The Community for Technology Leaders
21st Annual IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity (CCC'06) (2006)
Prague, Czech Republic
July 16, 2006 to July 20, 2006
ISSN: 1093-0159
ISBN: 0-7695-2596-2

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Session 1

Godel and Computations (Abstract)

Pavel Pudlak , Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK
pp. 3-5
Session 2

Polynomial Identity Testing for Depth 3 Circuits (Abstract)

Neeraj Kayal , IIT Kanpur, India
Nitin Saxena , IIT Kanpur, India
pp. 9-17
Session 3

How to Get More Mileage from Randomness Extractors (Abstract)

Ronen Shaltiel , University of Haifa, Israel
pp. 46-60

Exposure-Resilient Extractors (Abstract)

Marius Zimand , Towson University, USA
pp. 61-72
Session 4

Making Hard Problems Harder (Abstract)

Joshua Buresh-Oppenheim , Simon Fraser University, Canada
Rahul Santhanam , Simon Fraser University, Canada
pp. 73-87

Distinguishing SAT from Polynomial-Size Circuits, through Black-Box Queries (Abstract)

Albert Atserias , Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
pp. 88-95
Session 5
Session 6

Constructing Ramsey Graphs from Boolean Function Representations (Abstract)

Parikshit Gopalan , Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
pp. 115-128

A Generic Time Hierarchy for Semantic Models with One Bit of Advice (Abstract)

Dieter van Melkebeek , University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA
Konstantin Pervyshev , St. Petersburg State University, Russia
pp. 129-144
Session 7

Hardness of the Covering Radius Problem on Lattices (Abstract)

Ishay Haviv , Tel Aviv University, Israel
Oded Regev , Tel Aviv University, Israel
pp. 145-158

A 3-Query Non-Adaptive PCP with Perfect Completeness (Abstract)

Subhash Khot , Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Rishi Saket , Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
pp. 159-169
Session 8

FO[\le]-Uniformity (Abstract)

Christoph Behl , Universitat Tubingen, Germany
Klaus-Jorn Lange , Universitat Tubingen, Germany
pp. 183-189

Circuit Lower Bounds via Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse Games (Abstract)

Michal Koucky , Mathematical Institute, AS CR, Czech Republic
Clemens Lautemann , Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat, Germany
Sebastian Poloczek , Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat, Germany
Denis Therien , McGill University, Canada
pp. 190-201

On Modular Counting with Polynomials (Abstract)

Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen , University of Aarhus, Denmark
pp. 202-212
Session 9

Learning Monotone Decision Trees in Polynomial Time (Abstract)

Ryan O' Donnell , Microsoft Research, USA
Rocco A. Servedio , Columbia University, USA
pp. 213-225
Session 10

Minimizing DNF Formulas and AC^0_d Circuits Given a Truth Table (Abstract)

Eric Allender , Rutgers University, USA
Lisa Hellerstein , Polytechnic University, USA
Paul McCabe , University of Toronto, Canada
Toniann Pitassi , University of Toronto, Canada
Michael Saks , Rutgers University, USA
pp. 237-251

A Duality between Clause Width and Clause Density for SAT (Abstract)

Chris Calabro , University of California, San Diego, USA
Russell Impagliazzo , University of California, San Diego, USA
Ramamohan Paturi , University of California, San Diego, USA
pp. 252-260
Session 11

Strengths and Weaknesses of Quantum Fingerprinting (Abstract)

Dmitry Gavinsky , University of Calgary
Julia Kempe , Univ. de Paris-Sud, France
Ronald de Wolf , CWI, Amsterdam
pp. 288-298
Session 12

Grid Graph Reachability Problems (Abstract)

Eric Allender , Rutgers University, USA
David A. Mix Barrington , University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Tanmoy Chakraborty , Chennai Mathematical Institute, India
Samir Datta , Chennai Mathematical Institute, India
Sambuddha Roy , Rutgers University, USA
pp. 299-313

An Isomorphism between Subexponential and Parameterized Complexity Theory (Abstract)

Yijia Chen , Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Martin Grohe , Humboldt-Universitat, Germany
pp. 314-330
Session 13

On the Complexity of Numerical Analysis (Abstract)

Eric Allender , Rutgers, the State University of NJ, USA
Peter Burgisser , Paderborn University, Germany
Johan Kjeldgaard-Pedersen , Decision Sciences Practice, Denmark
Peter Bro Miltersen , University of Aarhus, Denmark
pp. 331-339

Oracles Are Subtle But Not Malicious (Abstract)

Scott Aaronson , University of Waterloo
pp. 340-354

Derandomization of Probabilistic Auxiliary Pushdown Automata Classes (Abstract)

H. Venkateswaran , Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
pp. 355-370
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