The Community for Technology Leaders
Data Compression Conference (2002)
Snao Bird, Utah
Apr. 2, 2002 to Apr. 4, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1477-4
Session 1

Iterated Denoising for Image Recovery (Abstract)

Onur G. Guleryuz , Epson Palo Alto Laboratory
pp. 0003

Multiple Description Coding of Predictively Encoded Sequences (Abstract)

Ashish Jagmohan , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Krishna Ratakonda , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
pp. 0013

On-Line Adaptation in Image Coding with a 2-D Tarp Filter (Abstract)

Patrice Simard , Microsoft Research
David Steinkraus , Microsoft Research
Henrique Malvar , Microsoft Research
pp. 0023

Low Bit Rate Image Coding in the Scale Space (Abstract)

Xin Li , Sharp Labs of America
pp. 0033

Image Compression using an Efficient Edge Cartoon + Texture Model (Abstract)

Michael Wakin , Rice University
Justin Romberg , Rice University
Hyeokho Choi , Rice University
Richard Baraniuk , Rice University
pp. 0043
Session 2

Globally Optimal Uneven Error-Protected Packetization of Scalable Code Streams (Abstract)

Sorina Dumitrescu , University of Western Ontario
Xiaolin Wu , University of Western Ontario
Zhe Wang , University of Western Ontario
pp. 0073

Zero-Error Source Coding with Maximum Distortion Criterion (Abstract)

Ertem Tuncel , University of California at Santa Barbara
Prashant Koulgi , University of California at Santa Barbara
Shankar Regunathan , University of California at Santa Barbara
Kenneth Rose , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 0092

Source Requantization: Successive Degradation and Bit Stealing (Abstract)

Aaron S. Cohen , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stark C. Draper , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emin Martinian , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gregory W. Wornell , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 0102
Session 3

Searching BWT Compressed Text with the Boyer-Moore Algorithm and Binary Search (Abstract)

Tim Bell , University of Canterbury
Matt Powell , University of Canterbury
Amar Mukherjee , University of Central Florida
Don Adjeroh , West Virginia University
pp. 0112

The Link Database: Fast Access to Graphs of the Web (Abstract)

Keith H. Randall , Compaq Systems Research Center
Raymie Stata , Compaq Systems Research Center
Janet L. Wiener , Compaq Systems Research Center
Rajiv G. Wickremesinghe , Duke University
pp. 0122

Path Matching in Compressed Control Flow Traces (Abstract)

Youtao Zhang , University of Arizona
Rajiv Gupta , University of Arizona
pp. 0132

Searching in Compressed Dictionaries (Abstract)

Shmuel T. Klein , Bar Ilan University
Dana Shapira , Brandeis University
pp. 0142
Session 4

Robust Video Transmission over Binary Symmetric Channels with Packet Erasures (Abstract)

Brian A. Banister , Washington State University
Benjamin Belzer , Washington State University
Thomas R. Fischer , Washington State University
pp. 0162

Improved Fine Granular Scalable Coding with Inter-Layer Prediction (Abstract)

Yuwen He , Tsinghua University
Xuejun Zhao , Tsinghua University
Yuzhuo Zhong , Tsinghua University
Shiqiang Yang , Tsinghua University
pp. 0172
Session 5

Incremental Calculation of Minimum-Redundancy Length-Restricted Codes (Abstract)

Mike Liddell , University of Melbourne
Alistair Moffat , University of Melbourne
pp. 0182

PPMexe: PPM for Compressing Software (Abstract)

Milenko Drinic , University of California at Los Angeles
Darko Kirovski , Microsoft Research
pp. 0192

PPM: One Step to Practicality (Abstract)

Dmitry Shkarin , Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres
pp. 0202

Context Tree Compression of Multi-Component Map Images (Abstract)

Pavel Kopylov , University of Joensuu
Pasi Fränti , University of Joensuu
pp. 0212

Precise Average Redundancy Of An Idealized Arithmetic Coding (Abstract)

Michael Drmota , Technical University at Wien
Hsien-Kuei Hwang , Academia Sinica
Wojciech Szpankowski , Purdue University
pp. 0222
Session 6

Quantized Frame Expansions In A Wireless Environment (Abstract)

