The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings Second International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing (2001)
Tokyo, Japan
Dec. 11, 2001 to Dec. 15, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1266-6

Combined strategies for recycling product and process oriented benchmarking (PDF)

J. Hesselbach , Inst. of Machine Tools & Production Technol., Technische Univ. Braunschweig, Germany
pp. 31-36

The conflict of contradictory environmental targets (PDF)

C. Luttropp , KTH Machine Design, Stockholm, Sweden
pp. 43-48

Subjects in and approaches for life cycle design (PDF)

T. Ohashi , Production Eng. Res. Lab., Hitachi Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
pp. 54-59

Confronting product life thinking with product life cycle analysis (PDF)

T. McAloone , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Tech. Univ. Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
pp. 60-64

Reducing environmental problems caused by domestic water consumption (PDF)

D. Yamanouchi , Product Planning Dept., TOTO Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
pp. 65-70

Ecological design for the usage phase: an interdisciplinary approach to design for environment (PDF)

C. Oberender , Inst. of Machine Elements & Eng. Design, Darmstadt Univ. of Technol., Germany
pp. 71-76

On the way to green mobile products (PDF)

J. Muller , Fraunhofer Inst. for Reliability & Microintegration IZM, Berlin, Germany
pp. 77-81

Design of product modularity for life cycle management (PDF)

T. Hata , Dept. of Precision Eng., Tokyo Univ., Japan
pp. 93-96

Recyclability of flame retardant plastics (PDF)

R.B. Dawson , Albemarle Corp., Baton Rouge, LA, USA
pp. 107-115

Application of ecodesign in nonferrous metal industry in China (PDF)

Guo Xueyi , Dept. of Metall. Science & Eng., Central South Univ., Hunan, China
pp. 132-136

Proposal for spiral design approach (PDF)

K. Yamazaki , Human Interface Design, IBM Japan Ltd, Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 137-142

Toward a life cycle design guideline for inverse manufacturing (PDF)

Y. Umeda , Graduate Sch. of Eng., Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan
pp. 143-148

Life cycle process knowledge - application during product design (PDF)

O.B. Faneye , Dept. of Comput. Integrated Design, TU Darmstadt, Germany
pp. 155-161

Development of product green innovation design method (PDF)

Chih-Chen Liu , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Far East Coll., Tainan, Taiwan
pp. 168-173

Selection and implementation - key activities to successful use of EcoDesign tools (PDF)

S. Ritzen , Dept. of Machine Design, R. Inst. of Technol., Stockholm, Sweden
pp. 174-179

Applicable methods for sustainable development for small and middle-size companies (PDF)

U. Lindemann , Lehrstuhl fur Produktentwicklung, Technische Univ. Munchen, Garching, Germany
pp. 180-183

Ecodesign methodology development within the Indian European Ecodesign Program (PDF)

J.C. Diehl , Design for Sustainability, Delft Univ. of Technol., Netherlands
pp. 184-189

Study of the degrees of freedom equations in the compliant mechanism design (PDF)

B. Reyes Rodriguez , Maintenance Div., Center of Pharm. Chem., La Habana, Cuba
pp. 202-207

Solar powered mobile telephony (PDF)

E. Palm , Ericsson Radio Syst. AB, Sweden
pp. 219-222

The development of a CAD integrated DFE Workbench software tool (PDF)

T. Roche , Galway Mayo Inst. of Technol., Ireland
pp. 223-226

The DFE Workbench software tool case study (PDF)

T. Roche , Galway Mayo Inst. of Technol., Ireland
pp. 227-230

ECODESIGN Online: the new Internet tool for environmentally conscious product design (PDF)

W. Wimmer , Inst. (E307) fur Konstruktionslehre u. F, Technische Univ. Wien, Vienna, Austria
pp. 240-243

Efficient-LCI data exchange for approximate LCA in industry (PDF)

K.G. Mueller , Dept. of Precision Machinery Eng, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
pp. 244-249

A framework for structured data retrieval in LCA using feature technology (PDF)

H.E. Otto , Dept. of Precision Machinery Eng., Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
pp. 250-255

The information system - an advisory tool or how to select the 'right' support for DFE (PDF)

M. Ernzer , Inst. for Machine Elements & Eng. Design, Darmstadt Univ. of Technol., Germany
pp. 256-261

Life design for remanufacturing durable products (PDF)

S. Okumura , Dept. of Mech. Syst. Eng., Univ. of Shiga Prefecture, Japan
pp. 275-280

EcoDesign for product variety: a multi-objective optimization framework (PDF)

