The Community for Technology Leaders
DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition, (2001)
Anaheim, California
June 12, 2001 to June 14, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1212-7
Detection & Response

Statistical Process Control for Computer Intrusion Detection (Abstract)

Nong Ye , Arizona State University
Syed Masum Emran , Arizona State University
Xiangyang Li , Arizona State University
Qiang Chen , Arizona State University
pp. 0003

Attack Detection in Large Net (Abstract)

Jack May , TRW Inc.
Jim Peterson , TRW Inc.
John Bauman , TRW Inc.
pp. 0015

GlobalGuard: Creating the IETF-IDWG Intrusion Alert Protocol (IAP) (Abstract)

J. Betser , The Aerospace Corporation
A. Walther , The Aerospace Corporation
M. Erlinger , Harvey Mudd College
T. Buchheim , Harvey Mudd College
B. Feinstein , Harvey Mudd College
G. Matthews , Harvey Mudd College
R. Pollock , Harvey Mudd College
K. Levitt , University of California, Davis
pp. 0022

Extending the DARPA Off-Line Intrusion Detection Evaluations (Abstract)

Joshua W. Haines , Massachusetts Institute of Techonology
Lee M. Rossey , Massachusetts Institute of Techonology
Richard P. Lippmann , Massachusetts Institute of Techonology
Robert K. Cunningham , Massachusetts Institute of Techonology
pp. 0035

Checkmate network security modeling (PDF)

D. Apostal , Secure Comput. Corp., Roseville, MN, USA
pp. 214-226
Detection & Response

A Hybrid Approach to the Profile Creation and Intrusion Detection (Abstract)

Jack Marin , United States Military Academy
Daniel Ragsdale , United States Military Academy
John Surdu , United States Military Academy
pp. 0069
Detection & Response

Real Time Data Mining-Based Intrusion Detection (Abstract)

Wenke Lee , North Carolina State University
Salvatore J. Stolfo , Columbia University
Eleazar Eskin , Columbia University
Matthew Miller , Columbia University
Shlomo Hershkop , Columbia University
Junxin Zhang , Columbia University
Philip K. Chan , Florida Institute of Technology
Wei Fan , IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
pp. 0089
Integration & Experimentation

Experimenting with Security Policy (Abstract)

Richard E. Smith , Secure Computing Corporation
pp. 0116

Experimentation in the IA P (Abstract)

John Lowry , BBN Technologies, A Verizon Company
Kenneth Theriault , BBN Technologies, A Verizon Company
pp. 0134

Issues in Human Interaction for Cyber Command and Control (Abstract)

David Levin , BBN Technologies, a Verizon company
Yvette J. Tenney , BBN Technologies, a Verizon company
Helene Henri , BBN Technologies, a Verizon company
pp. 0141

Architecture for Cyber Command and Control: Experiences and Future Directions (Abstract)

Daniel F. Vukelich , BBN Technologies, LLC, a part of Verizon
David Levin , BBN Technologies, LLC, a part of Verizon
John Lowry , BBN Technologies, LLC, a part of Verizon
pp. 0155

Modeling System Calls for Intrusion Detection with Dynamic Window Sizes (Abstract)

Eleazar Eskin , Columbia University
Salvatore J. Stolfo , Columbia University
Wenke Lee , North Carolina State University
pp. 0165

Dynamic Approaches to Thwart Adversary Intelligence Gathering (Abstract)

Dorene Kewley , BBN Technologies, A Verizon Company
Russ Fink , BBN Technologies, A Verizon Company
John Lowry , BBN Technologies, A Verizon Company
Mike Dean , BBN Technologies, A Verizon Company
pp. 0176

The Releasable Data Products Framework (Abstract)

Charles N. Payne Jr , Secure Computing Corporation
Richard E. Smith , Secure Computing Corporation
pp. 0203

Public Key Validation for the DNS Security Extensions (Abstract)

Daniel Massey , USC/ISI
Allison Mankin , USC/ISI
Ed Lewis , Network Associates, Inc.
Russ Mundy , Network Associates, Inc.
pp. 0227

Dynamic VPN Communities: Implementation and Experience (Abstract)

Darrell Kindred , NAI Labs, Network Associates
Daniel Sterne , NAI Labs, Network Associates
pp. 0254

Security at the Network Edge: A Distributed Firewall Architecture (Abstract)

Tom Markham , Secure Computing Corporation
Charlie Payne , Secure Computing Corporation
pp. 0279

Tools for Information Assurance Arguments (Abstract)

Joon S. Park , Naval Research Laboratory
Bruce Montrose , Naval Research Laboratory
Judith N. Froscher , Naval Research Laboratory
pp. 0287
Cyber Panel Program

Agile Monitoring for Cyber Defense (Abstract)

Jon Doyle , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
William Long , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Howard Shrobe , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Peter Szolovits , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Isaac Kohane , Childrens' Hospital
pp. 0318

Information Modeling for Intrusion Report Aggregation (Abstract)

Robert P. Goldman , Honeywell Laboratories
Walter Heimerdinger , Honeywell Laboratories
Steven A. Harp , Honeywell Laboratories
Christopher W. Geib , Honeywell Laboratories
Vicraj Thomas , Honeywell Laboratories
Robert L. Carter , Honeywell Laboratories
pp. 0329

The Information Battle Space Preparation Experiment (Abstract)

Roderick A. Moore , Zel Technologies, LLC
J. Kendree Williams , Zel Technologies, LLC
Raymond C. Parks , Sandia National Laboratory
Dorene L. Kewley , BBN Technologies
Denise Snyder , BBN Technologies
Laura S. Tinnel , Teknowledge Corporation
pp. 0352

Viewing IDS Alerts: Lessons from SnortSnarf (Abstract)

James A. Hoagland , Silicon Defense
Stuart Staniford , Silicon Defense
pp. 0374

Security Situation Assessment and Response Evaluation (SSARE) (Abstract)

Bruce D 'Ambrosio , Information Extraction & Transport, Inc.
Masami Takikawa , Information Extraction & Transport, Inc.
Daniel Upper , Information Extraction & Transport, Inc.
Julie Fitzgerald , Information Extraction & Transport, Inc.
Suzanne Mahoney , Information Extraction & Transport, Inc.
pp. 0387
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