The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings of the Second Euromicro Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (1998)
Palazzo degli Affari, Italy
Mar. 8, 1998 to Mar. 11, 1998
ISBN: 0-8186-8421-6

Architecture recovery for software evolution (PDF)

J.C. Duenas , ETSI Telecomunicacion, Univ. Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
pp. 113-119

Supported by (PDF)

pp. xiii
Keynote Addresses
Session: Tool Architecture: Chair: L. Richter
Session: Data Reengineering: Chair: T. Kirner
Session: Business Information Technology and Year 2000 Problem: Chair: G. Bakker

Variable Classification Technique and Application to the Year 2000 Problem (Abstract)

K. Kawabe , Fujitsu Laboratory Ltd.
A. Matsuo , Fujitsu Laboratory Ltd.
S. Uehara , Fujitsu Laboratory Ltd.
A. Ogawa , Fujitsu Laboratory Ltd.
pp. 44
Session: Program Understanding: Chair: F. Lehner
Session: Reuse and Object Oriented Techniques: Chair: J. de La Puente

A Dependence-Based Representation for Concurrent Object-Oriented Software Maintenance (Abstract)

Jianjun Zhao , Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Jingde Cheng , Kyushu University
Kazuo Ushijima , Kyushu University
pp. 60

Protection Reconfiguration for Reusable Software (Abstract)

C. Jensen , Unit? de Recherche INRIA Rh?ne-Alpes
D. Hagimont , Unit? de Recherche INRIA Rh?ne-Alpes
pp. 74
Session: System Assessment: Chair: S. Nocentini

Towards Mature Measurement Programs (Abstract)

Frank Niessink , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Hans Van Vliet , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
pp. 82

A Tool for Process and Product Assessment of C++ Applications (Abstract)

Fabrizio Fioravanti , University of Florence
Paolo Nesi , University of Florence
Sandro Perlini , University of Florence
pp. 89
Session: Software Architecture: Chair: A. Bertolino
Session: Requirements and Specification Evolution: Chair: L. Richter

Requirements Evolution in the Midst of Environmental Change: A Managed Approach (Abstract)

W. Lam , University of Hertfordshire
M. Loomes , University of Hertfordshire
pp. 121

A Method for Assessing Legacy Systems for Evolution (Abstract)

J. Ransom , Lancaster University
I. Sommerville , Lancaster University
I. Warren , Lancaster University
pp. 128

System Specification Reengineering Using the SpecView Tool (Abstract)

Tereza G. Kirner , Federal University of Sao Carlos
Rogeria C. Gratao , Federal University of Sao Carlos
pp. 135
Session: Maintenance Effort: Chair: F. Lehner

Improving Defect Removal Effectiveness for Software Development (Abstract)

Hareton K. N. Leung , The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
pp. 157
Session: Logic Programming, Telecommunications: Chair: P. Nesi

A Metrics Suite for Concurrent Logic Programs (Abstract)

Jianjun Zhao , Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Jingde Cheng , Kyushu University
Kazuo Ushijima , Kyushu University
pp. 172
Sessions: Open Forum: Chairs: A. Fantechi, F. Fioravanti

DBFW: A Simple DataBase FrameWork for the Evaluation and Maintenance of Automated Theorem Prover Data (Abstract)

Peter Jakobi , Institut f?r Informatik, Technische Universit?t M?nchen
Andreas Wolf , Institut f?r Informatik, Technische Universit?t M?nchen
pp. 185

A Sound and Practical Approach To The Re-Engineering Of Time-Critical Systems (Abstract)

H Zedan , De Montfort University
H Yang , De Montfort University
pp. 220

Reengineering a Computerized Numerical Control Towards Object-Oriented (Abstract)

F. Butera , ELEXA S.r.L., CB-Ferrari Group
B. Fontanella , ELEXA S.r.L., CB-Ferrari Group
M. Perfetti , ELEXA S.r.L., CB-Ferrari Group
P. Nesi , University of Florence
pp. 224
Session: Industrial Track: Chair: M. Campanai: Chair: M. Campanai

Index of Authors (PDF)

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