The Community for Technology Leaders
29th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC'05) (2005)
July 26, 2005 to July 28, 2005
ISSN: 0730-3157
ISBN: 0-7695-2413-3

Committees (PDF)

pp. xvii-xviii
Keynote Address I
Software Testing (I)

Configuration-Oriented Symbolic Test Sequence Construction Method for EFSM (Abstract)

Shuhao Li , National Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing
Ji Wang , National Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing
Xin Wang , National Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing
Zhi-Chang Qi , National Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing
pp. 13-18

Iterative Metamorphic Testing (Abstract)

Peng Wu , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 19-24

Software Test Selection Patterns and Elusive Bugs (Abstract)

William E. Howden , University of California at San Diego
pp. 25-32
Process Management

DIG: A Tool for Software Process Data Extraction and Grooming (Abstract)

Scott D. Miller , Purdue University
Aditya P. Mathur , Purdue University
Raymond A. DeCarlo , Purdue University
pp. 35-40

Parallel Changes: Detecting Semantic Interferences (Abstract)

G. Lorenzo Thione , FX Palo Alto Laboratory
Dewayne E. Perry , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 47-56
Software Architecture and Metric

A Productivity Metric Based on Statistical Pattern Recognition (Abstract)

Jody L. Sharpe , University of Texas at Dallas
João W. Cangussu , University of Texas at Dallas
pp. 59-64

Structure Analysis for Dynamic Software Architecture Based on Spatial Logic (Abstract)

Tingting Han , Nanjing University
Taolue Chen , Nanjing University
Jian Lu , Nanjing University
pp. 71-76

Performability Analysis of a Pipeline Software Architecture (Abstract)

Swapna S. Gokhale , University of Connecticut
Sherif Yacoub , Hewlett-Packard Labs
pp. 77-82
Panel: High-Assurance Software for Mobile Tele-Health Systems

null (PDF)

pp. null
Software Reengineering and Service-Based Systems

An Extended Approach to Improving the Semantic Interoperation Among Reuse Repositories (Abstract)

Ying Pan , Peking University
Lei Wang , Deutsche Bank AG
Lu Zhang , Peking University
Bing Xie , Peking University
Fuqing Yang , Peking University
pp. 89-94

An Empirical Study of a Reverse Engineering Method for Aggregation Relationship Based on Operation Propagation (Abstract)

Dowming Yeh , National Kaohsiung Normal University
Pei-Chen Sun , National Kaohsiung Normal University
William Chu , TungHai University
Chien-Lung Lin , Siliconware Precision Industries
Hongji Yang , De Montfort University
pp. 95-100

Adaptive Testing, Oracle Generation, and Test Case Ranking for Web Services (Abstract)

Wei-Tek Tsai , Arizona State University
Yinong Chen , Arizona State University
Raymond Paul , United States Department of Defense
Hai Huang , Arizona State University
Xinyu Zhou , Arizona State University
Xiao Wei , Arizona State University
pp. 101-106

Situation-Awareness for Adaptive Coordination in Service-Based Systems (Abstract)

S. S. Yau , Arizona State University
D. Huang , Arizona State University
H. Gong , Arizona State University
H. Davulcu , Arizona State University
pp. 107-112
Middleware and Agent-Based Systems

Using Aspect Oriented Techniques to Support Separation of Concerns in Model Driven Development (Abstract)

Arnor Solberg , SINTEF
Devon Simmonds , Colorado State University
Raghu Reddy , Colorado State University
Sudipto Ghosh , Colorado State University
Robert France , Colorado State University
pp. 121-126

Agent Oriented Programming Based on SLABS (Abstract)

Ji Wang , National Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing
Rui Shen , National Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Processing
Hong Zhu , Oxford Brookes University
pp. 127-132

Intention Scheduling for BDI Agent Systems (Abstract)

Shung-Bin Yan , National Chiao Tung University
Zu-Nien Lin , National Chiao Tung University
Hsun-Jen Hsu , National Chiao Tung University
Feng-Jian Wang , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 133-140
Security and Privacy (I)
Panel: Industry and Academia: Can They Agree on Best Practice Within Software Engineering?

