The Community for Technology Leaders
EUROMICRO Conference (1998)
Västerås, Sweden
Aug. 25, 1998 to Aug. 27, 1998
ISSN: 1089-6503
ISBN: 0-8186-8646-4
Workshop C. Multimedia and Telecommunications
Keynote Speech
Session C.1: Formal Specifications

Multi-View Specification of CSCW Applications (Abstract)

M. Frey-Pučko , University of Ljubljana
Maximilian Frey , Technische Universität München
pp. 20484

Modeling and Querying Video Databases (Abstract)

Cyril Decleir , LISI-INSA Lyon
Mohand-Saïd Hacid , RWTH Aachen
Jacques Kouloumdjian , LISI-INSA Lyon
pp. 20492
Session C.2: Architectures

A Master-Medium-Based Interactive Synchronization Control Scheme for Distributed Multimedia Systems (Abstract)

Chung-Ming Huang , National Cheng Kung University
Chian Wang , National Cheng Kung University
Cheng-Yi Kuo , National Cheng Kung University
pp. 20506

Improved Multimedia Server I/O Subsystems (Abstract)

Michael Weeks , University of Teesside
Hadj Batatia , University of Teesside
Reza Sotudeh , University of Teesside
pp. 20514
Session C.3: Performance Evaluation

Address Resolution Model and Traffic Control for Multimedia Data Transmission with QoS Guarantees between ATM and Ethernet (Abstract)

Yu-Chang Chen , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Chein-Chih Chang , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Wen-Shyong Hsieh , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Chu-Sing Yang , National Sun Yat-Sen University
pp. 20520

Real-Time Disparity Information Compression in 3D Teleconferencing Systems (Abstract)

D. Papadimatos , University of Patras
T. Antonakopoulos , University of Patras
V. Makios , University of Patras
pp. 20528

Comparison between Optical SCM Systems for Multimedia Applications (Abstract)

S. Betti , Fondazione Ugo Bordoni - v.le Europa
E. Bravi , Fondazione Ugo Bordoni - v.le Europa
M. Giaconi , Scuola Superiore G. Reiss Romoli
pp. 20536

Dealing with One-Timer-Documents in Web Caching (Abstract)

A. Belloum , Universiteit van Amsterdam
L.O. Hertzberger , Universiteit van Amsterdam
pp. 20544
Session C.4: HW and Operating Systems

Efficient Memory Management in VOD Disk Array Servers Using Per-Storage-Device Buffering (Abstract)

Alberto Garc?a-Mart?nez , Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio
Jes?s F. Conde , University of Massachusetts
Angel Vi? , Universidade da Coru?
pp. 20551

The Sum-Absolute-Difference Motion Estimation Accelerator (Abstract)

S. Vassiliadis , Delft University of Technology
E.A. Hakkennes , Delft University of Technology
J.S.S.M. Wong , Delft University of Technology
G.G. Pechanek , BOPS Inc.
pp. 20559

Dimensioning of a Multimedia Switching Bus (Abstract)

Kimmo Kaario , University of Jyväskylä
Pertti Raatikainen , VTT Information Technology Telecommunications
pp. 20567
Session C.5: Network and Operating Systems

PROMIS: A Reliable Real-Time Network Management Tool for Wide Area Networks (Abstract)

Eduardo Magaña , Universidad Pública de Navarra
Javier Aracil , Universidad Pública de Navarra
Jesús Villadangos , Universidad Pública de Navarra
pp. 20581

Broadband Services in the Access Network: A Technical-Economic Comparison of Wired and Wireless Systems (Abstract)

Gaetano Vespasiano , Scuola Superiore "G. Reiss Romoli"
Maria Stella Iacobucci , Scuola Superiore "G. Reiss Romoli"
Pasquale Palma , Universit? degli Studi dell?Aquila
pp. 20597
Session C.6: Prototyping Systems and Applications (I)

Designing Interactive Multimedia Learning Systems on the Web Using a New Graphical Navigational Design Technique (Abstract)

Eng Huat Ng , Liverpool John Moores University
Stu Wade , Liverpool John Moores University
pp. 20604

