The Community for Technology Leaders
Cooperative Information Systems, IFCIS International Conference on (1998)
New York, New York
Aug. 20, 1998 to Aug. 22, 1998
ISBN: 0-8186-8380-5
Invited Talk
Session 1: Web-Based Information Services

Information Services for the Web: Building and Maintaining Domain Models (Abstract)

John Mylopoulos , University of Toronto
Avigdor Gal , Rutgers University
Scott Kerr , University of Toronto
pp. 4

Wrapper Generation for Web Accessible Data Sources (Abstract)

Laura Bright , University of Maryland
Jean Robert Gruser , University of Maryland
Maria Esther Vidal , University of Maryland
Louiqa Raschid , University of Maryland
pp. 14

Materializing the Web (Abstract)

Giuseppe Santucci , Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"
Luca Iocchi , Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"
Daniele Nardi , Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"
Tiziana Catarci , Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"
Mattia de Rosa , Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"
pp. 24
Session 2: Distributed Databases I

Interoperation of Independent, Heterogeneous and Distributed Databases Methodology and CASE Support: the InterDB Approach (Abstract)

J-L. Hainaut , University of Namur
A. Deflorenne , University of Namur
Ph. Thiran , University of Namur
S. Bodart , University of Namur
J.-M. Hick , University of Namur
pp. 54

Protecting the Quality of Service of Existing Information Systems (Abstract)

Kevin S. Beyer , University of Wisconsin
Miron Livny , University of Wisconsin
Raghu Ramakrishnan , University of Wisconsin
pp. 74
Session 3: Agents

Dynamic-Agents for Dynamic Service Provisioning (Abstract)

Umeshwar Dayal , HP Laboratories
Meichun Hsu , HP Laboratories
Qiming Chen , HP Laboratories
Parvathi Chundi , HP Laboratories
pp. 95
Session 4: Transactions I

Using Multiple Mobile Agents for Distributed Transactions (Abstract)

Alejandro Buchmann , Darmstadt University of Technology
Hartmut Vogler , Darmstadt University of Technology
pp. 114

Execution Dependencies in Transaction Closures (Abstract)

Gunter Saake , University of Magdeburg
Can Tuerker , University of Magdeburg
Kerstin Schwarz , University of Magdeburg
pp. 122

A Novel Timestamp Ordering Approach for Co-existing Traditional and Cooperative Transaction Processing (Abstract)

Yun Yang , Deakin University
Yanchun Zhang , University of Southern Qld
Chengzheng Sun , Griffith University
Yahiko Kambayashi , Kyoto University
pp. 132
Panel Session
Invited Talk
Session 5: Heterogeneous Distributed Information Services

A Meta-Wrapper for Scaling up to Multiple Autonomous Distributed Information Sources (Abstract)

Louiqa Raschid , University of Maryland
Maria Esther Vidal , University of Maryland
Jean Robert Gruser , University of Maryland
pp. 148

Management of Work in Progress in Relational Information Systems (Abstract)

Umeshwar Dayal , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Rafi Ahmed , Oracle Corporation
pp. 158

Meta-Data Based Mediator Generation (Abstract)

M. Ganesh , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
T. Critchlow , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
R. Musick , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 168
Session 6: Distributed Databases II

Towards an Inductive Design of Distributed Object Oriented Databases (Abstract)

Marta Mattoso , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Gerson Zaverucha , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Fernanda Baiao , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
pp. 188
Session 7: Multidatabases

Minimization of Resource Consumption for Multidatabase Query Optimization (Abstract)

Chiang Lee , National Cheng-Kung University
Jer-Bin Chang , National Cheng-Kung University
Yaw-Huei Chen , National Cheng-Kung University
Chih-Horng Ke , National Cheng-Kung University
pp. 241
Session 8: Modeling

Context in Information Bases (Abstract)

Panos Constantopoulos , Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, and University of Crete
Manos Theodorakis , Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, and University of Crete
Nikos Spyratos , Universite Paris-Sud
Anastasia Analyti , Institute of Computer Science, FORTH
pp. 260

Context Mediation on Wall Street (Abstract)

Michael D. Siegel , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Allen Moulton , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stuart E. Madnick , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 271
Session 9: Workflows

Distributed Workflow Management: The Team Model (Abstract)

Giacomo Piccinelli , Hewlett-Pachard Laboratories
pp. 292

Action Port Model: A Mixed Paradigm Conceptual Workflow Modeling Language (Abstract)

Steinar Carlsen , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
pp. 300

Managing Evolving Workflow Specifications (Abstract)

Gregor Joeris , University of Bremen
Otthein Herzog , University of Bremen
pp. 310
Session 10: Information Integration
Session 11: Workflows II

Integration of Statecharts (Abstract)

Johann Eder , Universitaet Klagenfurt
Heinz Frank , Universitaet Klagenfurt
pp. 364
Session 12: Transactions II

Using Constraints to Manage Long Duration Transactions in Spatial Information Systems (Abstract)

Dean Kuo , CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
Volker Gaede , CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
Kerry Taylor , CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
pp. 384

Stable Transaction Management for Preserving the Global Integrity Constraints in Multidatabase Systems (Abstract)

Kyuwoong Lee , Eletronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Seog Park , Sogang University
pp. 396
Panel Session
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