null (PDF)

pp. null
Requirement and Design (I)

Transitioning from Product Line Requirements to Product Line Architecture (Abstract)

Juha Savolainen , Nokia Research Center
Ian Oliver , Nokia Research Center
Mike Mannion , Glasgow Caledonian University
Hailang Zuo , Glasgow Caledonian University
pp. 186-195

Designing Controllers for Reachability (Abstract)

Cristina Cerschi Seceleanu , Åbo Akademi University and Turku Centre for Computer Science
pp. 196-203

Melody Classification Using EM Algorithm (Abstract)

Yukiteru Yoshihara , Hosei University
Takao Miura , Hosei University
pp. 204-210
Formal Methods

A Family of Extended Fuzzy Description Logics (Abstract)

Yanhui Li , Southeast University
Baowen Xu , Southeast University, Jiangsu Institute of Software Quality and Wuhan University
Jianjiang Lu , Southeast University, Jiangsu Institute of Software Quality and PLA University of Science and Technology
Dazhou Kang , Southeast University
Peng Wang , Southeast University
pp. 221-226

Extended Symbolic Transition Graphs with Assignment (Abstract)

Weijia Deng , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Huimin Lin , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 227-232

MetaWSL and Meta-Transformations in the FermaT Transformation System (Abstract)

Martin Ward , De Montfort University
Hussein Zedan , De Montfort University
pp. 233-238
Networked, Distributed, and Embedded Systems (I)

Using AOP to Monitor and Administer Software for Grid Computing Environments (Abstract)

Mark Grechanik , University of Texas at Austin
Dewayne E. Perry , University of Texas at Austin
Don Batory , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 241-248

Nearest Neighbor Queries on Extensible Grid Files Using Dimensionality Reduction (Abstract)

Ryosuke Miyoshi , Hosei University
Takao Miura , Hosei University
Isamu Shioya , Sanno University
pp. 249-255

Power Transmission Control Using Distributed Max Flow (Abstract)

A. Armbruster , University of Missouri-Rolla
M. Gosnell , University of Missouri-Rolla
B. McMillin , University of Missouri-Rolla
M. L. Crow , University of Missouri-Rolla
pp. 256-263
Plenary Panel: Security and Privacy in Distributed Collaborative Systems

null (PDF)

pp. null

Rule Languages for Security and Privacy in Cooperative Systems (PDF)

Piero Bonatti , Università di Napoli Federico II
pp. 268-269

Experiences on Intrusion Tolerance Distributed Systems (PDF)

Dengguo Feng , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ji Xiang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 270-271
Internet Web Systems

Tree-Map Visualization for Web Accessibility (Abstract)

John Bailey , University Of Durham
Elizabeth Burd , University Of Durham
pp. 275-280

On Personal Data License Design and Negotiation (Abstract)

Yuh-Jzer Joung , National Taiwan University
Cheng Yen , National Taiwan University
Chung-Tang Huang , National Taiwan University
Yi-Jhan Huang , National Taiwan University
pp. 281-286

Adapting Single-Request/Multiple-Response Messaging to Web Services (Abstract)

Michael Ruth , University of New Orleans
Feng Lin , University of New Orleans
Shengru Tu , University of New Orleans
pp. 287-292

A Web Data Extraction Description Language and Its Implementation (Abstract)

I-Chen Wu , National Chiao Tung University
Jui-Yuan Su , National Chiao Tung University
Loon-Been Chen , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 293-298
Verification and Validation

A Blocking-Based Approach to Protocol Validation (Abstract)

Yu Lei , University of Texas at Arlington
David Kung , University of Texas at Arlington
Oizhi Ye , University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 301-306

An Empirical Performance Study for Validating a Performance Analysis Approach: PSIM (Abstract)

Jinchun Xia , Iowa State University
Yujia Ge , Iowa State University, Now at Zhejiang Gongshang University
Carl K. Chang , Iowa State University
pp. 307-312

Empirical Validation of Website Timeliness Measures (Abstract)

