The Community for Technology Leaders
2013 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) (2001)
Reno, NV, USA
Oct. 10, 2001 to Oct. 13, 2001
ISBN: 0-7803-6669-7

The social affordances of computer-supported collaborative learning environments (Abstract)

K. Kreijns , Dept. of Natural & Tech. Sci., Open Univ. of the Netherlands, Heerlen, Netherlands
pp. T1F-12-17vol.1

EPICS: documenting service-learning to meet EC 2000 (Abstract)

L.H. Jamieson , Sch. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., West Lafayette, IN, USA
pp. T2A-1-6vol.1

Closing the loop: industry site visits for program outcomes assessment (Abstract)

S.K. Ramesh , Electr. & Electron. Eng., California State Univ., Sacramento, CA, USA
pp. T2A-7-T2A-10vol.1

A plan for assessment and continuous improvement in a civil engineering technology program (Abstract)

T.W. Zeigler , Civil Eng. Technol., Southern Polytech. State Univ., Marietta, GA, USA
pp. T2A-T11vol.1

Quantitatively assessing an outcome on designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data for ABET 2000 (Abstract)

P.T. McCreanor , Civil Eng. Technol., Southern Polytech. State Univ., Marietta, GA, USA
pp. T2A-12-16vol.1

Objectives, outcomes, and assessment mechanisms for CS programs [computer science education courses] (Abstract)

N. Soundarajan , Dept. of Comput. & Inf. Sci., Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH, USA
pp. T2A-17-22vol.1

"Elegant" problem solving model for effective learning and applications (Abstract)

H. Khan , Dept. of Technol., Northern Kentucky Univ., Highland Heights, KY, USA
pp. T2B-1-6vol.1

Question model for intelligent questioning systems in engineering education (Abstract)

S.A. Zahorian , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Old Dominion Univ., Norfolk, VA, USA
pp. T2B-7-T2B-12vol.1

Using language and students' relationship to authority to understand the learning process (Abstract)

D. DiBiasio , Dept. of Chem. Eng., Worcester Polytech. Inst., MA, USA
pp. T2B-T13vol.1

Crisis of civil engineering education in information technology age: analysis and prospects (Abstract)

M. Nehdi , Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng., Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ont., Canada
pp. T2B-20-9vol.1

Laboratory enhancements through partnerships with local industry for a course in wireless communications (Abstract)

K.A. Kramer , Electr. Eng. Prog., San Diego State Univ., CA, USA
pp. T2C-T21vol.1

Integrating creative design experiences and ethics into materials science (Abstract)

K.L. Kitto , Dept of Eng. Technol., Western Washington Univ., Bellingham, WA, USA
pp. T2C-8-T2C-12vol.1

Digital signal processing in theory and practice (Abstract)

S.H. Mousavinezhad , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo, MI, USA
pp. T2C-13-16vol.1

A unique laboratory for teaching administrative aspects of computer networking (Abstract)

M. Ukigai , Fac. of Inf. Sci., Chiba Inst. of Technol., Narashino, Japan
pp. T2C-17-22vol.1

Engineering design for software: on defining the software engineering profession (Abstract)

J.L. Diaz-Herrera , Sch. of Comput. & Software Eng., Southern Polytech. State Univ., Marietta, GA, USA
pp. T2D-1-7vol.1

Extreme programming for software engineering education? (Abstract)

L. Williams , Dept. of Comput. Sci., North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC, USA
pp. T2D-12-17vol.1

PSP-EAT-enhancing a personal software process course (Abstract)

D. Rosca , Software & Electr. Eng. Dept., Fort Monmouth, NJ, USA
pp. T2D-T18vol.1

Mechatronics as a challenge for teaching technology in secondary education (Abstract)

S. Kocijancic , Dept. of Phys., Ljubljana Univ., Slovenia
pp. T2E-1-4vol.1

Experiments from optical engineering and robotics for a pre-engineering program (Abstract)

S.K. Ramesh , Dept. of Electr. & Electron. Eng., California State Univ., Sacramento, CA, USA
pp. T2E-5-T2E-10vol.1

Using Legos and RoboLab (LabVIEW) with elementary school children (Abstract)

E. Wang , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Nevada Univ., Reno, NV, USA
pp. T2E-T11vol.1

Robotics learning as a tool for integrating science technology curriculum in K-12 schools (Abstract)