S. Yu , Dept. of Precision Machinery Eng., Tokyo Univ., Japan
pp. 293-298

Life-cycle design system for machined parts - linkage of LCI data to CAD/CAM data (PDF)

S. Nawata , Graduate Sch. of Sci. & Technol., Keio Univ., Japan
pp. 299-302

Development of recyclability evaluation tool (PDF)

N. Oyasato , Corporate R&D Center, Toshiba Corp., Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 303-308

Recyclability evaluation method (REM) and its applications (PDF)

Y. Hiroshige , Production Eng. Res. Lab., Hitachi Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
pp. 315-320

Generic LCA based DfE - a case study of different PWB systems (PDF)

C. Herrmann , Dept. of Life Cycle Eng., Stuttgart Univ., Germany
pp. 335-340

Product's disassemblability evaluation using information entropy (PDF)

H. Fujimoto , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Nagoya Inst. of Technol., Japan
pp. 353-359

Design for re-use and disassembly (PDF)

M. Hoffmann , Austrian Soc. for Syst. Eng. & Autom., Vienna, Austria
pp. 378-381

Hydrothermal solidification of inorganic waste materials (PDF)

M. Oida , Aichi Sci. & Technol. Found., Nagoya, Japan
pp. 418-421

Effects of shot peening treatment on very long life fatigue property in ductile cast irons (PDF)

Y. Ochi , Dept. of Mech. Eng. & Intelligent Syst., Univ. of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan
pp. 444-449

A framework for Web-enabled e-maintenance systems (PDF)

J. Lee , Wisconsin Univ., Milwaukee, WI, USA
pp. 450-459

Decision-making method of optimum inspection interval for plant maintenance by genetic algorithms (PDF)

M. Yamamoto , Fac. of Comput. Sci. & Syst. Eng., Kyushu Inst. of Technol., Fukuoka, Japan
pp. 466-469

Experiences with the take-back of white and brown goods in the Netherlands (PDF)

A. Stevels , Fac. of OCP, Delft Univ. of Technol., Netherlands
pp. 489-493

Recycling model in developing countries: an illustration for Malaysia (PDF)

N. Hassan , Centre for Environ. Technol. & Natural Resource Manage., Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia
pp. 494-498

Ricoh's global deployment of recycling (PDF)

M. Nakagawa , Imaging Syst. Bus. Group, Ricoh Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
pp. 499-502

FXOS recycled pulp promotion program (PDF)

M. Ishida , Fuji Xerox Office Supply Co. Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 503-506

Recycling-oriented production and assessment of Fuji Film one time use camera "Quick Snap" (PDF)

S. Ichino , Ashigara Factory, Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 507-510

Car recycling and producer responsibility in Sweden (PDF)

N. Hernborg , BIL Automobile Producer Responsibility, Sweden
pp. 511-515

Configuration of recycling networks for enhanced WEEE recycling (PDF)

E. Hesselbach , Inst. of Machine Tools & Production Technol., Technische Univ. Braunschweig, Germany
pp. 516-519

An economical and technical analysis of a household appliance remanufacturing process (PDF)

E. Sundin , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Linkoping Univ., Sweden
pp. 536-541

LCI analysis for treatment processes of disposed office appliances (PDF)

M. Yukumoto , Environ. Syst. Div., Kawasaki Steel Corp., Chiba, Japan
pp. 542-545

Development of recyclable eco-packaging (PDF)

I. Tanaka , 2nd Products Planning & Manage. Dept., Ricoh Co. Ltd., Japan
pp. 546-550

Recycle of cut waste of glass fabric coated by polyvinyl chloride (PDF)

T. Takahashi , Dept. of Home Econ. Educ., Shimane Univ., Japan
pp. 551-552

Intelligent disassembly of electr(on)ic equipment (PDF)

R. Knoth , Austrian Soc. for Syst. Eng. & Autom., Vienna, Austria
pp. 557-561

Green marketing of consumer electronics. II (PDF)

A. Stevels , Design for Sustainability Res. Group, Delft Univ. of Technol., Netherlands
pp. 590-594

Consideration of the definition of zero state on a scale of positive and negative evaluation (PDF)

K. Masuda , Supply Bus. Co., Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 601-612

Functional Sales as a further approach to environmental product development - a case study (PDF)

G. Olundh , Inst. of Machine Design, R. Inst. of Technol., Stockholm, Sweden
pp. 619-624

The instructional models and guidelines for developing a curriculum in eco-design (PDF)