Experiments with MHEG Player/Studio: An Interactive Hypermedia Visualization and Authoring System (Abstract)

Seungtaek Oh , Seoul National University
Yung Yi , Seoul National University
Seunghoon Jeong , Seoul National University
Yanghee Choi , Seoul National University
Younghwa Ko , Samsung Data System
pp. 20610
Session C.7: Prototyping Systems and Applications (II)

Using Sound to Communicate Program Execution (Abstract)

D. I. Rigas , University of Huddersfield
J. L. Alty , Loughborough University
pp. 20625

Image Compression Using the Wavelet Transform on Textural Regions of Interest (Abstract)

D.A. Karras , University of Ioannina
S.A. Karkanis , University of Athens
B.G. Mertzios , Democritus University of Thrace
pp. 20633
Workshop D. Computational Intelligence
Keynote Speech

Advanced Hardware and Software Architectures for Computational Intelligence: Application to a Real World Problem (Abstract)

Manfred Glesner , Darmstadt University of Technology
Matthias Rychetsky , Darmstadt University of Technology
Stefan Ortmann , Darmstadt University of Technology
pp. 21068
Session D.1: Computational Intelligence
Session D.2: Neural Networks I

A Transparent and Flexible Development Environment for Rapid Design of Cognitive Systems (Abstract)

Andreas König , University of Technology Dresden
Michael Eberhardt , University of Technology Dresden
Robert Wenzel , University of Technology Dresden
pp. 20655

On Function Approximators Implementable as Layered Neural Networks (Abstract)

Ion Ciuca , Research Institute fo Informatics
pp. 20663

On Feature Selection Methods in the Application of Neural Networks to Social Sciences (Abstract)

D. A. Karras , University of Ioannina
I. J. Marmatsouri , University of Crete
E. J. Hatzakis , University of Crete
N. Paritsis , University of Crete
pp. 20670
Session D.3: Neural Networks II

Implementation of a RBF Network Based on Possibilistic Reasoning (Abstract)

Peter Glösekötter , University of Dortmund
Andreas Kanstein , University of Dortmund
Stefan Jung , University of Dortmund
Karl Goser , University of Dortmund
pp. 20677

FPGA Based Implementation of a Hopfield Neural Network for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems (Abstract)

David Abramson , Monash University
Kate Smith , Monash University
Paul Logothetis , Monash University
David Duke , Monash University
pp. 20688

Hybrid Number Representation for the FPGA-Realization of a Versatile Neuro-Processor (Abstract)

Harald Wüst , Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Klaus Kasper , Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Herbert Reininger , Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
pp. 20694
Session D.4: Genetic Algorithms

Genetic Algorithm with Multistart Search for the p-Hub Median Problem (Abstract)

Melquíades Pérez , Universidad de La Laguna
Francisco Almeida , Universidad de La Laguna
J. Marcos Moreno-Vega , Universidad de La Laguna
pp. 20702

A Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling Tasks in a Real-Time Distributed System (Abstract)

Yannick Monnier , Université de Bretagne Sud
Jean-Pierre Beauvais , Université de Nantes
Anne-Marie Déplanche , Université de Nantes
pp. 20708

Solving the Satisfiability Problem by a Parallel Celluar Genetic Algorithm. (Abstract)

Gianluigi Folino , Università della Calabria
Clara Pizzuti , Università della Calabria
Giandomenico Spezzano , Università della Calabria
pp. 20715
Session D.5: Knowledge Manipulation and Classification

An Abductive Method for Solving a Treatment Problem (Abstract)

Samuel T? , Universidad de Almer?
Roque Mar? , Universidad de Murcia
Isabel Mar? del Aguila , Universidad de Almer?
Alfonso Bosch , Universidad de Almer?
Manuel Torres , Universidad de Almer?
pp. 20737
Workshop E. Software Process and Product Improvement
Keynote Speech
Session E.1: Software Process Improvement

A Structured Approach to Software Process Modelling (Abstract)

Xavier Franch , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
Josep M. Rib? , Universitat de Lleida
pp. 20753