Yanlong Zhang , Oxford Brookes University and Manchester Metropolitan University
Hong Zhu , Oxford Brookes University
Sue Greenwood , Oxford Brookes University
pp. 313-318

Hybrid Intelligent Systems: Selecting Attributes for Soft-Computing Analysis (Abstract)

Puntip Pattaraintakorn , Mahidol University
Nick Cercone , Dalhousie University
Kanlaya Naruedomkul , Mahidol University
pp. 319-325
Panel: Model-Based Software Testing and Verification

null (PDF)

pp. null

Model-Based Testing: Challenges Ahead (PDF)

Mats P. E. Heimdahl , University of Minnesota
pp. 330
Mobile and Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing

A Probabilistic Approach to the Anxious Home for Activity Monitoring (Abstract)

Geoff West , Curtin University of Technology
Stewart Greenhill , Curtin University of Technology
Svetha Venkatesh , Curtin University of Technology
pp. 335-340

Exception Handling in Coordination-Based Mobile Environments (Abstract)

Alexei Iliasov , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Alexander Romanovsky , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
pp. 341-350

A User-Adaptable User Interface Model to Support Ubiquitous User Access to EIS Style Applications (Abstract)

Jon Davis , Curtin University of Technology
Andrew Tierney , Curtin University of Technology
Elizabeth Chang , Curtin University of Technology
pp. 351-358

A Dynamic Context-Conflict Management Scheme for Group-Aware Ubiquitous Computing Environments (Abstract)

Insuk Park , Information and Communications University
Dongman Lee , Information and Communications University
Soon J. Hyun , Information and Communications University
pp. 359-364
Panel: 21st-Century Global Software Development and Education

null (PDF)

pp. null

null (PDF)

J. Barrie Thompson , University of Sunderland
pp. 372
Requirement and Design (II)

A Tool and Case Study for Specification-Based Program Review (Abstract)

Fumiko Nagoya , Hosei University
Shaoying Liu , Hosei University
Yuting Chen , Hosei University
pp. 375-380

A Requirement Engineering Approach for Designing XML-View Driven, XML Document Warehouses (Abstract)

Vicky Nassis , La Trobe University
R. Rajugan , University of Technology at Sydney
Tharam S. Dillon , University of Technology at Sydney
Wenny Rahayu , La Trobe University
pp. 388-395

Structured Object-Oriented Co-Analysis/Co-Design of Hardware/Software for the FACTS Power System (Abstract)

Matt Ryan , University of Missouri - Rolla
Sojan Markose , University of Missouri - Rolla
Xiaoqing (Frank) Liu , University of Missouri - Rolla
Ying Cheng , University of Missouri - Rolla
pp. 396-402
Reliable Systems

Gompertz Software Reliability Model and Its Application (Abstract)

Koji Ohishi , Hiroshima University
Hiroyuki Okamura , Hiroshima University
Tadashi Dohi , Hiroshima University
pp. 405-410

Software Reliability Growth Model Considering Testing Profile and Operation Profile (Abstract)

Jing Zhao , Harbin Institute of Technology
Hong-Wei Liu , Harbin Institute of Technology
Gang Cui , Harbin Institute of Technology
Xiao-Zong Yang , Harbin Institute of Technology
pp. 411-416

RIES — Internet Voting in Action (Abstract)

Engelbert Hubbers , Radboud University Nijmegen
Bart Jacobs , Radboud University Nijmegen
Wolter Pieters , Radboud University Nijmegen
pp. 417-424

Two Variations to the mCESG Pollsterless E-Voting Scheme (Abstract)

Tim Storer , University of St. Andrews
Ishbel Duncan , University of St. Andrews
pp. 425-430
Keynote Address II
Software Testing (II)

Towards Describing Black-Box Testing Methods as Atomic Rules (Abstract)

Tafline Murnane , La Trobe University
Richard Hall , La Trobe University
Karl Reed , La Trobe University
pp. 437-442

Testing the Semantics of W3C XML Schema (Abstract)

