The Community for Technology Leaders
Advances in Digital Libraries Conference, IEEE (1998)
Santa Barbara, California
Apr. 22, 1998 to Apr. 24, 1998
ISSN: 1092-9959
ISBN: 0-8186-8464-X

Foreword (PDF)

pp. viii
Automating the Process of Information Extraction in Digital Libraries, Chair: Sara Graves - University of Alabama at Huntsville

Applying Data Mining Techniques for Descriptive Phrase Extraction in Digital Document Collections (Abstract)

Helena Ahonen , Universitaet Tuebingen
Oskari Heinonen , University of Helsinki
Mika Klemettinen , University of Helsinki
A. Inkeri Verkamo , University of Helsinki
pp. 2

Discovering Web Access Patterns and Trends by Applying OLAP and Data Mining Technology on Web Logs (Abstract)

Osmar R. ZaÏane , Simon Fraser University
Man Xin , Simon Fraser University
Jiawei Han , Simon Fraser University
pp. 19

Binary Partition Based Algorithms for Mining Association Rules (Abstract)

Jianlin Feng , Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Yucai Feng , Huazhong University of Science and Technology
pp. 30
Issues in the Construction of Usable Digital Libraries, Chair: Michael Lesk - National Science Foundation

Thesaurus Federations: A Framework for the Flexible Integration of Heterogeneous, Autonomous Thesauri (Abstract)

Ralf Nikolai , Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)
Andreas Traupe , Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)
Ralf Kramer , Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)
pp. 46

Integrating New Document Types into Digital Libraries (Abstract)

Christian Möench , J. W. Goethe-University, Frankfurt
Oswald Drobnik , J. W. Goethe-University, Frankfurt
pp. 56

Multi-Resolution Cache Management in Digital Virtual Library (Abstract)

Jimmy H.P. Chim , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Va Leong , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Rynson W.H. Lau , City University of Hong Kong,
Antonio Si , Sun Microsystems
pp. 66

Personal Interface Mechanism on Digital Library (Abstract)

Toyohide Watanabe , Nagoya University
N.T.Champa Jayawardana , Nagoya University
Taketoshi Ushiama , Nagoya University
pp. 76
Indexing and Information Access in Digital Libraries, Chair: Mike Reeston - University of California at Santa Barbara

Advanced Hypermedia Indexing of Documents in a Deductive System Database (Abstract)

S. Wiesener , Andersen Consulting GmbH
H. Haddouti , Bavarian Research Center For Knowledge-based Systems (FORWISS)
R. Bayer , Technische Universit?t M?nchen
pp. 98

Smart Indexes for Efficient Browsing of Library Collections (Abstract)

Steven Geffner , University of California Santa Barbara
Divy Agrawal , University of California Santa Barbara
Amr El Abbadi , University of California Santa Barbara
Terry Smith , University of California Santa Barbara
Mary Larsgaard , University of California Santa Barbara
pp. 107

An Object-Based Information Retrieval Model: Toward the Structural Construction of Thesauri (Abstract)

J. J. Han , Chonbuk National University
J.H. Choi , Chonbuk National University
J.J. Park , Chonbuk National University
J.D. Yang , Chonbuk National University
J.K. Lee , Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute
pp. 117
Electronic Publishing in Digital Library Environments, Chair: Sally E. Howe - National Coordination Office for Computing, Information, and Communications

NCSTRL+: Adding Multi-Discipline and Multi-Genre Support to the Dienst Protocol Using Clusters and Buckets (Abstract)

Michael L. Nelson , NASA Langley Research Center
Kurt Maly , Old Dominion University
Stewart N.T. Shen , Old Dominion University
Mohammad Zubair , Old Dominion University
pp. 128

Electronic Publishing, Storage, Dissemination and Retrieval of a Scientific Journal through the Web (Abstract)

M. Agosti , Universita' di Padova
M. Melucci , Universita' di Padova
F. Crestani , University of Glasgow
pp. 137
Invited Session: Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Digital Libraries, Session Organizer and Chair: Hsinchun Chen - University of Arizona

Story Segmentation and Detection of Commercials in Broadcast News Video (Abstract)

Alexander G. Haupmann , Carnegie Mellon University
Michael J. Witbrock , Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center
pp. 168
Querying Digital Libraries and the World Wide Web, Chair: Ron Dolin - University of California at Santa Barbara

Query Optimization for Structured Documents Based on Knowledge on the Document Type Definition (Abstract)

Klemens Boehm , Institute of Inf. Systems
Karl Aberer , GMD--IPSI
M. Tamer Ozsu , University of Alberta
Kathrin Gayer , Humboldt University Berlin
pp. 196

WebDB: A Web Query System and Its Modeling, Language, and Implementation (Abstract)

Wen-Syan Li , C&C Research Laboratories, NEC
Junho Shim , C&C Research Laboratories, NEC
K. Selcuk Candan , C&C Research Laboratories, NEC
Yoshinori Hara , C&C Research Laboratories, NEC
pp. 216

Making Sense of Scientific Information on WorldWideWeb : WWW-TED (Abstract)

Marcia J. Bossy , E.N.S.T. - Ecole Nationale Sup?rieure des T?l?communications
pp. 238
Invited Session: Meta-Information Environments in Digital Libraries, Session Organizer and Chair: Ron Musick - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A Metadata Architecture for Digital Libraries (Abstract)

Ron Daniel, Jr. , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Carl Lagoze , Cornell University
Sandra D. Payette , Cornell University
pp. 276
Images and Visual Information in Digital Libraries, Chair: B.S. Manjunath - University of California at Santa Barbara

Concept-Based Query in Visual Information Systems (Abstract)

Chabane Djeraba , IRIN, IRESTE,
Marinette Bouet , IRIN, IRESTE,
Henri Briand , IRIN, IRESTE,
pp. 299

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