The Community for Technology Leaders
Australasian User Interface Conference (2000)
Canberra, Australia
Jan. 31, 2000 to Feb. 3, 2000
ISSN: 1530-0951
ISBN: 0-7695-0515-5

Preface (PDF)

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Program Committee (PDF)

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Keynote Address (PDF)

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Breaking the Copy/Paste Cycle: The Stretchable Selection Tool (Abstract)

Dale Fletcher , University of Waikato
William J. Rogers , University of Waikato
Mark D. Apperley , University of Waikato
pp. 3

Finger Tracking for the Digital Desk (Abstract)

Richard C Thomas , University of Western Australia
Thomas Brown , INTERLINK
pp. 11

Developing Adaptable User Interfaces for Component-Based Systems (Abstract)

John Hosking , University of Auckland
John Grundy , University of Auckland
pp. 17

Stepping into Cooperative Buildings (Abstract)

Michael Docherty , University of Queensland
Simon Kaplan , University of Queensland
Geraldine Fitzpatrick , University of Queensland
pp. 33

Applying Ecological Interface Design to Experimental Apparatus Used to Monitor a Refrigeration Plant (Abstract)

Mark Toleman , University of Southern Queensland
John Benecke , University of Southern Queensland
Pat Lehane , University of Southern Queensland
pp. 41

WAP Enabling Existing HTML Applications (Abstract)

Marcin Metter , University of Queensland
Robert Colomb , University of Queensland
pp. 49

Exploring Visualizations through Subspace Composition (Abstract)

Rajehndra Nagappan , Australian National University
pp. 58

Visual Gesture Interfaces for Virtual Environments (Abstract)

Rochelle O'Hagan , Australian National University
Alexander Zelinsky , Australian National University
pp. 73

BUS: A Browser Based User Interface Service for Web Based Applications (Abstract)

Michael Sweeney , University of New South Wales and Department of Defense
pp. 103

Evaluation of Animation Effects to Improve Indirect Manipulation (Abstract)

Bruce H. Thomas , University of South Australia
Victor Demczuk , Defense Science and Technology Organization
pp. 110

Supporting Special-Purpose Health Care Models via Web Interfaces (Abstract)

Heath K. Frankel , University of South Australia
Berend J. Van der Zwaag , University of South Australia
James R. Warren , University of South Australia
Joseph T. Noone , University of South Australia
pp. 118

(Focus + Context)3: Distortion-Oriented Displays in Three Dimensions (Abstract)

Raymond Smith , Monash University
Paul Calder , Flinders University of South Australia
Donovan Winch , Flinders University of South Australia
pp. 126

Question-Driven Classification of Retrieved Documents (Abstract)

Mingfang Wu , CSIRO Mathematical and Information Science
Michael Fuller , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Ross Wilkinson , CSIRO Mathematical and Information Science
pp. 134

Programming without a Computer: A New Interface for Children under Eight (Abstract)

Peta Wyeth , University of Queensland
Helen C. Purchase , University of Queensland
pp. 141

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