The Community for Technology Leaders
Advances in Digital Libraries Conference, IEEE (2000)
Washington, D.C.
May 22, 2000 to May 24, 2000
ISBN: 0-7695-0659-3

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Session 1: Invited Address
Session 2: Digital Library Systems

Electronic Books in Digital Libraries (Abstract)

Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu , Case Western Reserve University
Graham Cormode , Case Western Reserve University
Gultekin Ozsoyoglu , Case Western Reserve University
N. Hurkan Balkir , Case Western Reserve University
pp. 5

Building a Digital Library of Newspaper Clippings: The LAURIN Project (Abstract)

Diego Calvanese , Universit? di Roma ?La Sapienza?
Tiziana Catarci , Universit? di Roma ?La Sapienza?
Giuseppe Santucci , Universit? di Roma ?La Sapienza?
pp. 15
Parallel Session 3A: Human Computer Interaction

Effects of Word Recognition Errors in Spoken Query Processing (Abstract)

Fabio Crestani , International Computer Science Institute
pp. 39

WebSSQL - A Query Language for Multimedia Web Documents (Abstract)

Weiyi Meng , State University of New York at Binghamton
Z. Wu , State University of New York at Binghamton
Changqing Zhang , State University of New York at Binghamton
Zhongfei Zhang , State University of New York at Binghamton
pp. 58
Parallel Session 3B: Knowledge Representation and Security

Mobile Agents and the SARA Digital Library (Abstract)

Christos Georgousopoulos , Cardiff University
Roy Williams , California Institute of Technology
David W. Walker , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Omer F. Rana , Cardiff University
Yanyan Yang , Cardiff University
pp. 71

Copy Detection Systems for Digital Documents (Abstract)

Wendy R. Chen , Brigham Young University
Randy D. Smith , Brigham Young University
Douglas M. Campbell , Brigham Young University
pp. 78

Using Regular Tree Automata as XML Schemas (Abstract)

Boris Chidlovskii , Xerox Research Centre Europe
pp. 89
Session 6: Semantic and Systems Interoperability I

Morphing Towards Interoperable Catalogues (Abstract)

Dean Kuo , CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
Chris Gokey , GCMD Raytheon ITSS
Dione Smith , CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
pp. 105

Audio Structuring and Personalized Retrieval Using Ontologies (Abstract)

Latifur Khan , University of Southern California
Dennis McLeod , University of Southern California
pp. 116

On Extending the XML Engine with Query-Processing Capabilities (Abstract)

Klemens Böhm , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
pp. 127
Parallel Session 7A: Document Models

Searching and Browsing Collections of Structural Information (Abstract)

Holger Flörke , Universit?t Bonn
Jens E. Wolff , Universit?t Bonn
Armin B. Cremers , Universit?t Bonn
pp. 141

An Integrated Metamodel for Knowledge Representation in Geolibraries (Abstract)

Zarine Kemp , University of Kent at Canterbury
Claudio S. Baptista , University of Kent at Canterbury
pp. 151

Detecting Data and Schema Changes in Scientific Documents (Abstract)

Ron Musick , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nabil Adam , Rutgers University
Igg Adiwijaya , Rutgers University
Terence Critchlow , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 160
Parallel Session 7B: Statistical Filtering

Clustering and Identifying Temporal Trends in Document Databases (Abstract)

C. Lee Giles , NEC Research Institute
Gary William Flake , NEC Research Institute
Lyle H. Ungar , University of Pennsylvania
Steve Lawrence , NEC Research Institute
Alexandrin Popescul , University of Pennsylvania and NEC Research Institute
pp. 173

Finding Themes in Medline Documents: Probabilistic Similarity Search (Abstract)

W. John Wilbur , National Library of Medicine
Hagit Shatkay , National Library of Medicine
pp. 183

Efficient Similarity Search in Digital Libraries (Abstract)

Hans-Peter Kriegel , University of Munich
Bernhard Braunmüller , University of Munich
Christian Böhm , University of Munich
Matthias Schubert , University of Munich
pp. 193
Session 9: Open Workshops
Session 10: Semantic and Systems Interoperability II

BlueView: Virtual Document Servers for Digital Libraries (Abstract)

Beate Porst , University of Rostock
Patrick Titzler , University of Rostock
Andreas Heuer , University of Rostock
Holger Meyer , University of Rostock
pp. 207

A Boolean Query Processing with a Result Cache in Mediator Systems (Abstract)

Sang-Goo Lee , Seoul National University
Jae-Heon Cheong , Seoul National University
pp. 218

A View System for CORBA-Wrapped Data Sources (Abstract)

Anastassia Spiridou , European Bioinformatics Institute
pp. 228
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