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Proceedings ASE 2000. Fifteenth IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (2000)
Grenoble, France
Sept. 11, 2000 to Sept. 15, 2000
ISSN: 1527-1366
ISBN: 0-7695-0710-7

ASE 2000 [front matter] (PDF)

pp. iii-viii

Model checking programs (Abstract)

W. Visser , Res. Inst. for Adv. Comput. Sci., NASA Ames Res. Center, Moffett Field, CA, USA
pp. 3-11

Management of change in structured verification (Abstract)

D. Hutter , German Res. Center for Artificial Intelligence, Saarbrucken, Germany
pp. 23-31

A comparison of questionnaire-based and GUI-based requirements gathering (Abstract)

J.M. Moore , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX, USA
pp. 35-43

CM-Builder: an automated NL-based CASE tool (Abstract)

H.M. Harmain , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Sebha Univ., Libya
pp. 45-53

Finding comparatively important concepts between texts (Abstract)

R. Lecoeuche , Div. of Inf., Edinburgh Univ., UK
pp. 55-60

Upgrading legacy instances of reactive systems (Abstract)

R.J. Hall , AT&T Labs. Res., Florham Park, NJ, USA
pp. 63-72

Renaming detection (Abstract)

G. Malpohl , IPD, Karlsruhe Univ., Germany
pp. 73-80

Mutation operators for specifications (Abstract)

P.E. Black , Nat. Inst. of Stand. & Technol., Gaithersburg, MD, USA
pp. 81-88

The use of abduction and recursion-editor techniques for the correction of faulty conjectures (Abstract)

R. Monroy , Dept. of Comput. Sci., ITESM-CEM, Atizapan, Mexico
pp. 91-99

Circular coinductive rewriting (Abstract)

J. Goguen , Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Eng., California Univ., San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA
pp. 123-131

Simultaneous checking of completeness and ground confluence (Abstract)

A. Bouhoula , LORIA, Inst. Nat. de Recherche en Inf. et Autom., Villers-les-Nancy, France
pp. 143-151

Preface (PDF)

pp. ix

Sponsors (PDF)

pp. xii
Session 1: Verification

Model Checking Programs (Abstract)

Willem Visser , NASA Ames Research Center
Klaus Havelund , NASA Ames Research Center
Guillaume Brat , NASA Ames Research Center
SeungJoon Park , NASA Ames Research Center
pp. 3

Exploring the Design of an Intentional Naming Scheme with an Automatic Constraint Analyzer (Abstract)

Sarfraz Khurshid , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Daniel Jackson , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 13

Management of Change in Structured Verification (Abstract)

Dieter Hutter , German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
pp. 23
Session 2: Requirements

CM-Builder: An Automated NL-Based CASE Tool (Abstract)

R. Gaizauskas , University of Sheffield
H.M. Harmain , University of Sebha
pp. 45
Session 3: Evolution

Renaming Detection (Abstract)

Guido Malpohl , University of Karlsruhe
James J. Hunt , University of Karlsruhe
Walter F. Tichy , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 73

Mutation Operators for Specifications (Abstract)

Paul E. Black , National Institute of Standards and Technology
Vadim Okun , University of Maryland in Baltimore County
Yaacov Yesha , University of Maryland in Baltimore County
pp. 81
Session 4: Synthesis and Code Generation
Session 5: Algebraic Specification

Circular Coinductive Rewriting (Abstract)

Joseph Goguen , University of California at San Diego
Kai Lin , University of California at San Diego
Grigore Rosu , University of California at San Diego
pp. 123

Simultaneous Checking of Completeness and Ground Confluence (Abstract)

Adel Bouhoula , Ecole Sup?rieure des Communications de Tunis
pp. 143
Session 6: Process

Using Little-JIL to Coordinate Agents in Software Engineering (Abstract)

Barbara Staudt Lemer , Williams College
Eric K. McCall , HP Laboratories
Alexander Wise , University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Aaron G. Cass , University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Leon J. Osterweil , University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Stanley M. Sutton, Jr. , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
pp. 155

Practical Large Scale What-if Queries: Case Studies with Software Risk Assessment (Abstract)

Tim Menzies , NASA/West Virginia University
Erik Sinsel , NASA/West Virginia University
pp. 165
Session 7: Design

Using Graph Rewriting to Specify Software Architectural Transformations (Abstract)

Hoda Fahmy , University of Toronto
Richard C. Holt , University of Waterloo
pp. 187
Session 8: Testing

Generating Test Data for Branch Coverage (Abstract)

Mary Lou Soffa , University of Pittsburgh
Aditya P. Mathur , Purdue University
Neelam Gupta , University of Arizona
pp. 219

Test Sequences Generation from LUSTRE Descriptions: GATEL (Abstract)

Bruno Marre , Universite de Paris-Sud
Agnes Arnould , Universite de Poitiers
pp. 229
Short Papers

Automating the Composition of Middleware Configurations (Abstract)

Christos Kloukinas , INRIA-Rocquencourt
Valerie Issamy , INRIA-Rocquencourt
pp. 241

Towards Explicit Representation of Architectural Design Assumptions (Abstract)

John J. Kyaruzi , Delft University of Technology
jan van Katwijk , Delft University of Technology
pp. 249

Java Model Checking (Abstract)

David Y.W. Park , Stanford University
Ulrich Stern , Stanford University
Jens U. Sakkebæk , Stanford University
David L. Dill , Stanford University
pp. 253

Automated Security Checking and Patching Using TestTalk (Abstract)

Chang Liu , University of California at Irvine
Debra J. Richardson , University of California at Irvine
pp. 261

A Transformational Viewpoint on Design Patterns (Abstract)

Mikal Ziane , Universit? Paris 6 and Universit? Ren? Descartes
pp. 273

Representing Technology to Promote Reuse in the Software Design Process (Abstract)

K.S. Barber , University of Texas at Austin
Sutirtha Bhattacharya , University of Texas at Austin
pp. 285

Translating Use Cases to Sequence Diagrams (Abstract)

Liwu Li , University of Windsor
pp. 293

New Visual Interface for Engineering Use Case Models (Abstract)

Nikolai Mansurov , Russian Academy of Sciences
Dmitri Vasura , Russian Academy of Sciences
pp. 297

Semantic Abstraction Rules for Class Diagrams (Abstract)

Alexander Egyed , University of Southern California
pp. 301

Combining the Best Attributes of Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Management Tool Support (Abstract)

Martin S. Feather , California Institute of Technology
Steven L. Cornford , California Institute of Technology
Timothy W. Larson , California Institute of Technology
pp. 309

A Group Critic System for Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Abstract)

Cleidson R.B. Souza , Federal University of Par?
Jair S. Ferreira, Jr. , Federal University of Par?
Kleder M. Gonçalves , Federal University of Par?
Jacques Wainer , State University of Campinas
pp. 313

Extending UML to Support Domain Analysis (Abstract)

Maurizio Morisio , Politecnico di Torino
pp. 321

Index of Authors (PDF)

pp. 329
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