The Community for Technology Leaders
3D Digital Imaging and Modeling, International Conference on (1999)
Ottawa, Canada
Oct. 4, 1999 to Oct. 8, 1999
ISBN: 0-7695-0062-5

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Invited Speaker

The Digital Michelangelo Project (Abstract)

Marc Levoy , Stanford University
pp. 0002
Session 1 — 3D Sensors

Hand-Held Acquisition of 3D Models with a Video Camera (Abstract)

M. Pollefeys , ESAT-PSI, K.U.Leuven
R. Koch , ESAT-PSI, K.U.Leuven
M. Vergauwen , ESAT-PSI, K.U.Leuven
L. Van Gool , ESAT-PSI, K.U.Leuven
pp. 0014

A Low-Cost Range Finder Using a Visually Located, Structured Light Source (Abstract)

R.B. Fisher , Edinburgh University
A.P. Ashbrook , Edinburgh University
C. Robertson , Edinburgh University
N. Werghi , Edinburgh University
pp. 0024

Digital 3D Imaging System for Rapid Response on Remote Sites (Abstract)

J-A Beraldin , National Research Council Canada
F. Blais , National Research Council Canada
L. Cournoyer , National Research Council Canada
M. Rioux , National Research Council Canada
S.H. El-Hakim , National Research Council Canada
R. Rodella , Universit? di Brescia
F. Bernier , Universit? Laval
N. Harrison , Universit? Laval
pp. 0034
Session 2 — 3D Sensors
Session 3 — 3D Sensors
Session 4 — 3D Sensors

Calibration of a Laser Stripe Profiler (Abstract)

Alan M. McIvor , Industrial Research
pp. 0092

Computing Consistent Normals and Colors from Photometric Data (Abstract)

H. Rushmeier , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
F. Bernardini , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
pp. 0099

Bayesian Estimation of Distance and Surface Normal with a Time-of-Flight Laser Rangefinder (Abstract)

Jochen Lang , University of British Columbia
Dinesh K. Pai , University of British Columbia
pp. 0109

Model-Based Scanning Path Generation for Inspection (Abstract)

Chang Shu , National Research Council of Canada
Fengfeng Xi , National Research Council of Canada
pp. 0118
Poster Presentations
Session 5 — View Planning
Session 6 — View Registration

Multiview Registration for Large Data Sets (Abstract)

Kari Pulli , Stanford University
pp. 0160

Robust Surface Matching for Registration (Abstract)

Elizabeth Guest , University of Leeds
Steven Kelly , University of Leeds
Elizabeth Berry , University of Leeds
Márta Fidrich , J?zsef Attila University
pp. 0169
Session 7 — View Registration

Registering Two Overlapping Range Images (Abstract)

Gerhard Roth , National Research Council of Canada
pp. 0191

Fast and Robust Registration of 3D Surfaces Using Low Curvature Patches (Abstract)

Van-Duc Nguyen , GE Research & Development CMA Consulting Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Victor Nzomigni , GE Research & Development CMA Consulting Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Charles V. Stewart , GE Research & Development CMA Consulting Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
pp. 0201

Experimental Analysis of Harmonic Shape Images (Abstract)

Dongmei Zhang , Carnegie Mellon University
Martial Hebert , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 0209
Session 8 — Geometric Signal Processing

Estimating Pose Through Local Geometry (Abstract)

Gilbert Soucy , McGill University
Francesco G. Callari , McGill University
Frank P. Ferrie , McGill University
pp. 0220

Efficient and Reliable Template Set Matching for 3D Object Recognition (Abstract)

Michael Greenspan , Carleton University and Canada National Research Council of Canada
Pierre Boulanger , Canada National Research Council of Canada
pp. 0230
Invited Speaker
Session 9 — Geometric Signal Processing

A Geometric Approach to the Segmentation of Range Images (Abstract)

M.E. Bock , Purdue University
C. Guerra , Universit? di Padova
pp. 0261
Session 10 — Object Modeling

Faithful Recovering of Quadric Surfaces from 3D Range Data (Abstract)

N. Werghi , University of Edinburgh
A. Ashbrook , University of Edinburgh
R.B. Fisher , University of Edinburgh
C. Robertson , University of Edinburgh
pp. 0280
Session 11 — Object Modeling

Constructing NURBS Surface Model from Scattered and Unorganized Range Data (Abstract)

In Kyu Park , Seoul National University
Sang Uk Lee , Seoul National University
Il Dong Yun , Hankuk University
pp. 0312
Session 12 — Environment Modeling

The Mapping of Texture on VR Polygonal Models (Abstract)

Denis Laurendeau , Laval University
Nathalie Bertrand , Hydro Quebec Research Institute
Régis Houde , Hydro Quebec Research Institute
pp. 0332