Chen Chen-fu , Dept. of Product Design, Ming Chuan Univ., Taipei, Taiwan
pp. 625-630

Ricoh's programs for contributing to betterment of the environment and society (PDF)

M. Kawahara , Corporate Environ. Div., Ricoh Co. Ltd., Japan
pp. 631-634

Integrating environmental considerations into modern engineering education (PDF)

G. Seliger , Dept. Assembly Technol. & Factory Manage., Inst. for Machine Tools & Factory Manage., Berlin, Germany
pp. 635-641

Internet based Ecodesign education (PDF)

J.C. Diehl , Delft Univ. of Technol., Netherlands
pp. 642-647

The development of the Ecodesign course for Industrial Design students and professionals in India (PDF)

G.V. Soumitri , Ind. Design Programme, Indian Inst. of Technol., Delhi, India
pp. 648-653

Environmental accounting in product design (PDF)

H. Tomita , Corporate Environ. Affairs, Sony Corp., Tokyo, Japan
pp. 658-661

Indirect control methods for navigating the agent-based recycle society (PDF)

T. Shiose , Graduate Sch. of Sci. & Technol., Kobe Univ., Japan
pp. 662-665

Integrated product policy (IPP) and eco-product development (EPD) (PDF)

M. Charter , Surrey Inst. of Art & Design, Univ. Coll., UK
pp. 672-677

Re-use of end-of-life electronic equipment and components-logistic aspects (PDF)

R. Knoth , Austrian Soc. for Syst. Eng. & Autom., Vienna, Austria
pp. 692-695

Ricoh's environmental impact information system achieves eco-balance (PDF)

K. Ohno , Corporate Environ. Div., Ricoh Co. Ltd., Japan
pp. 735-738

Eco product lifecycle management (PDF)

A. Moeller , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Hamburg Univ., Germany
pp. 739-744

Becoming a zero waste to landfill facility in the USA (PDF)

F. Pierre , Georgia Plant, Ricoh Co. Ltd., GA, USA
pp. 760-765

Cost benefit analysis for implementation of environmental management systems (PDF)

G. Paramasevam , Fac. of Sci. & Environ. Studies, Universita Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia
pp. 766-768

A simple life cycle assessment method for green product conceptual design (PDF)

J.L. Chen , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan, Taiwan
pp. 775-780

Development of hybrid micro machine tool (PDF)

T. Kurita , Mechan. Syst. Eng., Agency of Ind. Sci. & Technol., Ibaraki, Japan
pp. 797-802

Industrial ecology - theory and environmental strategy in Vietnam (PDF)

Ba Le Huy , Fac. of Univ. of Technol., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
pp. 803-807

Development of a risk evaluating method for product disposal in landfills (PDF)

E. Hirao , Environ. Technol. Labs., NEC Corp., Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 808-813

Waste input-output analysis of disposal, recycling, and extended life of electric home appliances (PDF)

S. Nakamura , Sch. of Political Sci. & Econ., Waseda Univ., Tokyo, Japan
pp. 814-819

Development of endpoint-type methodology of LCIA in Japan (PDF)

N. Itsubo , Nat. Inst. for Adv. Ind. Sci. & Technol., Ibaraki, Japan
pp. 826-831

Reduction and elimination of watch batteries (PDF)

Y. Hirashima , Seiko Epson Corp., Nagano, Japan
pp. 832-835

An outline of activities by the Committee of Design for Environment (DfE), Japan, 1994-2001 (PDF)

S. Omi , Graduate Sch. of Bio-Applications & Syst. Eng., Tokyo Univ. of Agric. & Technol., Japan
pp. 848-851

Environmentally-benign manufacturing as a systems science (PDF)

T.E. Graedel , Center for Ind. Ecology, Yale Univ., New Haven, CT, USA
pp. 876-879

Material flow accounting as a tool for industrial ecology (PDF)

Y. Moriguchi , Social & Environ. Syst. Div., Nat. Inst. for Environ. Studies, Ibaraki, Japan
pp. 880-885

Journey to a Sustainable World (PDF)

R.C. Pfahl , Motorola Adv. Technol. Center, Motorola Inc., Schaumburg, IL, USA
pp. 895-899

Global responsibility: sustainable development in information and communication technology (PDF)

H. Griese , Fraunhofer Inst. for Reliability & Microintegration, Berlin, Germany
pp. 900-904

Application of EcoDesign: ten years of dynamic development (PDF)