E. Kolberg , Ministry of Educ, Tel Aviv Univ., Israel
pp. T2E-12-13vol.1

Multimedia distance learning without the wait (Abstract)

S.R. Thampuran , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Massachusetts Univ., Amherst, MA, USA
pp. T2F-T21vol.1

A practical model for the development of Web based interactive courses (Abstract)

K. Baas , Natural & Tech. Sci., Open Univ. of the Netherlands, Netherlands
pp. T2F-8-T2F-13vol.1

Applicability of internet video in distance education for engineering (Abstract)

J.M. Pullen , Dept. of Comput. Sci., George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA, USA
pp. T2F-14-19vol.1

Teaching engineering ethics: a new approach (Abstract)

N. Bekir , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., California State Univ., Northridge, CA, USA
pp. T2G-1-3vol.1

Developing an appropriate writing exercise for a statics class (Abstract)

W. Nixon , Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng., Iowa Univ., Iowa City, IA, USA
pp. T2G-4-12vol.1

An extended methodology for educational software design: some critical points (Abstract)

F.J. Lage , Fac. de Ingenieria, Buenos Aires Univ., Argentina
pp. T2G-13-18vol.1

The use of a context and mapping concepts to improve learning and problem solving ability (Abstract)

M.L. De la Barra , Departamento de Matematica, Univ. Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chile
pp. T2G-T19vol.1

Cross-checking and good scores go together: students shrug (Abstract)

D.W. Petr , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Kansas Univ., Lawrence, KS, USA
pp. T3A-7-T3A-12vol.1

Multi-choice versus descriptive examinations (Abstract)

R.W. Brown , Electr. & Comput. Syst. Eng., R. Melbourne Inst. of Technol., Vic., Australia
pp. T3A-13-18vol.1

Learning achievement evaluation strategy using fuzzy membership function (Abstract)

Sunghyun Weon , Sch. of Inf. Eng., Catholic Univ. of Pusan, South Korea
pp. T3A-19-24vol.1

Rethinking the evaluation of writing in engineering courses (Abstract)

J. Swarts , Literature & Commun. Dept, Rensselaer Polytech. Inst., Troy, NY, USA
pp. T3A-25-30vol.1

Student, alumni and employer satisfaction to a collaborative learning approach (Abstract)

F. Butler , Graduate Coll., Univ. of Advancing Comput. Technol., Tempe, AZ, USA
pp. T3B-9-T3B-13vol.1

Student response to cooperative learning homework teams: midcourse and final evaluations (Abstract)

S.M. Lord , Dept. of Eng., San Diego Univ., CA, USA
pp. T3B-14-18vol.1

Active learning with upper division computer science students (Abstract)

B. Timmerman , Coll. of Eng. & Comput. Sci., California State Univ., Northridge, CA, USA
pp. T3B-19-23vol.1

The challenge of collaborative learning in engineering and math (Abstract)

M. Guzdial , Coll. of Comput., Georgia Inst. of Technol., Atlanta, GA, USA
pp. T3B-24-9vol.1

Design and development of an automatic small-scale house for teaching domotics (Abstract)

F. Mateos , Ingenieria de Sistemas y Automatica, Oviedo Univ., Spain
pp. T3C-1-5vol.1

An innovative approach to visualization of stress (Abstract)

W.K. Szaroletta , Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, USA
pp. T3C-6-9vol.1

A set of CS 1 labs utilizing graphical objects and inheritance (Abstract)

P. Andrews , Dept. of Math., Eastern Illinois Univ., Charleston, IL, USA
pp. T3C-10-14vol.1

Engineering explorations: introducing first-year students to engineering (Abstract)

G.L. Hein , Eng. Fundamentals Dept., Michigan Technol. Univ., Houghton, MI, USA
pp. T3C-15-19vol.1

The New Mexico Tech Master of Science teaching program: an exemplary model of inquiry-based learning (Abstract)

V.R. Perry , Educational Outreach Programs, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM, USA
pp. T3E-1-4vol.1

Working with students and parents to improve the freshman retention (Abstract)

D.D. Budny , Pittsburgh Univ., PA, USA
pp. T3E-5-T3E-10vol.1

A first step for women into the engineering pipeline (Abstract)

