The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings 16th Annual IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity (2001)
Chicago, Illinois
June 18, 2001 to June 21, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1053-1

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Session 1- Chair: Peter Bro Miltersen, University of Aarhus

In Search of an Easy Witness: Exponential Time vs. Probabilistic Polynomial Time (Abstract)

Russell Impagliazzo , University of California, San Diego
Valentine Kabanets , Institute for Advanced Study
Avi Wigderson , Hebrew University
pp. 0002

Comparing Notions of Full Derandomization (Abstract)

Lance Fortnow , NEC Research Institute
pp. 0028
Session 2 - Chair: Toniann Pitassi

Monotone Simulations of Nonmonotone Proofs (Abstract)

Albert Atserias , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
Nicola Galesi , Institute for Advanced Study
Pavel Pudlak , Mathematical Institute AVCR
pp. 0036

Space Complexity of Random Formulae in Resolution (Abstract)

Eli Ben-Sasson , Hebrew University
Nicola Galesi , Institute for Advanced Study
pp. 0042

Resolution Complexity of Independent Sets in Random Graphs (Abstract)

Paul Beame , University of Washington
Ashish Sabharwal , University of Washington
Russell Impagliazzo , University of California, San Diego
pp. 0052

Tree Resolution Proofs of the Weak Pigeon-Hole Principle (Abstract)

Stefan Dantchev , University of Aarhus
Søren Riis , Queen Mary, University of London
pp. 0069
Session 3 - Chair: D. Sivakumar, IBM Almaden

Separation of NP-Completeness Notions (Abstract)

A. Pavan , University at Buffalo, New York
Alan L. Selman , University at Buffalo, New York
pp. 0078

Bounded Query Functions with Limited Output Bits (Abstract)

Richard Chang , University of Maryland Baltimore County
Jon Squire , University of Maryland Baltimore County
pp. 0090
Session 4 - Chair: Rainer Schuler, University Ulm

Towards Proving Strong Direct Product Theorems (Abstract)

Ronen Shaltiel , Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
pp. 0107
Session 5 - Chair: Richard Cleve, University Calgary

Quantum Algorithms for Element Distinctness (Abstract)

Christoph Dürr , Universit? Paris-Sud
Peter Høyer , University of Calgary
Miklos Santha , CNRS-LRI
pp. 0131

Quantum versus Classical Learnability (Abstract)

Rocco A. Servedio , Harvard University
Steven J. Gortler , Harvard University
pp. 0138
Session 6 - Chair: Anna Gal, University Texas, Austin

Uniform Circuits for Division: Consequences and Problems (Abstract)

Eric Allender , Rutgers University
David A. Mix Barrington , University of Massachusetts
William Hesse , University of Massachusetts
pp. 0150

Affine Projections of Symmetric Polynomials (Abstract)

Amir Shpilka , Hebrew University
pp. 0160

Lower Bounds for Approximations by Low Degree Polynomials Over Z_m (Abstract)

Noga Alon , Tel Aviv University
Richard Beigel , Temple University
pp. 0184

On the Power of Nonlinear Secret-Sharing (Abstract)

Amos Beimel , Ben-Gurion University
Yuva Ishai , DIMACS and AT&T Labs-Research
pp. 0188
Session 7 - Chair: D. Sivakumar, IBM Almaden

Hausdorff Dimension in Exponential Time (Abstract)

Klaus Ambos-Spies , Universit?t Heidelberg
Wolfgang Merkle , Universit?t Heidelberg
Jan Reimann , Universit?t Heidelberg
Frank Stephan , Universit?t Heidelberg
pp. 0210
Session 8 - Chair: Salil Vadhan, IAS & Harvard University

On the Complexity of Approximating the VC Dimension (Abstract)

Elchanan Mossel , Microsoft Research
Christopher Umans , Microsoft Research
pp. 0220

Links Between Complexity Theory and Constrained Block Coding (Abstract)

Larry Stockmeyer , IBM Almaden Research Center
Dharmendra S. Modha , Treelet, Inc.
pp. 0226

Simple Analysis of Graph Tests for Linearity and PCP (Abstract)

Johan Håstad , Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Avi Wigderson , Hebrew University and Institute for Advanced Study
pp. 0244
Session 9 - Chair: Madhu Sudan, MIT

Logical Operations and Kolmogorov Complexity II (Abstract)

Andrei A. Muchnik , Institute of New Technologies, Moscow
Nikolai K. Vereshchagin , Moscow State University
pp. 0256

Computational Depth (Abstract)

Luis Antunes , University of Porto
Lance Fortnow , NEC Research Institute
Dieter Van Melkebeek , Institute for Advanced Study
pp. 0266

Quantum Algorithmic Entropy (Abstract)

Peter Gács , Boston University
pp. 0274
Session 10 - Chair: Uriel Feige, Weizmann Institute

Time-Space Tradeoffs in the Counting Hierarchy (Abstract)

Eric Allender , Rutgers University
Michal Koucký , Rutgers University
Detlef Ronneburger , Rutgers University
Sambudda Roy , Rutgers University
V. Vinay , Indian Institute of Science
pp. 0295

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