The Community for Technology Leaders
First Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, 2004. Proceedings. (2004)
University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
May 17, 2004 to May 19, 2004
ISBN: 0-7695-2127-4
V1: Tracking

Visual Tracking Using Active Appearance Models (Abstract)

Neil Birkbeck , University of Alberta
Martin Jagersand , University of Alberta
pp. 2-9

The Extension of Statistical Face Detection to Face Tracking (Abstract)

Haisheng Wu , University of Guelph
John S. Zelek , University of Guelph
pp. 10-17
V2: Segmentation
Keynote Speaker 1

Machine Sensing for Mining Optimization (PDF)

Hong Zhang , University of Alberta
pp. 74
V3: Shape

Shape from Contours and Multiple Stereo — A Hierarchical, Mesh-Based Approach (Abstract)

Hendrik Kiick , University of British Columbia
Wolfgang Heidrich , University of British Columbia
Christian Vogelgsang , Universitat Erlangen-Niirnberg
pp. 76-83

Location by Involution (Abstract)

Mohamed B?nallal , ?cole des Mines de Paris
Jean Meunier , University of Montr?al
pp. 97-103

Automatic Object Recognition within an Office Environment (Abstract)

Michael Wünstel , Universität Bremen
Reinhard Moratz , Universität Bremen
pp. 104-109
V4: Robotic Vision

Approximating the Visuomotor Function for Visual Servoing (Abstract)

Simon Léonard , University of Alberta
Martin Jägersand , University of Alberta
pp. 112-119

Towards On-Board Color Constancy on Mobile Robots (Abstract)

Mohan Sridharan , University of Texas at Austin
Peter Stone , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 130-137

Evaluation of Model Independent Image-Based Visual Servoing (Abstract)

Zhenyuan Deng , University of Alberta
Martin Jägersand , University of Alberta
pp. 138-144

Linear Markers for Robot Navigation with Panoramic Vision (Abstract)

Mark Fiala , National Research Council
pp. 145-154

Vision-Based Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Abstract)

Hassan Hajjdiab , University of Ottawa
Robert Laganière , University of Ottawa
pp. 155-162
VP: Poster Papers

Robust Method of Recovering Epipolar Geometry Using Messy Genetic Algorithm (Abstract)

Mingxing Hu , Queen?s University Belfast
Baozong Yuan , Beijing Jiaotong University
Gordon Dodds , Queen?s University Belfast
Xiaofang Tang , Beijing Jiaotong University
pp. 164-171

A Dynamic Fuzzy Classifier for Detecting Abnormalities in Mammograms (Abstract)

Sabah Mohammed , Lakehead University
Lei Yang , Lakehead University
Jinan Fiaidhi , Lakehead University
pp. 172-179

Fast and Accurate Skin Segmentation in Color Images (Abstract)

Filipe Tomaz , Universidade do Algarve
Tiago Candeias , Universidade do Algarve
Hamid Shahbazkia , Universidade do Algarve
pp. 180-187

ANN-Based Visibility Prediction for Camera Placement in Vision Metrology (Abstract)

Mohammad Saadatseresht , Tehran University
Farhad Samadzadegan , Tehran University
Ali Azizi , Tehran University
pp. 188-194

Application of Markerless Image-Based Arm Tracking to Robot-Manipulator Teleoperation (Abstract)

Siddharth Verma , University of Ottawa
Jonathan Kofman , University of Ottawa
Xianghai Wu , University of Ottawa
pp. 201-208

On the Limits of Second Generation Watermarks (Abstract)

Bassem Abdel-Aziz , University of Ottawa
Jiying Zhao , University of Ottawa
Jean-Yves Chouinard , Universit? Laval
pp. 209-216

Affine Invariant Multiscale Wavelet-Based Shape Matching Algorithm (Abstract)

Ibrahim El Rube' , University of Waterloo
Maher Ahmed , Wilfrid Laurier University
Mohamed Kamel , University of Waterloo
pp. 217-224

Improving CBIR Systems by Integrating Semantic Features (Abstract)

D. Brahmi , Universit? de Sherbrooke
D. Ziou , Universit? de Sherbrooke
pp. 233-240

Vision Guided Control of Multiple Robots (Abstract)

Mark Fiala , National Research Council
pp. 241-246

Expression Learning and Recognition System for a Family Robot (Abstract)

Tomoki Kobayashi , Gifu University
Yukihiro Ogawa , Gifu Prefectual Research Institute of Manufacturaling Information Technology
Kunihito Kato , Gifu University
Kazuhiko Yamamoto , Gifu University
pp. 259-264

Toward Glaucoma Classification with Moment Methods (Abstract)

A. R. McIntyre , Dalhousie University
M. I. Heywood , Dalhousie University
P. H. Artes , Dalhousie University
S. S. R. Abidi , Dalhousie University
pp. 265-272

Estimation of Average Cell Shape from Digital Images of Cellular Surfaces (Abstract)

Peter J.W. Iles , University of Waterloo
David A. Clausi , University of Waterloo
G. Wayne Brodland , University of Waterloo
pp. 273-278

Comparing Viewpoint Evaluation Functions for Model-Based Inspectional Coverage (Abstract)

Christine Wong , University of Waterloo
Mohamed Kamel , University of Waterloo
pp. 287-294

Motion and Trajectory Recovery for Tracking Multiple Objects Undergoing a Planar Motion (Abstract)

B. Shen , University of Windsor
A. Habed , University of Windsor
B. Boufama , University of Windsor
pp. 301-305

Range Image Fusion for Object Reconstruction and Modeling (Abstract)

Xiaokun Li , University of Cincinnati
William G. Wee , University of Cincinnati
pp. 306-313

Closed-Loop Person Tracking and Detection (Abstract)

Vera Kettnaker , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jin-Kyu Gahm , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
pp. 314-319

Image Retrieval by Ontological Description of Shapes (IRONS), Early Results (Abstract)

Alberto Chavez-Aragon , Universidad de las Am?ricas-Puebla
Oleg Starostenko , Universidad de las Am?ricas-Puebla
pp. 341-346

Detection of Perceptual Junctions by Curve Partitioning and Grouping (Abstract)

Xiaofen Zheng , Dalhousie University
Qigang Gao , Dalhousie University
pp. 347-353

Change Detection in Aerial Images (Abstract)

Mohamed Borchani , Universit? Paris 5 and Universit? de Sfax Tunisie
Florence Cloppet , Universit? Paris 5
Volkan Atalay , Middle East Technical University
Georges Stamon , Universit? Paris 5
pp. 354-360

Stereo Vision Algorithm for Robotic Assembly Operations (Abstract)

M. Thorsley , Ryerson University
G. Okouneva , Ryerson University
J. Karpynczyk , Ryerson University
pp. 361-366
Keynote Speaker 2
V5: Medical Image Processing and Character Recognition

Experience with 3D Optical Flow on Gated MRI Cardiac Datasets (Abstract)

John L. Barron , University of Western Ontario
pp. 370-377

Real-time hybrid pose estimation from vision and inertial data (Abstract)

M. Grimm , Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
pp. 480-486
V8: Re-Enforcement Learning/Thresholding and Pen Motion

Categorization and Learning of Pen Motion Using Hidden Markov Models (Abstract)

David Tausky , University of Waterloo
Richard Mann , University of Waterloo
pp. 488-495
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