Modeling Structured Environments by a Single Moving Camera (Abstract)

Tapio Repo , University of Oulu
Juha Röning , University of Oulu
pp. 0340

Indoor Scene Reconstruction from Sets of Noisy Range Images (Abstract)

R.T. Whitaker , University ofTennessee
J. Gregor , University ofTennessee
P.F. Chen , University ofTennessee
pp. 0348

Large Data Sets and Confusing Scenes in 3-D Surface Matching and Recognition (Abstract)

Owen Carmichael , Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel Huber , Carnegie Mellon University
Martial Hebert , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 0358
Invited Speaker
Session 13 — Human Modeling

Building Symbolic Information for 3D Human Body Modeling from Range Data (Abstract)

L. Dekker , University College London
I. Douros , University College London
B.F. Buxton , University College London
P. Treleaven , University College London
pp. 0388

Building 3D Facial Models and Detecting Face Pose in 3D Space (Abstract)

Shihong Lao , OMRON Corporation
Masato Kawade , OMRON Corporation
Yasushi Sumi , OMRON Corporation
Fumiaki Tomita , OMRON Corporation
pp. 0390

Automatic Body Measurement for Mass Customization of Garments (Abstract)

Andrew Certain , Manifold Graphics, Inc.
Werner Stuetzle , University of Washington
pp. 0405
Poster Presentations

3D Statistical Shape Models for Medical Image Segmentation (Abstract)

Cristian Lorenz , Philips Research Laboratories
Nils Krahnstöver , Pennsylvania State University
pp. 0414

Hand Posture Estimation from 2D Monocular Image (Abstract)

H.Y. Guan , Nanyang Technological University
C.S. Chua , Nanyang Technological University
Y.K. Ho , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 0424

Virtual Environment Modeling by Integrated Optical and Acoustic Sensing (Abstract)

A. Fusiello , University of Udine
R. Giannitrapani , University of Udine
V. Isaia , University of Udine
V. Murino , University of Verona
pp. 0437

Is Appearance-Based Structure from Motion Viable? (Abstract)

David DiFranco , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sing Bing Kang , Compaq Computer Corporation
pp. 0447

On Estimating the Position of Fragments on Rotational Symmetric Pottery (Abstract)

Robert Sablatnig , Vienna University of Technology
Christian Menard , Vienna University of Technology
pp. 0455

PALM: Portable Sensor-Augmented Vision System for Large-Scene Modeling (Abstract)

Teck Khim Ng , Carnegie Mellon University
Takeo Kanade , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 0473

On the Detection of Feature Points of 3D Facial Image and its Application to 3D Facial Caricature (Abstract)

Takayuki Fujiwara , Chukyo University
Takeshi Nishihara , Chukyo University
Masafumi Tominaga , Chukyo University
Hiroyasu Koshimizu , Chukyo University
Kunihito Kato , Gifu University
Kazuhito Murakami , Aichi Prefectural University
pp. 0490

Three-Dimensional Modelling and Rendering of the Human Skeletal Trunk from 2D Radiographic Images (Abstract)

S. Delorme , H?pital Sainte-Justine
Y. Petit , H?pital Sainte-Justine and ?cole Polytechnique Montr?al
C.-É. Aubin , H?pital Sainte-Justine and ?cole Polytechnique Montr?al
J. Dansereau , H?pital Sainte-Justine and ?cole Polytechnique Montr?al
H. Labelle , ?cole Polytechnique Montr?al
C. Landry , ?cole Polytechnique Montr?al and ?cole de Technologie Sup?rieure Montr?al
J.A. de Guise , ?cole de Technologie Sup?rieure Montr?al
pp. 0497

A 3D Scanning System Based on Low-Occlusion Approach (Abstract)

Bor-Tow Chen , Industrial Technology Research Institute
Wen-Shiou Lou , Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chia-Chen Chen , Industrial Technology Research Institute
Hsien-Chang Lin , Industrial Technology Research Institute
pp. 0506

Appearance-Based Virtual View Generation of Temporally-Varying Events from Multi-Camera Images in the 3D Room (Abstract)

Hideo Saito , Carnegie Mellon University
Shigeyuki Baba , Carnegie Mellon University
Makoto Kimura , Carnegie Mellon University
Sundar Vedula , Carnegie Mellon University
Takeo Kanade , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 0516

Curvature Estimation for Segmentation of Triangulated Surfaces (Abstract)

R. Sacchi , The Nottingham Trent University
J.F. Poliakoff , The Nottingham Trent University
P.D. Thomas , The Nottingham Trent University
K.-H. Häfele , Institut f?r Angewandte Informatitk
pp. 0536

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