The Community for Technology Leaders
Advanced Research in VLSI, Conference on (1999)
Atlanta, Georgia
Mar. 21, 1999 to Mar. 24, 1999
ISSN: 1522-869X
ISBN: 0-7695-0056-0

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Invited Speaker

Architecture Design of Reconfigurable Pipelined Datapaths (Abstract)

Darren C. Cronquist , University of Washington
Carl Ebeling , University of Washington
Miguel Figueroa , University of Washington
Paul Franklin , University of Washington
Chris Fisher , University of Washington
pp. 23
Session 2: VLSI Focal Plane Architectures

A Column-based Processing Array for High-speed Digital Image Processing (Abstract)

Erica Fletcher , Intel Corporation
Sami Issa , Intel Corporation
Jean-Charles Korta , Intel Corporation
Kevin Connolly , Intel Corporation
Cyrus Afghahi , Intel Corporation
Tonia Morris , Intel Corporation
pp. 42

Impact of Power Density Limitation in Gigascale Integration for the SIMD Pixel Processor (Abstract)

Antonio Gentile , Georgia Institute of Technology
Sek M. Chai , Georgia Institute of Technology
D. Scott Wills , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 57
Invited Speaker

Area-Universal Circuits with Constant Slowdown (Abstract)

Gianfranco Bilardi , Universita' di Padova and University of Illinois at Chicago
Geppino Pucci , Universita' di Padova
Sandeep N. Bhatt , Bell Communications Research
pp. 89

A Quantitative Approach to Nonlinear Process Design Rule Scaling (Abstract)

Spencer M. Gold , University of Michigan
Bruce Bernhardt , Motorola, Inc.
Richard B. Brown , University of Michigan
pp. 99
Session 4: VLSI Modeling and Technology

Interconnect-Dominated VLSI Design (Abstract)

C. Mark , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
R. Mangaser , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
P. Ghosh , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
K. Rose , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
pp. 114

Clock-Powered CMOS: A Hybrid Adiabatic Logic Style for Energy-Efficient Computing (Abstract)

Nestoras Tzartzanis , University of Southern California
William C. Athas , University of Southern California
pp. 137
Invited Speaker

System-on-a-Chip VLSI - Is It Finally Really Here? (Abstract)

Robert W. Brodersen , University of California at Berkeley
pp. 154

Algorithms Promoting the Use of Dual Supply Voltages for Power-Driven Designs (Abstract)

Min-Cheng Chang , National Chung-Cheng University
Chingwei Yeh , National Chung-Cheng University
Yin-Shuin Kang , National Chung-Cheng University
pp. 155
Session 6: VLSI Circuits

Optimal Clocking and Enhanced Testability for High-Performance Self-Resetting Domino Pipelines (Abstract)

Ayoob E. Dooply , University of California at San Diego
Kenneth Y. Yun , University of California at San Diego
pp. 200

Adaptive Circuits Using pFET Floating-Gate Devices (Abstract)

Paul Hasler , Georgia Institute of Technology
Bradley A. Minch , Cornell University
Chris Diorio , University of Washington
pp. 215
Invited Speaker

VLSI Architecture: Past, Present, and Future (Abstract)

William J. Dally , Stanford University
Steve Lacy , Stanford University
pp. 232

Exploring Microprocessor Architectures for Gigascale Integration (Abstract)

Tarek Taha , Georgia Institute of Technology
Mondira Deb-Pant , Georgia Institute of Technology
Scott Wills , Georgia Institute of Technology
James Meindl , Georgia Institute of Technology
Lucian Codrescu , Georgia Institute of Technology
John Eble , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 242
Session 8: Vision Processing Chips

A Two-Dimensional, Object-Based Analog VLSI Visual Attention System (Abstract)

Stephen P. DeWeerth , Georgia Institute of Technology
Tonia G. Morris , Georgia Institute of Technology
Charles S. Wilson , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 291

Multi-Chip Neuromorphic Motion Processing (Abstract)

Charles M. Higgins , California Institute of Technology
Christof Koch , California Institute of Technology
pp. 309
Invited Speaker

Problems and Prospects for Electrical Signaling (Abstract)

John Poulton , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
pp. 326

Who Put the Sugar in Sydney Harbor? (Abstract)

Neil Weste , Macquarie University
pp. 358

Battery-powered, Wireless MEMS Sensors for High-Sensitivity Chemical and Biological Sensing (Abstract)

J.M. Rochelle , The University of Tennessee
R.J. Warmack , Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Tennessee
J.C. Depriest , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
T.D. Threatt , The University of Tennessee
W.L. Bryan , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
G.W. Turner , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
M.N. Ericson , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Z. Hu , The University of Tennessee
S.F. Smith , Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Tennessee
M.S. Emery , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
R.L. Jones , The University of Tennessee
T. Thundat , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
M.R. Moore , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
G.M. Brown , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
C.L. Britton Jr , Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Tennessee
L.G. Clonts , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
A.L. Wintenberg , Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Tennessee
pp. 359

MEMS-Based Capacitor Arrays for Programmable Interconnect and RF Applications (Abstract)

B.E. Duewer , North Carolina State University
J.M. Wilson , North Carolina State University
P.D. Franzon , North Carolina State University
D.A. Winick , North Carolina State University
pp. 369

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