A. Stevels , Design for Sustainability Res. Group, Delft Univ. of Technol., Netherlands
pp. 905-915

The greening of industry - a term of the past or for the future? (PDF)

J. Ertel , Chair of Ind. Sustainability, Brandenburg Univ. of Technol., Cottbus, Germany
pp. 916-920

The benefits of EcoDesign and the risk of rebound effects (PDF)

T. Schauer , Res. Inst. for Appl. Knowledge Process., Ulm, Germany
pp. 921-923

Some observations on recycling of electrical home appliances activities in Taiwan (PDF)

J.L. Chen , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan, Taiwan
pp. 935-938

Waste utilization by melting and crystallization technology (PDF)

T. Kaneko , Tsukishima Kikai Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
pp. 939-944


G. Grossmann , Swiss Fed. Inst. for Mater. Testing & Res. EMPA, Switzerland
pp. 945

Development of environmentally preferred plastic ball grid array, PBGA, components (PDF)

Y. Matsuda , Semicond. Products Sector, Motorola Japan Ltd, Tokyo, Japan
pp. 946-951

Development of a life cycle inventory database for chemical products (PDF)

K. Tahara , Life Cycle Assessment Res. Center, Nat. Inst. of Adv. Ind. Sci. & Technol., Ibaraki, Japan
pp. 968-973

A method to evaluate regional material flow for designing recycling society (PDF)

K. Fujie , Dept. of Ecological Eng., Toyohashi Univ. of Technol., Japan
pp. 974-979

Plastic recycling with supercritical fluids (PDF)

I. Okajima , Graduate Sch. of Sci. & Technol., Shizuoka Univ., Japan
pp. 986-990

Double coated adhesive tape for recycle application (PDF)

K. Ikeda , Dev. Dept, Nitto Denko Co, Aichi, Japan
pp. 1007-1011

REP EcoDesign Tomorrow (PDF)

H. Hayashi , Fujikura Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
pp. 1018-1019

High sensitivity dry film photoresist for laser direct imaging system (PDF)

T. Uematsu , Adv. Material Dev. Div., Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 1036-1039

New halogen-free high elastic modulus build-up material (PDF)

N. Ogawa , PWB Mater. Lab., Hitachi Chem. Co. Ltd., Ibaraki, Japan
pp. 1040-1043

Ball semiconductor process and material (PDF)

M. Yoshida , Ball Semicond. Inc., Allen, TX, USA
pp. 1044-1046

Sn-Zn eutectic alloy soldering in a low oxygen atmosphere (PDF)

M. Tadauchi , Environ. Eng. & Anal. Center, Toshiba Corp., Yokohama, Japan
pp. 1055-1058

CSP mounting reliability with Sn-Zn-Bi in JIEP project (PDF)

Q. Yu , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Yokohama Nat. Univ., Japan
pp. 1059-1063

The impact of literature references in the field of Applied Ecodesign (PDF)

C. Boks , Design for Sustainability Res. Group, Delft Univ. of Technol., Netherlands
pp. 1089-1094

Current status of phosphoric acid fuel cell power plant (PDF)

T. Ito , Dept. of Energy Solution Bus., Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd., Japan
pp. 1095-1097

Incorporating environmentally conscious materials selection in CAD system (PDF)

N. Shibaike , Matsushita Electr. Ind. Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan
pp. 1098-1101

Biodegradable new charcoal board adsorbing VOCs as a building material (PDF)

K. Shibano , Inst. of Technol., Tokyu Constr. Co. Ltd, Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 1110-1113

Thermal recycling of used vegetable oil in an university campus (PDF)

H.-H. Uchida , Dept. of Human Dev., Tokai Univ., Hiratsuka, Japan
pp. 1114-1117

Environmental impact of energy distribution using hydrogen (PDF)

H.-H. Uchida , Dept. of Human Dev., Tokai Univ., Kanagawa, Japan
pp. 1124-1127

Reduction of dross formation during wave soldering using lead-free solders (PDF)

T. Takemoto , Collaborative Res. Center foe Adv. Sci. & Technol., Osaka Univ., Japan
pp. 1131-1136

Microscopic observation of Pb-free solder joint interface (PDF)

S. Miyatake , QAC Component Reliability Evaluation Office, Ricoh Co. Ltd., Japan
pp. 1137-1140

Foresight of eco-design in Chinese electric equipment manufacturing (PDF)

Zhaohui Qiang , Res. Center for Adv. Sci. & Technol., Tokyo Univ., Japan
pp. 1141-1144
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