R. Cano , New Jersey Inst. of Technol., Newark, NJ, USA
pp. T3E-11-16vol.1

Empowerment to success: the class structure in an honors engineering course (Abstract)

J. Steciak , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Nevada Univ., Reno, NV, USA
pp. T3E-23-6vol.1

IEEE PDI: a gateway for lifelong engineering education (Abstract)

L. Feisel , Thomas Watson Sch. of Eng. & Appl. Sci., State Univ. of New York, Binghamton, NY, USA
pp. T3F-T31vol.1

Distance learning need not sacrifice high-quality education (Abstract)

L. Shafer , Coll. of Eng., Texas Univ., Austin, TX, USA
pp. T3F-2-8vol.1

Development of undergraduate online CS/IS course based on Web-lecturing technology (Abstract)

V. Uskov , Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Inf. Syst., Bradley Univ., Peoria, IL, USA
pp. T3F-T39vol.1

The application of nearest neighbor algorithm on creating an adaptive on-line learning system (Abstract)

Bih-Yaw Shih , Dept. of Bus. Manage., Cheng-Shiu Inst. of Technol., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
pp. T3F-10-13vol.1

Web/DVD-based multimedia architecture simulator (Abstract)

E. Asai , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Massachusetts Univ., Amherst, MA, USA
pp. T3F-14-19vol.1

Assessment strategies: feedback is too late! (Abstract)

S.A. Mandayam , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Rowan Univ., Glassboro, NJ, USA
pp. T4A-1-4vol.1

A fine-grid model for evaluating multidisciplinary team experiences (Abstract)

J.R. Rowland , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Kansas Univ., Lawrence, KS, USA
pp. T4A-5-8vol.1

Relative validity of peer and self-evaluations in self-directed interdependent work teams (Abstract)

R.S. Thompson , Pet. Eng. Dept., Colorado Sch. of Mines, Golden, CO, USA
pp. T4A-9-T4A-14vol.1

Curriculum improvements in power engineering (Abstract)

E. O'Neill-Carrillo , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Puerto Rico Univ., Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
pp. T4A-15-20vol.1

Professional accreditation toward outcome-driven curricula (Abstract)

A. Nafalski , Sch. of Electr. & Inf. Eng., Univ. of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, SA, Australia
pp. T4A-21-4vol.1

Go with the flow: a design project to build community (Abstract)

E.M. Cashman , Environ. Resources Eng., Humboldt State Univ., Arcata, CA, USA
pp. T4B-1-6vol.1

Advanced learning made as easy as ABC: an example using design for fatigue of machine elements subjected to simple and combined loads (Abstract)

C. Egelhoff , Mech. Eng. Sect., United States Coast Guard Acad., New London, CT, USA
pp. T4B-7-T4B-12vol.1

Modelling the context of continuing professional development (Abstract)

F.K. Fink , Aalborg Univ., Denmark
pp. T4B-19-24vol.1

Systemic reform in undergraduate engineering education: the role of collective responsibility (Abstract)

P.D. Fisher , Coll. of Eng., Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, MI, USA
pp. TIA-2-6vol.1

Assessment measures to enhance teaching and curriculum effectiveness (Abstract)

C.M. Saviz , Dept. of Civil Eng., Univ. of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, USA
pp. TIA-7-TIA-12vol.1

Trust: essential to effective assessment (Abstract)

J.J. Hoey , Office of Assessment, Georgia Inst. of Technol., Atlanta, GA, USA
pp. TIA-T13vol.1

Assessing student preparedness for professional engineering practice: a professional advice task (Abstract)

J. Turns , Center for Eng. Learning & Teaching, Washington Univ., Seattle, WA, USA
pp. TIA-T14vol.1

Learning the "write" way in science and engineering (Abstract)

T. Larkin-Hein , Dept. of Phys., American Univ., Washington, DC, USA
pp. TIB-7-TIB-13vol.1

Writing as an instrument for modeling students learning attitude (Abstract)

M. Feldgen , Fac. do Ingenieria, Buenos Aires Univ., Argentina
pp. TIB-T14vol.1

Active and co-operative learning among B.E. Students (Abstract)

N.R. Devi , Dept. of CSE, Chaitanya Bharathi Inst. of Technol., Hyderabad, India
pp. TIB-16-18vol.1

