The Community for Technology Leaders
Computer Graphics International Conference (1999)
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
June 7, 1999 to June 11, 1999
ISSN: 1530-1052
ISBN: 0-7695-0185-0
Session 7

Preface (PDF)

pp. ix
Session 1: Keynote Address
Session 2

From Synthesis to Analysis: Fitting Human Animation Models to Image Data (Abstract)

P. Fua , Computer Graphics Lab (LIG), EPFL
R. Plaenkers , Computer Graphics Lab (LIG), EPFL
D. Thalmann , Computer Graphics Lab (LIG), EPFL
pp. 4

Effective Volume Sampling of Solid Models using Distance Measures (Abstract)

George Sealy , Animation Research Ltd.
Kevin Novins , University of Otago
pp. 12

A Field Interpolated Texture Mapping Algorithm for Skeletal Implicit Surfaces (Abstract)

Mark Tigges , University of Calgary,
Brian Wyvil , University of Calgary,
pp. 25
Session 3: Invited Paper
Session 4

Visualizing Knowledge about Virtual Reconstructions of Ancient Architecture (Abstract)

Thomas Strothotte , University of Magdeburg
Maic Masuch , University of Magdeburg
Tobias Isenberg , University of Magdeburg
pp. 36

Behavior-Friendly Graphics (Abstract)

Kenneth B. Russell , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bruce M. Blumberg , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 44
Session 5

Time Warping of Audio Signals (Abstract)

Siome Goldenstein , University of Pennsylvania
Jonas Gomes , IMPA-Instituto de Matem?tica Pura e Aplicada
pp. 52

Object Reconstruction from Slices for Vision (Abstract)

J.R. Parker , University of Calgary
Emad N. Attia , University of Calgary
pp. 58

Generating Motion Fields of Complex Scenes (Abstract)

David Mason , University of Otago
Brendan McCane , University of Otago
Kevin Novins , University of Otago
pp. 65

Interactive Specification of 3D Displacement Vectors Using Arcball (Abstract)

Sergio Pinheiro , Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, IMPA and Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
Jonas Gomes , Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, IMPA
Luiz Velho , Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, IMPA
pp. 70
Session 6: Invited Paper
Session 7

A Technique for Precise Depth Representation in Stereoscopic Display (Abstract)

Shunsuke Yoshida , Nagoya University
Takami Yasuda , Nagoya University
Shigeki Yokoi , Nagoya University
Shin-ya Miyazaki , Chukyo University
Jun-ichi Hasegawa , Chukyo University
Toshihito Hoshino , Toyota Motor Corporation
Toru Ozeki , Toyota Motor Corporation
pp. 80

A Hybrid, Hierarchical Data Structure for Real-Time Terrain Visualization (Abstract)

Konstantin Baumann , University of Muenster
Juergen Doellner , University of Muenster
Klaus Hinrichs , University of Muenster
Oliver Kersting , University of Muenster
pp. 85
Session 8: Invited Paper
Session 9

Islamic Symmetric Pattern Generation Based on Group Theory (Abstract)

Hussein Karam , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masayuki Nakajima , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 112

A Hashing Strategy for Efficient k -Nearest Neighbors Computation (Abstract)

M. Vanco , University of Kaiserslautern
G. Brunnett , University of Kaiserslautern
Th. Schreiber , University of Kaiserslautern
pp. 120
Session 10: Special Session on Homotopy

Homotopy Modeling as World Modeling (Abstract)

Tosiyasu L. Kunii , Monolith Co., Ltd and Hosei University
pp. 130

Social and Industrial Impacts of Homotopy Modeling (Abstract)

Kozo Akiyoshi , Monolith Co., Ltd.
Nobuo Akiyoshi , Monolith Co., Ltd.
pp. 142

Homotopy and Intellectual Property (Abstract)

Sakaki Morishita , Monolith Co., Ltd.
Neil Henderson , Monolith Co., Ltd.
pp. 156
Session 11: Invited Paper

Building Worlds in Cyberspace (Abstract)

Ken Musgrave , MetaCreations
pp. 164
Session 12

Rendering Optimal Solar Shadows Using Plural Sunlight Depth Buffers (Abstract)

Katsumi Tadamura , Yamaguchi University
Xueying Qin , Sanei Co.
Guofang Jiao , Sanei Co.
Eihachiro Nakamae , Hiroshima Institute of Technology
pp. 166

Time-Dependent Parametric Surface Models of the Human Heart (Abstract)

Malcolm I.G. Bloor , The University of Leeds
Michael J. Wilson , The University of Leeds
Zuzana Knudsen , The University of Leeds
Carsten Knudsen , The University of Leeds
Arun Holden , The University of Leeds
pp. 174

Monotonic Cubic Spline Interpolation (Abstract)

George Wolberg , City College of New York / CUNY
Itzik Alfy , City College of New York / CUNY
pp. 188
Session 13

Edge Extraction for Adaptive Mesh Construction (Abstract)

Ryuji Miyazaki , Hiroshima University
Koichi Harada , Hiroshima University
pp. 198

Near-Optimal Adaptive Polygonization (Abstract)

Wolfgang Seibold , University of California at Davis
Kenneth I. Joy , University of California at Davis
pp. 206

Color Plates (PDF)

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Index of Authors (PDF)

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