The Community for Technology Leaders
2013 Third International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ACCT 2013) (2013)
April 6, 2013 to April 7, 2013
ISSN: 2327-0632
ISBN: 978-1-4673-5965-8
pp: 276-282
Ad hoc networks consist of independent self structured nodes. Nodes utilize a wireless medium for exchange their message or data, as a result two nodes can converse in a straight one to one connection if and only if they are within every other's transmit range. Swarm intelligence presents to intricate activities so as to happen as of each easy exclusive behavior and exchanges, which is often experienced in nature, particularly amongst social insects such as ants. Although every individual (an ant) has small intelligence and just tags on basic rules by means of confined information that gained from the network domain, for instance ant's pheromone track arranging and following activities, widespread best activities, such as determining a shortest route, appear when they work jointly as a group. In this regard in our previous work we proposed a biologically inspired metaphor based path finding in mobile ad hoc networks that referred as Swarm Adaptive Hybrid Routing (SAHR). With the motivation gained from SAHR, here in this paper we propose a Swarm Adaptive Multiple paths routing (SAMR) topology. The aim is to perform the load balancing and congestion endurance. In this paper we utilize our previous proposed algorithm that inspired from Swarm Intelligence to get these characteristics. In a wide set of simulation tests, we evaluate our routing topology with SAHR, and show that it gets better performance over a wide range of diverse circumstances and for a number of various assessment evaluates. In particular, we demonstrate that it turns superior in load balancing and congestion endurance with dense networks.
mobile ad hoc networks, resource allocation, swarm intelligence, telecommunication network routing, telecommunication network topology

B. P. Bonala and P. S. Srinavas, "SAMR: Swarm Adaptive Multipath Routing Topology for Load Balancing and Congestion Endurance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks," 2013 Third International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ACCT 2013)(ACCT), Rohtak, 2013, pp. 276-282.
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