Aurelie C. Lozano , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jelena Kovacevic , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Mike Andrews , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
pp. 0232

Compression with Side Information Using Turbo Codes (Abstract)

Anne Aaron , Stanford University
Bernd Girod , Stanford University
pp. 0252

n-Channel Multiple Descriptions: Theory and Constructions (Abstract)

Rohit Puri , University of California at Berkeley
Kannan Ramchandran , University of California at Berkeley
S. Sandeep Pradhan , University of Michigan
pp. 0262

Progressive Image Communication over Binary Channels with Additive Bursty Noise (Abstract)

Firouz Behnamfar , Queen's University
Fady Alajaji , Queen's University
Tamas Linder , Queen's University
pp. 0272
Session 7

Quantizers with Uniform Encoders and Channel Optimized Decoders (Abstract)

Benjamin Farber , University of California at San Diego
Kenneth Zeger , University of California at San Diego
pp. 0292

On Optimal Multi-resolution Scalar Quantization (Abstract)

Xiaolin Wu , University of Western Ontario
Sorina Dumitrescu , University of Western Ontario
pp. 0322
Session 8

Fast Motion Detection for Thin Client Compression (Abstract)

Bernd Oliver Christiansen , University of California at Santa Barbara
Klaus Erik Schauser , University of California at Santa Barbara
pp. 0332

Index Compression through Document Reordering (Abstract)

Dan Blandford , Carnegie Mellon University
Guy Blelloch , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 0342

Progressive Coding of Palette Images and Digital Maps (Abstract)

S. Forchhammer , Technical University of Denmark
J. Martin Salinas , Technical University of Denmark
pp. 0362
Session 9

Adaptive Parametric Vector Quantization by Natural Type Selection (Abstract)

Yuval Kochman , Tel Aviv University
Ram Zamir , Tel Aviv University
pp. 0392

Reduced Complexity Quantization Under Classification Constraints (Abstract)

Naveen Srinivasamurthy , University of Southern California
Antonio Ortega , University of Southern California
pp. 0402

Interpolation of Bandlimited Functions from Quantized Irregular Samples (Abstract)

Zoran Cvetkovic , AT&T Shannon Lab
Benjamin F. Logan , AT&T Shannon Lab
Ingrid Daubechies , Princeton University
pp. 0412

Omnidirectionally Balanced Multiwavelets for Vector Wavelet Transforms (Abstract)

James E. Fowler , Mississippi State University
Li Hua , Mississippi State University
pp. 0422

Joint Embedded Coding of Data and Grid Using First-Generation Wavelet Transforms (Abstract)

James E. Fowler , Mississippi State University
Yonghui Wang , Mississippi State University
pp. 0432
Poster Session

Pattern Matching in BWT-Transformed Text (PDF)

D. Adjeroh , West Virginia University
T. Bell , University of Canterbury
M. Powell , University of Canterbury
N. Zhang , University of Central Florida
A. Mukherjee , University of Central Florida
pp. 0445

Geometry Compression of 3-D Mesh Models Using a Joint Prediction (PDF)

J.-H. Ahn , Kwangju Institute of Technology
Y.-S. Ho , Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 0446

Generalization of the BWT Transformation and Inversion Ranks (PDF)

Z. Arnavut , State University of New York College at Fredonia
pp. 0447

Sequencing Multiple Descriptions (PDF)

J. Barros , Munich University of Technology
S. Servetto , Cornell University
pp. 0448

LZAC Lossless Data Compression (PDF)

A. Chu , Saratoga High School
pp. 0449

A Parallel Algorithm for Lossless Image Compression by Block Matching (PDF)

L. Cinqu , University of Rome
S. De Agostino , Armstrong Atlantic State University
F. Liberati , University of Rome
pp. 0450

Fast Peak Autocorrelation Finding for Periodicity-Exploiting Compression Methods (PDF)

C. Constantinescu , IBM Almaden Research Center
R. Arps , IBM Almaden Research Center
pp. 0451

A Wavelet Based Low Complexity Embedded Block Coding Algorithm (PDF)

B. Das , Indian Institute of Technology
S. Banerjee , Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 0452

Image Coding with the MAP Criterion (PDF)

T. Eriksson , Lund University
J. B. Anderson , Lund University
M. Novak , Lund University
pp. 0453

Diagnostically Lossless 3D Wavelet Compression for Digital Angiogram Video (PDF)