Process-Product Unification in a Decentralized Environment: A Status Report (Abstract)

A. Gunes Koru , Dokuz Eylul University
Elif Demirors , Dokuz Eylul University
Onur Demirors , Dokuz Eylul University
pp. 20769
Session E.2: Change Management

Managing Change in Software Development Using a Process Improvement Approach (Abstract)

W. Lam , University of Hertfordshire
V. Shankararaman , University of Hertfordshire
pp. 20779

A Change Process Model in an SCM Tool (Abstract)

Ivica Crnkovic , ABB Industrial Products
pp. 20794
Session E.3: Improving Software Development

Measuring the Effectiveness of Introducing New Methods in the Software Development Process (Abstract)

Michael Winokur , Israel Aircraft Industries
Arie Grinman , Israel Aircraft Industries
Israel Yosha , Israel Aircraft Industries
Reuven Gallant , Israel Aircraft Industries
pp. 20800

Software Process Improvement Planning with Neural Networks (Abstract)

Volkmar H. Haase , University of Technology Graz
pp. 20808

An Approach to Schedule Estimation and Tracking for Rapid Development Projects (Abstract)

Ignak Lovrek , University of Zagreb
Vjekoslav Sinkovic , University of Zagreb
Dejan Grahovac , University of Zagreb
Antun Caric , Erickson Nikola Tesla
pp. 20816

Performance and Quality Aspects of Virtual Software Enterprises (Abstract)

Klaus D. Zesar , Graz University of Technology
Michael Zechner , Graz University of Technology
Peter Salhofer , Graz University of Technology
Gerhard Schuster , Graz University of Technology
Gerfried Muelleitner , Swiss Bank Corporation
pp. 20824
Session E.4: Testing

Test Tools for the Year 2000 Challenges (Abstract)

Hareton K. N. Leung , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 20830

Pragmatic Method for Interoperability Test Suite Derivation (Abstract)

Mazen Malek , Ericsson Telecommunication Ltd.
Sarolta Dibuz , Ericsson Telecommunication Ltd.
pp. 20838
Session E.5: Improving Software Development Maturity

Does ISO 9001 Increase Software Development Maturity? (Abstract)

Anne Mette Jonassen Hass , Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics
J? Johansen , Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics
Jan Pries-Heje , Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics
pp. 20860

Practical Aspects on the Assessment of a Review Process (Abstract)

Janne Kiiskil? , Nokia Telecommunications Oy
pp. 20867
Session E.6: Increasing Software Reuse

A Multi-Tiered Classification Scheme for Component Retrieval (Abstract)

Ewan Smith , Liverpool John Moores University
Adil Al-Yasiri , Liverpool John Moores University
Madjid Merabti , Liverpool John Moores University
pp. 20882
Session E.7: Better Products by Better Processes

A Product-Process Dependency Definition Method (Abstract)

Dirk Hamann , Fraunhofer Einrichtung f?r Experimentelles Software Engineering
Janne J?rvinen , VTT Electronics
Andreas Birk , Fraunhofer Einrichtung f?r Experimentelles Software Engineering
Dietmar Pfahl , Fraunhofer Einrichtung f?r Experimentelles Software Engineering
pp. 20898

Product-Based Software Process Improvement for Embedded Systems (Abstract)

Jorma Taramaa , VTT Electronics
Munish Khurana , University of Oulu
Pasi Kuvaja , University of Oulu
Jari Lehtonen , LM Ericsson
Markku Oivo , VTT Electronics
Veikko Sepp?nen , VTT Electronics
pp. 20905

The Improvement of a Software Design Methodology by Encapsulating Knowledge from Code (Abstract)

B. McCollum , Queen?s University
V. Purnell , Queen?s University
P. H. Corr , Queen?s University
P. Milligan , Queen?s University
pp. 20913

Improvement of Control Software for Automatic Logistic Systems Using Executable Environment Models (Abstract)

Christian Kreiner , Technical University Graz
Christian Steger , Technical University Graz
Reinhold Weiss , Technical University Graz
pp. 20919

From Design to Implementation Using the Parallel Program Generator (Abstract)

