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Seventeenth Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (2001)
New Orleans, LA, USA
Dec. 10, 2001 to Dec. 14, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1405-7
Reviewers (PDF)
pp. xvii
Distinguished Practitioner
B. Blakle , Tivoli Systems, Inc., USA
TRACK A: Intrusion Detection I - Chair: D. Faigin, The Aerospace Corporation, USA
T. Wan , University of Regina
X. Yang , University of Regina
pp. 0003
T. Buchheim , Harvey Mudd College
M. Erlinger , Harvey Mudd College
B. Feinstein , Guardent, Inc.
G. Matthews , Harvey Mudd College
R. Pollock , Harvey Mudd College
J. Betser , The Aerospace Corporation
A. Walther , The Aerospace Corporation
pp. 0032
TRACK B: Security Architecture - Chair: C. Schuba, Sun Microsystems, Germany
D. Wheeler , Intel Corporation
A. Conyers , Intel Corporation
J. Luo , Intel Corporation
A. Xiong , Intel Corporation
pp. 0064
E. Monteith , Network Associates Inc.
pp. 0074
TRACK A: Cryptography - Chair: A. dos Santos, Georgia Tech, USA
Y. Huang , George Mason University
D. Rine , George Mason University
X. Wang , George Mason University
pp. 0085
D. Wong , Northeastern University
H. Fuentes , Northeastern University
A. Chan , Northeastern University
pp. 0092
W. Du , Syracuse University
M. Atallah , Purdue University
pp. 0102
TRACK B-Forum - Chair: M. Erlinger, Harvey Mudd College, USA
TRACK A: Access Control I - Chair: M. Clifford, The Aerospace Corporation, USA
A. Schaad , University of York
pp. 0117
P. Epstein , George Mason University Student
R. Sandhu , George Mason University
pp. 0127
W. Jansen , National Institute of Standards and Technology
pp. 0149
TRACK B: Classic Papers - Chair: D. Thomsen, Secure Computing, USA
D. Thomsen , Secure Computing Corporation
pp. 0161
J. Dobson , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
B. Randell , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
pp. 0162
C. Landwehr , Mitretek Systems, Inc.
C. Heitmeyer , Naval Research Laboratory
J. McLean , Naval Research Laboratory
pp. 0174
J. McHugh , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 0191
Invited Essayist Plenary
TRACK A: Intrusion Detection II - Chair: J. Heaney, The MITRE Corporation, USA
J. Munson , University of Idaho
S. Wimer , Software Systems International, LLC
pp. 0230
U. Lindqvist , SRI International
P. Porras , SRI International
pp. 0240
A. Jones , University of Virginia
S. Li , University of Massachusetts
pp. 0252
TRACK B: Secure Electronic Commerce - Chair: T. Ehrsam, Oracle, USA
S. Jiang , Dartmouth College
S. Smith , Dartmouth College
K. Minami , Dartmouth College
pp. 0265
G. Caronni , Sun Microsystems, Inc.
C. Schuba , Sun Microsystems, Inc.
pp. 0277
A. Levi , Oregon State University
C. Koç , Oregon State University
pp. 0286
P. Ashley , IBM Software Group
H. Hinton , IBM Software Group
M. Vandenwauver , IBM Software Group
pp. 0296
TRACK A: Access Control II - Chair: R. Sandhu, George Mason University, USA
P. Bonatti , Universit? degli Studi di Milano
E. Damiani , Universit? degli Studi di Milano
S. de Capitani , Universit? degli Studi di Brescia
P. Samarati , Universit? degli Studi di Milano
pp. 0309
C. Payne , Secure Computing Corporation
T. Markham , Secure Computing Corporation
pp. 0329
TRACK B-Panel - Chair: J. Reynolds, Teknowledge, USA
TRACK A-Forum - Chair: J. Patilla, METASeS, USA
TRACK B: Reality vs. Security - Chair: D. Johnson, The MITRE Corporation, USA
V. Razmov , University of Washington
D. Simon , Microsoft Research
pp. 0347
R. Anderson , University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
pp. 0358
J. McDermott , US Naval Research Laboratory
pp. 0366
TRACK A: PKI - Chair: M. Abrams, The MITRE Corporation, USA
V. Ungureanu , Rutgers University
pp. 0377
TRACK B: Internet Security - Chair: A. Friedman, NSA, USA
N. Weiler , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
pp. 0401
D. Mankins , BBN Technologies
R. Krishnan , BBN Technologies
C. Boyd , BBN Technologies
J. Zao , BBN Technologies
M. Frentz , BBN Technologies
pp. 0411
D. Gresty , Liverpool John Moores University
Q. Shi , Liverpool John Moores University
M. Merabti , Liverpool John Moores University
pp. 0422
TRACK A: Applications Security - Chair: J. Kahn, The MITRE Corporation, USA
A. Jones , University of Virginia
Y. Lin , University of Virginia
pp. 0442
U. Lang , University of Cambridge
D. Gollmann , Microsoft Research
R. Schreiner , ObjectSecurity Ltd.
pp. 0450
TRACK B-Panel - Chair: T. Havighurst, NSA, USA
Author Index (PDF)
pp. 0465
Assessment - Chair: B. Jenkins, ACS Defense, USA
PKI - Chair: N. Givans, Booz Allen & Hamilton, USA
Firewalls - Chair: L. Davidson, US Navy, USA
Authentication - Chair: J. Lowry, BBN/Verizon, USA
Defense-in-Depth - Chair: D. Luddy, NSA, USA
Enterprise Protection - Chair: R. Wilson, NSA, USA
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