Jian Bing Li , University of Alberta
James Miller , University of Alberta
pp. 443-448

Coverage-Directed Test Generation with Model Checkers: Challenges and Opportunities (Abstract)

George Devaraj , University of Minnesota
Mats P. E. Heimdahl , University of Minnesota
Donglin Liang , University of Minnesota
pp. 455-462

Testing Coverage Analysis for Software Component Validation (Abstract)

Jerry Gao , San Jose State University
Raquel Espinoza , San Jose State University
Jingsha He , Beijing University of Technology
pp. 463-470
Dependability and Fault Tolerance

Availability Evaluation of Hardware/Software Systems with Several Recovery Procedures (Abstract)

Sergiy A. Vilkomir , University of Limerick
David L. Parnas , University of Limerick
Veena B. Mendiratta , Lucent Technologies
Eamonn Murphy , University of Limerick
pp. 473-478

A Comparison of Network Level Fault Injection with Code Insertion (Abstract)

Nik Looker , University of Durham
Malcolm Munro , University of Durham
Jie Xu , University of Leeds
pp. 479-484

The Coordinated Recovery of Data Service and Transaction Service in J2EE (Abstract)

Tiancheng Liu , Peking University
Gang Huang , Peking University
Gang Fan , Peking University
Hong Mei , Peking University
pp. 485-490

A Low-Latency Checkpointing Scheme for Mobile Computing Systems (Abstract)

Guohui Li , Huazhong University of Science and Technology
LihChyun Shu , National Cheng Kung University
pp. 491-496
Panel: How Democratic Will E-Democracy Be?

null (PDF)

pp. null

How Democratic Will E-Democracy Be? (PDF)

Stuart Anderson , University of Edinburgh
Massimo Felici , University of Edinburgh
pp. 499

Who Is Enfranchised by Remote Voting? (PDF)

Ian Brown , University College London
pp. 500

Prospects for E-Voting (PDF)

Peter Ryan , University of Newcastle
pp. 501

How Democratic Will E-Democracy Be? (PDF)

Jacques Bus , European Commission - Information Society and Media Directorate General
pp. 502
Security and Privacy (II)

A Novel Method for Protecting Sensitive Knowledge in Association Rules Mining (Abstract)

En Tzu Wang , National Dong Hwa University
Guanling Lee , National Dong Hwa University
Yu Tzu Lin , National Dong Hwa University
pp. 511-516

Protecting Users Against Phishing Attacks with AntiPhish (Abstract)

Engin Kirda , Technical University of Vienna
Christopher Kruegel , Technical University of Vienna
pp. 517-524

A Performance-Based Grid Intrusion Detection System (Abstract)

Fang-Yie Leu , Tunghai University
Jia-Chun Lin , Tunghai University
Ming-Chang Li , Tunghai University
Chao-Tung Yang , Tunghai University
pp. 525-530
Networked, Distributed, and Embedded Systems (II)

Scoped Broadcast in Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Networks (Abstract)

Hung-Chang Hsiao , National Tsing-Hua University
Chung-Ta King , National Tsing-Hua University
pp. 533-538

Character Recognition System for Cellular Phone with Camera (Abstract)

K. S. Bae , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
K. K. Kim , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Y. G. Chung , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
W. P. Yu , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
pp. 539-544

Towards a Contract Aware CORBA Component Container (Abstract)

Egon Teiniker , Salomon Automation GmbH
Robert Lechner , Salomon Automation GmbH
Gernot Schmoelzer , Graz University of Technology and Salomon Automation GmbH
Christian Kreiner , Graz University of Technology and Salomon Automation GmbH
Zsolt Kovács , Salomon Automation GmbH
Reinhold Weiss , Graz University of Technology
pp. 545-550

New Method for Dispatching Waiting Logical Processors in Virtual Machine Systems (Abstract)

Hidenori Umeno , Kumamoto University
Masato Kiyama , Kumamoto University
Takafumi Fukunaga , Kumamoto Prefectual College of Technology
Takashige Kubo , Hitachi System & Service, Ltd.
pp. 551-560
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