The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings. International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, 2004. CGIV 2004. (2004)
Penang, Malaysia
July 26, 2004 to July 29, 2004
ISBN: 0-7695-2178-9
Keynote Lectures

Preface (PDF)

pp. 0_10

Seeing is believing so beware (Abstract)

K. Brodlie , University of Leeds
pp. 5

A hybrid parameterization method for NURBS (PDF)

S.M.H. Shamsuddin , Dept. of Comput. Graphics & Multimedia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
M.A. Ahmed , Dept. of Comput. Graphics & Multimedia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
pp. 15-20

A hybrid parameterization method for NURBS (Abstract)

S. Mariyam Hj. Shamsuddin , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
pp. 15-20

Preface (PDF)

pp. ix

Organisers (PDF)

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Reviewers (PDF)

pp. xiii
Keynote Lectures

Seeing is Believing So Beware (PDF)

Ken Brodlie , University of Leeds
pp. 5
Session CGIV 1_2: Computer Graphics

Approximating Subdivision for Quadrilateral Nets with 4-Valence Topology (Abstract)

Limei Zhang , Dalian University of Technology
Zhongxuan Luo , Dalian University of Technology
Weizhong Liu , Saitama University
pp. 9-14

Generation of Geometrical Patterns Based on Coloured Pixels Using Computer Graphics (Abstract)

Amer Salman , Thames Valley University and ABC Europe Ltd.
Rula Salman , Thames Valley University and ABC Europe Ltd.
pp. 27-32
Session CGIV 1_3: Imaging

On the Design of Optimal Derivative Filters for Coherence-Enhancing Diffusion Filtering (Abstract)

Wang Wenyuan , Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
pp. 35-40

Image Subtraction for Real Time Moving Object Extraction (Abstract)

Shahbe Mat Desa , Multimedia University
Qussay A. Salih , Multimedia University
pp. 41-45

Similarity Measure Based on Obbtree for 3D Model Search (Abstract)

Keitaro Kaku , Kyushu University
Yoshihiro Okada , Kyushu University and PRESTO, JST
Koichi Niijima , Kyushu University
pp. 46-51

A Study of Practical Approach of Using Motion Capture and Keyframe Animation Techniques (Abstract)

Mohd Izani , Multimedia University
Ahmad Rafi Eshaq , Multimedia University
Aishah Razak , Multimedia University
Norzaiha Norhan , Multimedia University
pp. 52-55

Framework for Real Time Cloud Rendering (Abstract)

Muhammad Azam Rana , University Technology Malaysia
Mohd Shahrizal Sunar , University Technology Malaysia
Mohd Norikhwan Nor Hayat , University Technology Malaysia
pp. 56-61
Session CGIV 1_4: Imaging

An Efficient Method for Human Face Recognition Using Wavelet Transform and Zernike Moments (Abstract)

Neo Han Foon , Multimedia University
Ying-Han Pang , Multimedia University
Andrew Teoh Beng Jin , Multimedia University
David Ngo Chek Ling , Multimedia University
pp. 65-69

A Review on Level of Detail (Abstract)

Tan Kim Heok , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Daut Daman , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
pp. 70-75

Visual Inventory Inspection Using Optical Character Recognition (Abstract)

Chong Kuan Meng , National University of Malaysia
Yuwaldi Away , National University of Malaysia
pp. 89-92

Development of an Immersive VR Display System for 3D Digital Art (Abstract)

Chung-Ryul Ryu , Chung-Ang University
Yoon-Ho Cho , Chung-Ang University
Young-Ho Chai , Chung-Ang University
pp. 93-98
Session CGIV 1_5: Computer Graphics

Precomputed Radiance Transfer with Spatially-Varying Lighting Effects (Abstract)

Masahiro Fujita , Keio University SFC
Takashi Kanai , Keio University SFC
pp. 101-108

Towards G^2 Curve Design with Timmer Parametric Cubic (Abstract)

R. Gobithasan , University Sains Malaysia
Jamaludin Md. Ali , University Sains Malaysia
pp. 109-114

Generating G^1 Fonts Using Cubic Ball Functions with Weight (Abstract)

A. R. M. Piah , Universiti Sains Malaysia
P. C. Chew , Universiti Sains Malaysia
pp. 115-119

On Sampling for Surfaces Reconstruction (Abstract)

Yong-chun Zhang , Southeast University
Fei-peng Da , Southeast University
Wen-zhong Song , Southeast University
pp. 120-125

3D Object Recognition Using 2D Moments and HMLP Network (Abstract)

