The Community for Technology Leaders
DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition, (2003)
Washington, DC
Apr. 22, 2003 to Apr. 24, 2003
ISSN: 2003102155
ISBN: 0-7695-1897-4
Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Defenses

COSSACK: Coordinated Suppression of Simultaneous Attacks (Abstract)

Christos Papadopoulos , Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
Robert Lindell , Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
John Mehringer , Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
Alefiya Hussain , Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
Ramesh Govindan , Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
pp. 2

NetBouncer: Client-legitimacy-based High-performance DDoS Filtering (Abstract)

Roshan Thomas , Network Associates, Inc.
Brian Mark , George Mason University
Tommy Johnson , Network Associates, Inc.
James Croall , Network Associates, Inc.
pp. 14

Analyzing Interaction Between Distributed Denial of Service Attacks And Mitigation Technologies (Abstract)

W. J. Blackert , The Johns Hopkins University
D. M. Gregg , The Johns Hopkins University
A. K. Castner , The Johns Hopkins University
E. M. Kyle , The Johns Hopkins University
R. L. Hom , The Johns Hopkins University
R. M. Jokerst , The Johns Hopkins University
pp. 26
Access Control, Authorization, and Anonymity

Design and Implementation of the TrustedBSD MAC Framework (Abstract)

Robert Watson , Network Associates Laboratories
Brian Feldman , Network Associates Laboratories
Adam Migus , Network Associates Laboratories
Chris Vance , Network Associates Laboratories
pp. 38

Dynamic Authorization and Intrusion Response in Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Tatyana Ryutov , University of Southern California
Clifford Neuman , University of Southern California
Dongho Kim , University of Southern California
pp. 50

Design and Analysis of an IP-Layer Anonymizing Infrastructure (Abstract)

H.T. Kung , Harvard University
Chen-Mou Cheng , Harvard University
Koan-Sin Tan , Harvard University
Scott Bradner , Harvard University
pp. 62
Survivability, Fault Tolerance, and Containment

Towards a Rigorous Definition of Information System Survivability (Abstract)

John C. Knight , University of Virginia
Elisabeth A. Strunk , University of Virginia
Kevin J. Sullivan , University of Virginia
pp. 78

Intrusion Tolerance Via Network Layer Controls (Abstract)

Dick O?Brien , Secure Computing Corp.
Rick Smith , Secure Computing Corp.
Tammy Kappel , Secure Computing Corp.
Clint Bitzer , Secure Computing Corp.
pp. 90

Prophylactic, Treatment and Containment Techniques for Ensuring Active Network Security (Abstract)

Sandra Murphy , Network Associates Laboratories
Abhijit Hayatnagarkar , Network Associates Laboratories
Suresh Krishnaswamy , Network Associates Laboratories
Wayne Morrison , Network Associates Laboratories
Robert Watson , Network Associates Laboratories
pp. 97
Red Teams and Operational Experimentation

Defcon Capture the Flag: Defending Vulnerable Code from Intense Attack (Abstract)

Crispin Cowan , WireX Communications, Inc.
Seth Arnold , WireX Communications, Inc.
Steve Beattie , WireX Communications, Inc.
Chris Wright , WireX Communications, Inc.
John Viega , Secure Software Inc.
pp. 120

Surveillance Detection in High Bandwidth Environments (Abstract)

Seth Robertson , System Detection, Inc.
Eric V. Siegel , System Detection, Inc.
Matt Miller , System Detection, Inc.
Salvatore J. Stolfo , Columbia University
pp. 130
Anomaly Detection

Detecting Spoofed Packets (Abstract)

Steven J. Templeton , U.C. Davis
Karl E. Levitt , U.C. Davis
pp. 164
Trust Management

The STRONGMAN Architecture (Abstract)

Angelos D. Keromytis , Columbia University
Sotiris Ioannidid , University of Pennsylvania
Michael B. Greenwald , University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan M. Smith , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 178

Dynamic PKI and Secure Tuplespaces for Distributed Coalitions (Abstract)

Timothy J. Smith , MCNC-RDI
Gregory T. Byrd , NC State University
Xiaoyong Wu , MCNC-RDI
Hongjie Xin , MCNC-RDI
Rong Wang , MCNC-RDI
Arpan Shah , NC State University
pp. 189

A Role-based Trust-management Framework (Abstract)

Ninghui Li , Stanford University
John C. Mitchell , Stanford University
pp. 201
Routing and Group Communications

Scaling Secure Group Communication Systems: Beyond Peer-to-Peer (Abstract)

Yair Amir , Johns Hopkins University
Cristina Nita-Rotaru , Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Stanton , George Washington University
Gene Tsudik , University of California, Irvine
pp. 226

MuCAPSL (Abstract)

Jon Millen , SRI International
Grit Denker , SRI International
pp. 238
Optical and Wireless Networking

Efficient Alarm Management in Optical Networks (Abstract)

Sava Stanic , George Washington University
Suresh Subramaniam , George Washington University
Hongsik Choi , George Washington University
Gokhan Sahin , George Washington University
Hyeong-Ah Choi , George Washington University
pp. 252

Leader Election Algorithms for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Sudarshan Vasudevan , University of Massachusetts
Brian DeCleene , ALPHATECH, Inc.
Neil Immerman , University of Massachusetts
Jim Kurose , University of Massachusetts
Don Towsley , University of Massachusetts
pp. 261

Interactions Between TCP and the IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol (Abstract)

Rui Jiang , University of California, Riverside
Vikram Gupta , University of California, Riverside
Chinya V. Ravishankar , University of California, Riverside
pp. 273
Attack Modeling and Response

Modeling Multistep Cyber Attacks for Scenario Recognition (Abstract)

Steven Cheung , SRI International
Ulf Lindqvist , SRI International
Martin W. Fong , SRI International
pp. 284

Cooperative Response Strategies for Large Scale Attack Mitigation (Abstract)

D. Nojiri , University of California, Davis
J. Rowe , University of California, Davis
K. Levitt , University of California, Davis
pp. 293

Statistical Approaches to DDoS Attack Detection and Response (Abstract)

Laura Feinstein , The Boeing Company
Dan Schnackenberg , The Boeing Company
Ravindra Balupari , Network Associates Laboratories
Darrell Kindred , Network Associates Laboratories
pp. 303

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