Jos? R. P. Ribeiro , Federal University of S?o Carlos
Nilton C. da Silva , Federal University of S?o Carlos
Roxana G. Mor? , Federal University of S?o Carlos
C?lio E. Mor? , Federal University of S?o Carlos
pp. 20924
Workshop F. Network Computing
Keynote Speech
Session F.1: Global Computing

The World Wide Wait: Where Does the Time Go? (Abstract)

Colin Allison , University of St Andrews
Martin Bramley , University of St Andrews
Jose Serrano , University of St Andrews
pp. 20932

Two-Level Communication Protocol for a Web Operating System (WOS™) (Abstract)

Gilbert Babin , Université Laval
Peter Kropf , Université Laval
Herwig Unger , Universität Rostock
pp. 20939

Wide-Area High-Performance Computing Using Workstations (Abstract)

D. Tavangarian , University of Rostock
P. Eschholz , University of Rostock
M. Koch , University of Rostock
S. Preuss , University of Rostock
pp. 20945
Session F.2: Parallel and Cluster Computing

Bulk Synchronous Parallel without Barriers (Abstract)

J. Roda , Universidad de La Laguna
C. Rodr?guez , Universidad de La Laguna
D.G. Morales , Universidad de La Laguna
F. Almeida , Universidad de La Laguna
pp. 20961

Scalability of Multicast Based Synchronization Methods (Abstract)

Bettina Schnor , University of Lübeck
Stefan Petri , University of Lübeck
Matthias Becker , Braunschweig University of Technology
pp. 20969
Session F.3: Web Languages

The Pros and Cons of Web Programming (Abstract)

Ferenc Vajda , Academy of Sciences and the Technical University of Budapest
pp. 20984

Experiences with the Use of CORBA (Abstract)

Eila Niemel? , VTT Electronics
Mikko Holappa , VTT Electronics
pp. 20989

Composite Objects: Real-Time Programming with CORBA (Abstract)

Andreas Polze , Humboldt University of Berlin
Lui Sha , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 20997
Session F.4: Mobile and Distributed Systems

Load Management with Mobile Agents (Abstract)

Wolfgang Obelöer , Medizinische Universität zu Lübeck
Claus Grewe , Medizinische Universität zu Lübeck
Holger Pals , Medizinische Universität zu Lübeck
pp. 21005

A Real-Time IPC Service over ATM Networks for the Chorus Distributed System (Abstract)

Christophe Lizzi , CS Technologies Informatiques and CNAM, laboratoire CEDRIC
Eric Gressier-Soudan , CNAM, laboratoire CEDRIC
pp. 21013

Object Organization on a Single Broadcast Channel in a Global Information Sharing Environment (Abstract)

A. R. Hurson , Pennsylvania State University
Y. C. Chehadeh , Pennsylvania State University
L. L. Miller , Iowa State University
pp. 21021
Session F.5: Protocols and Tools

DRoPS: Kernel Support For Runtime Adaptable Protocols (Abstract)

R. S. Fish , University of Reading
J.M. Graham , University of Reading
R.J. Loader , University of Reading
pp. 21029

Managing Processes with Network Objects and Their Translation (Abstract)

Dmitry Arapov , Russian Academy of Sciences
Victor Ivannikov , Russian Academy of Sciences
Alexey Kalinov , Russian Academy of Sciences
Alexey Lastovetsky , Russian Academy of Sciences
Ilya Ledovskih , Russian Academy of Sciences
pp. 21037
Session F.6: Network Computing Applications

Parallelization of Volume Visualization on Computer Networks (Abstract)

Moritz Schulé , University of Tübingen
Michael Meißner , University of Tübingen
pp. 21045

Regional Weather Prediction on Small Network of Workstations (Abstract)

Adrianos Lachanas , University of Cyprus
Paraskevas Evripidou , University of Cyprus
Silas Michaelides , Meteorological Service
pp. 21053

A System for Cooperative Work in the Medical Domain (Abstract)

Edelhard Becker , University of Tübingen
Roland Hoyss , University of Tübingen
Thomas Grunert , University of Tübingen
pp. 21061
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