M. Y. Mashor , Universiti Sains Malaysia
M. K. Osman , Universiti Sains Malaysia
M. R. Arshad , Universiti Sains Malaysia
pp. 126-130

Adaptive Parameter Selection for Improved Fuzzy Image Enhancement (Abstract)

H. S. Kam , Multimedia University
W. H. Tan , Multimedia University
pp. 131-136
Session CGIV 2_1: Imaging

A Comparison of Noise Removal Techniques in Songket Motif Images (Abstract)

Nursuriati Jamil , Universiti Teknologi MARA
Zainab Abu Bakar , Universiti Teknologi MARA
Tengku Mohd Tengku Sembok , Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
pp. 139-143

Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition in the Interactive Game Based on Embedded Hidden Markov Model (Abstract)

Xiaoxu Zhou , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiangsheng Huang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yangsheng Wang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 144-148

Fingerprint Matching Based on Directional Image Constructed Using Expanded Haar Wavelet Transform (Abstract)

M. Mokji , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
S.A.R. Abu-Bakar , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
pp. 149-152

Face Detection System Based on Feature-Based Chrominance Colour Information (Abstract)

Y.H. Chan , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
S.A.R. Abu-Bakar , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
pp. 153-158

A Framework for Polysensometric Multidimensional Spatial Visualization (Abstract)

Javed Khan , Kent State University
Xuebin Xu , Kent State University
Yongbin Ma , Kent State University
pp. 159-164

Imaged-Based 3D Face Modeling (Abstract)

Mandun Zhang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Linna Ma , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiangyong Zeng , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yangsheng Wang , Chinese Academy of Sciences
pp. 165-168
Session CGIV 2_2: Imaging

Coloured Text Pixel with Tile Based Methods for Computer Graphics Studies of Symmetric Patterns (Abstract)

Amer Salman , Thames Valley University
Rula Salman , ABC Europe Ltd.
Edwin Love , Thames Valley University
pp. 171-176

Food Handling and Packaging Using Computer Vision and Robot (Abstract)

B. Muhammedali , Universiti Sains Malaysia
M. Z. Abdullah , Universiti Sains Malaysia
M. N. Mohd Azemi , Universiti Sains Malaysia
pp. 177-182

Unlabeled Data Classification via Support Vector Machines and k-means Clustering (Abstract)

Maokuan Li , Navy Submarine Academy
Yusheng Cheng , Navy Submarine Academy
Honghai Zhao , Navy Submarine Academy
pp. 183-186

Extracting Contour Lines from Scanned Topographic Maps (Abstract)

Loh Mun San , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Safie Mat Yatim , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Noor Azam Md Sheriff , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Nik Isrozaidi bin Nik Ismail , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
pp. 187-192
Session CGIV 3_1: Computer Graphics

Efficient Method for Geometric Attribute Estimation (Abstract)

Xi Chen , Zhejiang University
Yinglin Ke , Zhejiang University
An Li , Zhejiang University
pp. 209-214

Non-Photorealistic Outdoor Scene Rendering: Techniques and Application (Abstract)

Irene Liew Suet Fun , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Mohd Shahrizal Sunar , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Abdullah Bade , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
pp. 215-220

A Unified Framework for User-Controlled Simplification (Abstract)

Muhammad Hussain , Kyushu University and PRESTO, JST
Yoshihiro Okada , Kyushu University and PRESTO, JST
Koichi Niijima , Kyushu University
pp. 221-226

A Choice of Weights for Convex Combination Methods in Estimating Partial Derivatives (Abstract)

Y. Ooi , University of Sciences of Malaysia
L. H. T. Chang , Northern Malaysia University College of Engineering
Y. P. Wong , Multimedia University
A. R. M. Piah , University of Sciences of Malaysia
pp. 233-236
Session CGIV 3_2: Computer Graphics

Constrained C^1 Interpolation on Rectangular Grids (Abstract)

E. S. Chan , Universiti Sains Malaysia
V. P. Kong , Universiti Sains Malaysia
B. H. Ong , Universiti Sains Malaysia
pp. 239-244

Enhanced LIC Pencil Filter (Abstract)

Shigefumi Yamamoto , Fuji Data System Inc
Xiaoyang Mao , University of Yamanashi
Atsumi Imamiya , University of Yamanashi
pp. 251-256

Geometric Control of Rational Cubic Curve (Abstract)

Azhar Ahmad , Universiti Perguruan Sultan
Jamaludin Md. Al , Universiti Sains Malaysia
pp. 257-262
Keynote Lectures

A New Perspective on Multiresolution Image Processing (Abstract)

Michel Bister , University of Nottingham
pp. 267-272
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