The Community for Technology Leaders
2013 International Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (2004)
University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
May 17, 2004 to May 19, 2004
ISBN: 0-7695-2127-4
V1: Tracking

Visual Tracking Using Active Appearance Models (Abstract)

Neil Birkbeck , University of Alberta
Martin Jagersand , University of Alberta
pp. 2-9

The Extension of Statistical Face Detection to Face Tracking (Abstract)

Haisheng Wu , University of Guelph
John S. Zelek , University of Guelph
pp. 10-17
V2: Segmentation
Keynote Speaker 1

Machine Sensing for Mining Optimization (PDF)

Hong Zhang , University of Alberta
pp. 74
V3: Shape

Shape from Contours and Multiple Stereo — A Hierarchical, Mesh-Based Approach (Abstract)

Christian Vogelgsang , Universitat Erlangen-Niirnberg
Hendrik Kiick , University of British Columbia
Wolfgang Heidrich , University of British Columbia
pp. 76-83

Location by Involution (Abstract)

Mohamed B?nallal , ?cole des Mines de Paris
Jean Meunier , University of Montr?al
pp. 97-103

Automatic Object Recognition within an Office Environment (Abstract)

Reinhard Moratz , Universität Bremen
Michael Wünstel , Universität Bremen
pp. 104-109
V4: Robotic Vision

Approximating the Visuomotor Function for Visual Servoing (Abstract)

Martin Jägersand , University of Alberta
Simon Léonard , University of Alberta
pp. 112-119

Towards On-Board Color Constancy on Mobile Robots (Abstract)

Mohan Sridharan , University of Texas at Austin
Peter Stone , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 130-137

Evaluation of Model Independent Image-Based Visual Servoing (Abstract)

Zhenyuan Deng , University of Alberta
Martin Jägersand , University of Alberta
pp. 138-144

Linear Markers for Robot Navigation with Panoramic Vision (Abstract)

Mark Fiala , National Research Council
pp. 145-154

Vision-Based Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Abstract)

Hassan Hajjdiab , University of Ottawa
Robert Laganière , University of Ottawa
pp. 155-162
VP: Poster Papers

Robust Method of Recovering Epipolar Geometry Using Messy Genetic Algorithm (Abstract)

Gordon Dodds , Queen?s University Belfast
Baozong Yuan , Beijing Jiaotong University
Mingxing Hu , Queen?s University Belfast
Xiaofang Tang , Beijing Jiaotong University
pp. 164-171

A Dynamic Fuzzy Classifier for Detecting Abnormalities in Mammograms (Abstract)

Sabah Mohammed , Lakehead University
Jinan Fiaidhi , Lakehead University
Lei Yang , Lakehead University
pp. 172-179

Fast and Accurate Skin Segmentation in Color Images (Abstract)

Hamid Shahbazkia , Universidade do Algarve
Filipe Tomaz , Universidade do Algarve
Tiago Candeias , Universidade do Algarve
pp. 180-187

ANN-Based Visibility Prediction for Camera Placement in Vision Metrology (Abstract)

Mohammad Saadatseresht , Tehran University
Farhad Samadzadegan , Tehran University
Ali Azizi , Tehran University
pp. 188-194

Application of Markerless Image-Based Arm Tracking to Robot-Manipulator Teleoperation (Abstract)

Xianghai Wu , University of Ottawa
Siddharth Verma , University of Ottawa
Jonathan Kofman , University of Ottawa
pp. 201-208

On the Limits of Second Generation Watermarks (Abstract)

Jiying Zhao , University of Ottawa
Bassem Abdel-Aziz , University of Ottawa
Jean-Yves Chouinard , Universit? Laval
pp. 209-216

Affine Invariant Multiscale Wavelet-Based Shape Matching Algorithm (Abstract)

Maher Ahmed , Wilfrid Laurier University
Mohamed Kamel , University of Waterloo
Ibrahim El Rube' , University of Waterloo
pp. 217-224

Improving CBIR Systems by Integrating Semantic Features (Abstract)

D. Brahmi , Universit? de Sherbrooke
D. Ziou , Universit? de Sherbrooke
pp. 233-240

Vision Guided Control of Multiple Robots (Abstract)

Mark Fiala , National Research Council
pp. 241-246

Expression Learning and Recognition System for a Family Robot (Abstract)

Yukihiro Ogawa , Gifu Prefectual Research Institute of Manufacturaling Information Technology
Kunihito Kato , Gifu University
Kazuhiko Yamamoto , Gifu University
Tomoki Kobayashi , Gifu University
pp. 259-264

Toward Glaucoma Classification with Moment Methods (Abstract)

S. S. R. Abidi , Dalhousie University
A. R. McIntyre , Dalhousie University
M. I. Heywood , Dalhousie University
P. H. Artes , Dalhousie University
pp. 265-272

Estimation of Average Cell Shape from Digital Images of Cellular Surfaces (Abstract)

Peter J.W. Iles , University of Waterloo
G. Wayne Brodland , University of Waterloo
David A. Clausi , University of Waterloo
pp. 273-278

Comparing Viewpoint Evaluation Functions for Model-Based Inspectional Coverage (Abstract)

Christine Wong , University of Waterloo
Mohamed Kamel , University of Waterloo
pp. 287-294

Motion and Trajectory Recovery for Tracking Multiple Objects Undergoing a Planar Motion (Abstract)

B. Shen , University of Windsor
B. Boufama , University of Windsor
A. Habed , University of Windsor
pp. 301-305

Range Image Fusion for Object Reconstruction and Modeling (Abstract)

William G. Wee , University of Cincinnati
Xiaokun Li , University of Cincinnati
pp. 306-313

Closed-Loop Person Tracking and Detection (Abstract)

Jin-Kyu Gahm , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Vera Kettnaker , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
pp. 314-319

Image Retrieval by Ontological Description of Shapes (IRONS), Early Results (Abstract)

Oleg Starostenko , Universidad de las Am?ricas-Puebla
Alberto Chavez-Aragon , Universidad de las Am?ricas-Puebla
pp. 341-346

Detection of Perceptual Junctions by Curve Partitioning and Grouping (Abstract)

Xiaofen Zheng , Dalhousie University
Qigang Gao , Dalhousie University
pp. 347-353

Change Detection in Aerial Images (Abstract)

Volkan Atalay , Middle East Technical University
Georges Stamon , Universit? Paris 5
Mohamed Borchani , Universit? Paris 5 and Universit? de Sfax Tunisie
Florence Cloppet , Universit? Paris 5
pp. 354-360

Stereo Vision Algorithm for Robotic Assembly Operations (Abstract)

M. Thorsley , Ryerson University
G. Okouneva , Ryerson University
J. Karpynczyk , Ryerson University
pp. 361-366
Keynote Speaker 2
V5: Medical Image Processing and Character Recognition

Experience with 3D Optical Flow on Gated MRI Cardiac Datasets (Abstract)

John L. Barron , University of Western Ontario
pp. 370-377
V8: Re-Enforcement Learning/Thresholding and Pen Motion

Categorization and Learning of Pen Motion Using Hidden Markov Models (Abstract)

David Tausky , University of Waterloo
Richard Mann , University of Waterloo
pp. 488-495
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