The Community for Technology Leaders
Computer Security Foundations Workshop, IEEE (2005)
Aix-en-Provence, France
June 20, 2005 to June 22, 2005
ISSN: 1063-6900
ISBN: 0-7695-2340-4

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pp. vii

Committees (PDF)

pp. viii
Session 1: Information Flow and Security Goals

Practical Information-flow Control in Web-Based Information Systems (Abstract)

Steve Zdancewic , University of Pennsylvania
Peng Li , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 2-15

Achieving Information Flow Security through Precise Control of Effects (Abstract)

James Hook , Portland State University
William L. Harrison , University of Missouri
pp. 16-30

Belief in Information Flow (Abstract)

Fred B. Schneider , Cornell University
Andrew C. Myers , Cornell University
Michael R. Clarkson , Cornell University
pp. 31-45
Session 2: Logic and Knowledge for Protocols

An Encapsulated Authentication Logic for Reasoning about Key Distribution Protocols (Abstract)

Dusko Pavlovic , Kestrel Institute
Iliano Cervesato , Tulane University
Catherine Meadows , Naval Research Laboratory
pp. 48-61

Deciding Knowledge in Security Protocols under (Many More) Equational Theories (Abstract)

Martín Abadi , University of California at Santa Cruz
Véronique Cortier , Loria, INRIA & CNRS
pp. 62-76
Session 3: Protocol Case Studies

Compositional Analysis of Contract Signing Protocols (Abstract)

Ante Derek , Stanford University
Mathieu Turuani , LORIA-INRIA Nancy
Anupam Datta , Stanford University
John C. Mitchell , Stanford University
Michael Backes , IBM Zürich Research Lab
pp. 94-110
Session 5: Protocol Verification Techniques

Analysis of Typed Analyses of Authentication Protocols (Abstract)

Matteo Maffei , Universit? Ca?Foscari di Venezia
Riccardo Focardi , Universit? Ca?Foscari di Venezia
Michele Bugliesi , Universit? Ca?Foscari di Venezia
pp. 112-125

Temporal Rank Functions for Forward Secrecy (Abstract)

Rob Delicata , University of Surrey
Steve Schneider , University of Surrey
pp. 126-139

Reconstruction of Attacks against Cryptographic Protocols (Abstract)

Bruno Blanchet , École Normale Supérieure
Xavier Allamigeon , École Polytechnique and Corps des Télécommunications
pp. 140-154
Session 6: Computational and Formal Models

Polynomial Runtime in Simulatability Definitions (Abstract)

Dennis Hofheinz , Universität Karlsruhe
Dominique Unruh , Universität Karlsruhe
Jörn Müller-Quade , Universität Karlsruhe
pp. 156-169

Computational and Information-Theoretic Soundness and Completeness of Formal Encryption (Abstract)

Gergei Bana , University of Pennsylvania
Pedro Adão , Center for Logic and Computation - IST
Andre Scedrov , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 170-184
Session 7: Access Control and Languages

Nomad: A Security Model with Non Atomic Actions and Deadlines (Abstract)

Nora Cuppens-Boulahia , GET/ENST-Bretagne
Thierry Sans , GET/ENST-Bretagne
Frédéric Cuppens , GET/ENST-Bretagne
pp. 186-196

Type Annotations to Improve Stack-Based Access Control (Abstract)

Tian Zhao , University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
John Boyland , University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
pp. 197-210

Enforcing Secure Service Composition (Abstract)

Gian Luigi Ferrari , Università di Pisa
Massimo Bartoletti , Università di Pisa
Pierpaolo Degano , Università di Pisa
pp. 211-223
Session 9: Declassification

Language-Based Information Erasure (Abstract)

Stephen Chong , Cornell University
Andrew C. Myers , Cornell University
pp. 241-254
Session 10: Availability and Denial of Service

End-to-End Availability Policies and Noninterference (Abstract)

Andrew C. Myers , Cornell University
Lantian Zheng , Cornell University
pp. 272-286

Game-Based Analysis of Denial-of-Service Prevention Protocols (Abstract)

Vitaly Shmatikov , University of Texas at Austin
Ajay Mahimkar , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 287-301
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