The Community for Technology Leaders
20th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF'07) (2007)
Venice, Italy
July 6, 2007 to July 8, 2007
ISBN: 0-7695-2819-8

Preface (PDF)

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Committees (PDF)

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Design and Semantics of a Decentralized Authorization Language (Abstract)

Moritz Becker , Microsoft Research, United Kingdom
Cedric Fournet , Microsoft Research, United Kingdom
Andrew Gordon , Microsoft Research, United Kingdom
pp. 3-15

Do As I SaY! Programmatic Access Control with Explicit Identities (Abstract)

Andrew Cirillo , DePaul University
Radha Jagadeesan , DePaul University
Corin Pitcher , DePaul University
James Riely , DePaul University
pp. 16-30

A Type Discipline for Authorization in Distributed Systems (Abstract)

Cedric Fournet , Microsoft Research
Andrew Gordon , Microsoft Research
Sergio Maffeis , Imperial College
pp. 31-48
Multi-Layer Protocols and Key Conjuring

Security Analysis of Voice-over-IP Protocols (Abstract)

Prateek Gupta , VMWare, Inc.
Vitaly Shmatikov , The University of Texas at Austin, USA
pp. 49-63

Reasoning about Concurrency for Security Tunnels (Abstract)

Alwyn E. Goodloe , University of Pennsylvania, USA
Carl A. Gunter , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
pp. 64-78

A Formal Theory of Key Conjuring (Abstract)

Veronique Cortier , LORIA, France
Stephanie Delaune , LORIA, France
Graham Steel , University of Edinburgh, UK
pp. 79-96
Protocols and Cryptographic Foundations

Computationally Sound Mechanized Proofs of Correspondence Assertions (Abstract)

Bruno Blanchet , Ecole Normale Superieure, France
pp. 97-111

Key-dependent Message Security under Active Attacks--BRSIM/UC-Soundness of Symbolic Encryption with Key Cycles (Abstract)

Michael Backes , Saarland University, Germany
Birgit Pfitzmann , IBM Zurich, Switzerland
Andre Scedrov , University of Pennsylvania, USA
pp. 112-124

Compositional Security for Task-PIOAs (Abstract)

Ran Canetti , IBM Research
Ling Cheung , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dilsun Kaynar , Carnegie Mellon University
Nancy Lynch , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Olivier Pereira , Universite catholique de Louvain
pp. 125-139

Approximated Computationally Bounded Simulation Relations for Probabilistic Automata (Abstract)

Roberto Segala , Universita di Verona, Italy
Andrea Turrini , Universita di Verona, Italy
pp. 140-156
Secure Implementation

Implementing STV securely in Pret a Voter (Abstract)

James Heather , University of Surrey, UK
pp. 157-169

Secure Implementations for Typed Session Abstractions (Abstract)

Ricardo Corin , MSR-INRIA Joint Centre; Microsoft Research; University of Twente
Pierre-Malo Denielou , MSR-INRIA Joint Centre; Microsoft Research
Cedric Fournet , MSR-INRIA Joint Centre; Microsoft Research
Karthikeyan Bhargavan , MSR-INRIA Joint Centre; Microsoft Research
James Leifer , MSR-INRIA Joint Centre
pp. 170-186

A Library for Secure Multi-threaded Information Flow in Haskell (Abstract)

Ta-chung Tsai , Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Alejandro Russo , Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
John Hughes , Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
pp. 187-202
Information Flow

Dynamic Dependency Monitoring to Secure Information Flow (Abstract)

Paritosh Shroff , Johns Hopkins University
Scott Smith , Johns Hopkins University
Mark Thober , Johns Hopkins University
pp. 203-217

Automaton-based Confidentiality Monitoring of Concurrent Programs (Abstract)

Gurvan Le Guernic , IRISA, France; Kansas State University, USA
pp. 218-232

Secure information flow and program logics (Abstract)

Lennart Beringer , Universitat Munchen, Germany
Martin Hofmann , Universitat Munchen, Germany
pp. 233-248

A flow-sensitive analysis of privacy properties (Abstract)

Hanne Riis Nielson , Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Fleming Nielson , Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
pp. 249-264

Collaborative Planning With Privacy (Abstract)

Max Kanovich , University of London, UK
Paul Rowe , University of Pennsylvania, USA
Andre Scedrov , University of Pennsylvania, USA
pp. 265-278

Privacy and Utility in Business Processes (Abstract)

Adam Barth , Stanford University
John Mitchell , Stanford University
Anupam Datta , Carnegie Mellon University
Sharada Sundaram , Tata Consultancy Services
pp. 279-294
20th Anniversary Invited Paper

Electing the Doge of Venice: Analysis of a 13th Century Protocol (Abstract)

Miranda Mowbray , HP Laboratories, Bristol
Dieter Gollmann , Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
pp. 295-310
Vulnerability Analysis and Information-Theoretic Security

Comparing Countermeasures against Interrupt-Related Covert Channels in an Information-Theoretic Framework (Abstract)

Heiko Mantel , RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Henning Sudbrock , RWTH Aachen University, Germany
pp. 326-340

Probability of Error in Information-Hiding Protocols (Abstract)

Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis , Ecole Polytechnique, France
Catuscia Palamidessi , Ecole Polytechnique, France
Prakash Panangaden , McGill University, Canada
pp. 341-354
Security Protocol Analysis

Causality-based Abstraction of Multiplicity in Security Protocols (Abstract)

Michael Backes , Saarland University, Germany
Agostino Cortesi , Ca'Foscari University, Italy
Matteo Maffei , Saarland University, Germany
pp. 355-369

The Insecurity Problem: Tackling Unbounded Data (Abstract)

Sibylle Froschle , University of Edinburgh, UK
pp. 370-384

LTL Model Checking for Security Protocols (Abstract)

Alessandro Armando , Universita di Genova, Italy
Roberto Carbone , Universita di Genova, Italy
Luca Compagna , SAP Research, France
pp. 385-396
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