DSP lab course experiments based on the Motorola DSP56K processor (Abstract)

D. Baez-Lopez , Dept. de Ingenieria Electronica, Univerersidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico
pp. TIC-1-4vol.1

Interactive animation and visualization in a virtual soil mechanics laboratory (Abstract)

M.E. Haque , Dept. of Constr. Sci., Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX, USA
pp. TIC-5-9vol.1

A hands-on approach to teaching manufacturing processes (Abstract)

M.E. Ssemakula , Div. of Eng. Technol., Wayne State Univ., Detroit, MI, USA
pp. TIC-10-14vol.1

Software-aided reliability education (Abstract)

J. Marcos , Dept. of Electron. Technol., Vigo Univ., Spain
pp. TIC-15-18vol.1

A first course in digital design using VHDL and programmable logic (Abstract)

S. Areibi , Sch. of Eng., Guelph Univ., Ont., Canada
pp. TIC-19-23vol.1

Visualising and interpreting individual student models developed whilst learning the foundations of object oriented programming (Abstract)

C. Burrell , Dept. of Inf. Technol., Waikato Polytech., Hamilton, New Zealand
pp. TID-TI1vol.1

A tool for data structure visualization and user-defined algorithm animation (Abstract)

Tao Chen , Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Eng., Bridgeport Univ., CT, USA
pp. TID-2-7vol.1

Teaching to identify problems in a creative way (Abstract)

E. Sutinen , Dept. of Sci. & Technol., Linkoping Univ., Sweden
pp. TID-8-TID-13vol.1

Tying student work and assessment directly to learning objectives in CS1 (Abstract)

D.J. Neebel , Math. & Comput. Sci., Loras Coll., Dubuque, IA, USA
pp. TID-T14vol.1

Teaching object-oriented programming on top of functional programming (Abstract)

J.T. Kristensen , Informatics & Math. Modelling, Tech. Univ. Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
pp. TID-15-20vol.1

Engineering and Construction Camp at the USAF academy (Abstract)

H. Rischel , Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng., USAF Acad., CO, USA
pp. TIE-1-3vol.1

Experiences with an engineering technology course for education majors (Abstract)

R.K. Jones , Battle Mountain High School, NV, USA
pp. TIE-4-8vol.1

Engineering workshops for K-12 schoolteachers (Abstract)

J.L. DeGrazia , Coll. of Eng. & Appl. Sci., Colorado Univ., Boulder, CO, USA
pp. TIE-9-TIE-14vol.1

Infinity project: a high school engineering curriculum, one year later (Abstract)

M.A. Yoder , Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technol., Terre Haute, IN, USA
pp. TIE-T15vol.1

Teaching invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship to Northern Nevada high school science and math teachers (Abstract)

J.A. Kleppe , Dept. of Electr. Eng., Nevada Univ., Reno, NV, USA
pp. TIE-16-19vol.1

Teaching technology in an online, distance education environment (Abstract)

M.S. Cohen , Sch. of Comput. & Inf. Sci., Nova Southeastern Univ., Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
pp. TIF-1-6vol.1

The intelligent assessment system in Web-based distance learning education (Abstract)

RuiMin Shen , Comput. Sci. & Eng. Dept, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China
pp. TIF-7-TIF-11vol.1

Team learning in an online lab (Abstract)

B. Wagner , Learning Lab Lower Saxony, Hannover Univ., Germany
pp. TIF-18-22vol.1

Does teaching online take more time? (Abstract)

G.W. Hislop , Coll. of Inf. Sci. & Technol., Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA, USA
pp. TIF-23-7vol.1

Making connections through development [engineering college marketing] (Abstract)

S. Vanneman , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-1-3vol.1

Making connections through the World Wide Web [engineering education marketing] (Abstract)

J.J. Schemmel , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-4-5vol.1

Making connections through publications [engineering college marketing] (Abstract)

M.-A. Bloss , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-6-7vol.1

Connections: marketing the University of Arkansas College of Engineering (Abstract)

O.J. Loewer , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-8-TIG-11vol.1

Connections: the marketing plan for the University of Arkansas College of Engineering (Abstract)

R.E. Wardlow , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-12-14vol.1

Making connections through media relations [engineering college marketing] (Abstract)

C. Garcia , Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-15-17vol.1

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