D. Gibson , University of Birmingham
S. I. Woolley , University of Birmingham
M. Spann , University of Birmingham
pp. 0454

Overhead-Constrained Rate-Allocation for Scalable Video Transmission over Networks (PDF)

B. Hong , University of Texas at Dallas
A. Nosratinia , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 0455

Extended Golomb Codes for Binary Markov Sources (PDF)

E. S. Hong , University of Washington
R. E. Ladner , University of Washington
pp. 0456

Rate Control Using Conditional Mean Estimator (PDF)

H. M. Kim , Intel Corporation
H.-S. Kim , Intel Corporation
T. Acharya , Intel Corporation
pp. 0458

Low-Complexity Interpolation Coding for Server-Based Computing (PDF)

F. Li , Columbia University
J. Nieh , Columbia University
pp. 0461

Embedded Coding of Palette Images in the Topological Space (PDF)

X. Li , Sharp Laboratories of America
pp. 0462

Minimizing Distortion via Multiuser Resource Allocation (PDF)

M. Mecking , Munich University of Technology
T. Stockhammer , Munich University of Technology
pp. 0464

Compression Techniques for Active Video Content (PDF)

A. Neogi , State University of New York at Stony Brook
T. Chiueh , State University of New York at Stony Brook
pp. 0466

MPEG-7 Binary Format for XML Data (PDF)

U. Niedermeier , Munich University of Technology
J. Heuer , Siemens AG, Corporate Technology
A. Hutter , Siemens AG, Corporate Technology
W. Stechele , Munich University of Technology
pp. 0467

Compression of Image Block Means for Non-equal Size Partition Schemes Using Delaunay Triangulation and Prediction (PDF)

N. N. Ponomarenko , National Aerospace University
K. Egiazarian , Tampere University of Technology
V. V. Lukin , National Aerospace University
J. T. Astola , Tampere University of Technology
pp. 0468

String Matching with Stopper Compression (PDF)

J. Rautio , Helsinki University of Technology
T. Tanninen , University of Joensuu
J. Tarhio , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 0469

A Method for Compressing Lexicons (PDF)

S. Ristov , Rudjer Boskovic Institute
E. Laporte , Université de Marne-la-Vallée
pp. 0470

Dictionary Design Algorithms for Vector Map Compression (PDF)

S. Shekhar , University of Minnesota
Y. Huang , University of Minnesota
J. Djugash , University of Minnesota
pp. 0471

Diagnostically Lossless Compression of Pipeline Inspection Data (PDF)

W.-C. Tham , University of Birmingham
S. Woolley , University of Birmingham
S. Cribbs , Pipeline Integrity International Group Ltd.
D. Anderson , Pipeline Integrity International Group Ltd.
pp. 0473

Compression Performance, Absolutely! (PDF)

M. R. Titchener , University of Auckland
pp. 0474

Compression of 3D Objects with Multistage Color-Depth Panoramic Maps (PDF)

C.-M. Tsai , Institute of Information Science and National Taiwan University
W.-Y. Chang , Institute of Information Science
C.-S. Chen , Institute of Information Science
G. Y. Tang , National Taiwan University
pp. 0475

Rate Scalable Video Compression Based on Flexible Block Wavelet Coding Technique (PDF)

M. Wei , University of North Texas
H. Chao , Zhongshan University
pp. 0478

DWT-Based Error Concealment Techniques (PDF)

N. Yan , National University of Singapore
pp. 0480

Less Redundant Codes for Variable Size Dictionaries (PDF)

Z. Yao , University of Warwick
N. Rajpoot , University of Warwick
pp. 0481

New Techniques for Bounding the Channel Capacity of Read/Write Isolated Memory (PDF)

X. Yong , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
M. Golin , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
pp. 0482

Computational Complexity Management of Motion Estimation in Video Encoders (PDF)

Y. Zhao , Robert Gordon University
I. Richardson , Robert Gordon University
pp. 0483

Semi-discrete Matrix Transforms (SDD) for Image and Video Compression (PDF)

S. Zyto , Purdue University
A. Grama , Purdue University
W. Szpankowski , Purdue University
pp. 0484

Author Index (PDF)

pp. 0485
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