. Yang , De Montfort University
pp. 0083
Session 6: Java-Based Network Computing and ATM Networks - Chair: Cesare Stefanelli, University of Ferrara, Italy
M. Avvenuti , Universit? di Pisa
A. Vecchio , Universit? di Pisa
pp. 0098
R. Baldoni , Universit? di Roma
R. Beraldi , Universit? di Roma
pp. 0105
W. Lin , National Chiao Tung University
Y. Chen , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 0112
Session 7: Network Infrastructure for High-Performance Computing I - Chair: Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida, USA
D. Ressmann , De Montfort University
A. Platt , De Montfort University
S. Rumsby , De Montfort University
pp. 0120
P. Bellavista , University of Bologna
A. Corradi , University of Bologna
R. Montanari , University of Bologna
C. Stefanelli , University of Ferrara
pp. 0126
R. Baldoni , Universit? di Roma
C. Marchetti , Universit? di Roma
pp. 0133
Session 8: Mobile Computing and Communications - Chair: Francis Lau, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
C. Mascolo , University College London
pp. 0142
L. Capra , University College London
C. Mascolo , University College London
S. Zachariadis , University College London
W. Emmerich , University College London
pp. 0148
J. Arcangeli , Universit? Paul Sabatier
C. Maurel , Universit? Paul Sabatier
F. Migeon , Universit? Paul Sabatier
pp. 0155
Session 9: Security, Safety and Assurance of Distributed Systems - Chair: Carl Chang, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
P. Henderson , University of Southampton
B. Walters , University of Southampton
S. Crouch , University of Southampton
pp. 0164
M. Matsumoto , East Japan Railway Company
S. Shimagaki , East Japan Railway Company
D. Watanabe , Hitachi, Ltd.
K. Mori , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 0170
Session 10: Collaborative and Cooperative Software Engineering II - Chair: T.H. Tse, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
S. Sahni , University of Florida
K. Kim , University of Florida
pp. 0178
C. Chang , University of Illinois at Chicago
J. Zhang , University of Illinois at Chicago
T. Jiang , University of Illinois at Chicago
pp. 0185
Session 11: Network Infrastructure for High-Performance Computing II - Chair: Randy Chow, University of Florida, USA
H. Zedan , De Montfort University
A. Cau , De Montfort University
pp. 0194
F. Sánchez , University of Extremadura
M. Toro , University of Sevilla
J. Herrer , University of Extremadura
pp. 0201
Session 12: Distributed Object Computing - Chair: Peter Henderson, Southhampton University, UK
G Cabri , Universit? di Modena e Reggio Emilia
pp. 0210
J.-M. Lin , Feng Chia University
Z.-W. Hong , Feng Chia University
H. Jiau , National Cheng Kung University
W. Chu , Tong Hai University
pp. 0215
K. Kim , University of California
J. Liu , University of California
pp. 0222
Plenary Panel Session: Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems - Chair: Stephen S. Yau, Arizona State University, USA
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