The Community for Technology Leaders
Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing, International Conference on (2004)
Kyoto, Japan
Jan. 29, 2004 to Jan. 30, 2004
ISBN: 0-7695-2166-5
Japanese Session: Abstracts/Papers

Preface (PDF)

pp. 0_9

Preface (PDF)

pp. viii

Croquet: A Menagerie of New User Interfaces (Abstract)

David A. Smith , Bellsouth
Andreas Raab , University of Magdeburg
David P. Reed , Hewlett Packard Laboratories
Alan Kay , Hewlett Packard
pp. 4-11
Collaboration and Contents

Automatic TV Program Production with APEs (Abstract)

Masaki Hayashi , NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Mamoru Douke , NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Narichika Hamaguchi , NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
pp. 20-25

SKRAPPLE: Enabling Media-Based Study Schools, Apprentice Schools, and Samba Schools (Abstract)

John Voiklis , Columbia University
John Black , Columbia University
Daniel Kaplan , Columbia University
pp. 34-41
Virtual Space and Collaboration

TSU.MI.KI: Stimulating Children?s Creativity and Imagination with Interactive Blocks (Abstract)

Yuichi Itoh , Osaka University
Shintaro Akinobu , Osaka University
Hiroyasu Ichida , Osaka University
Ryoichi Watanabe , Osaka University
Yoshifumi Kitamura , Osaka University
Fumio Kishino , Osaka University
pp. 62-70

Designing a 3D Authoring Tool for Children (Abstract)

Jana Hintze , Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg
Maic Masuch , Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg
pp. 78-85
Programming Environments

Scratch: A Sneak Preview (Abstract)

John Maloney , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Leo Burd , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yasmin Kafai , University of California at Los Angeles
Natalie Rusk , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brian Silverman , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mitchel Resnick , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 104-109

Application of Squeak/Croquet Environment for Embedded Systems Development (Abstract)

Masahiro Sakai , Micronet Co., Ltd.
Yasutaka Ishizaki , Micronet Co., Ltd.
Atsushi Togawa , Micronet Co., Ltd.
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto , Hokkaido University
pp. 117-120
Educational Systems

A Squeak-Based Educational Software — Happy Learning (Abstract)

Juan Ye , Wuhan University
Zhiyong Peng , Wuhan University
pp. 138-145

A Grand Challenge: Optimum Curriculum Design (Abstract)

Tak-Wai Chan , National Central University
pp. 146-150
Creative Learning Environments

Developing Squeak-Based Curricula through a Collaborative "TIDE" Course at Kyoto University and UCLA (Abstract)

Kentaro Yoshimasa , Kyoto University
Yoshiki Ohshima , Viewpoints Research Institute
Kim Rose , Viewpoints Research Institute
pp. 152-159

Squeak in Spain as Part of the LinEx Project (Abstract)

Diego G?mez Deck , Small-Land Project Leader
Jos? L. Redrejo Rodriguez , LinEx Developer
pp. 160-165
Japanese Session: Abstracts/Papers
Japanese Session: Abstracts/Papers

Development Works for Integrated-Study with Co-operations of Community (PDF)

Noriko Morita , Fujitsu Limited
Kohei Yamamoto , Tellme Solutions Inc.
Takeshi Nakatani , Internet GIS Inc.
Masaki Shirai , Settsu Municipal Mashita Elementary School
Masami Ichihashi , Settsu Municipal Mashita Elementary School
pp. 185

Development of Computer Learning Environment for Beginners Using Model Railway Layout (PDF)

Hirokazu Sasamoto , ATR Media Information Science Laboratories and Osaka University
Haruo Noma , ATR Media Information Science Laboratories
Kenji Susami , ATR Media Information Science Laboratories
Yuichi Itoh , Osaka University
Yoshifumi Kitamura , Osaka University
Fumio Kishino , Osaka University
Nobuji Tetsutani , ATR Media Information Science Laboratories
pp. 186

Collaborative Visualization for Supporting Joint Researches in ITBL Project (PDF)

Yoshio Suzuki , Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Nobuko Matsumoto , Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Kazunori Sai , Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
pp. 187

A Trial Course of Programming with Squeak (PDF)

Yoshiaki Matsuzawa , Keio University
Manabu Sugiura , Keio University
Hajime Ohiwa , Keio University
pp. 188

Development of Web-Based Correction System for Artistic Design (PDF)

Tsuneko A. Kura , NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
Naoyuki Kakehi , NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
Hideo Suzuki , NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
Takeshi Sugiyama , NTT Communications Corporation
Tokiichiro Takahashi , Tokyo Denki University
Keiko Takemiya , Kyoto Seika University
pp. 189

Personalized Education Environment Considering Progress in C Programming Skill Acquisition (PDF)

Hiroshi Taguchi , Ritsumeikan University
Hiromitsu Shimakawa , Ritsumeikan University
Atsushi Ishii , Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
pp. 192
Squeak BOF (Birds of a Feather)
Author Index

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