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Issue No. 02 - March-April (vol. 11)
ISSN: 1540-7993
From the Editors

Breaking-in Research (HTML)

Fred B. Schneider , Cornell University
pp. 3-4
News Briefs
Technology Transfer

Crossing the "Valley of Death": Transitioning Cybersecurity Research into Practice (Abstract)

Douglas Maughan , US Department of Homeland Security
David Balenson , SRI International
Ulf Lindqvist , SRI International
Zachary Tudor , SRI International
pp. 14-23

Building a Bridge across the Transition Chasm (Abstract)

Anita D'Amico , Secure Decisions, Division of Applied Visions, Inc.
Brianne O'Brien , Secure Decisions, Division of Applied Visions, Inc.
Mark Larkin , Secure Decisions, Division of Applied Visions, Inc.
pp. 24-33

Federated Identity Management—We Built It; Why Won't They Come? (Abstract)

Jostein Jensen , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Martin Gilje Jaatun , SINTEF ICT
pp. 34-41

Crossing the Great Divide: From Research to Market (Abstract)

Terry V. Benzel , USC Information Sciences Institute
Eric O'Brien , McAfee
William Arbaugh , Five Directions and University of Maryland, College Park
John Sebes , Open Source Digital Voting Foundation
pp. 42-46
Software Protection

Protecting Your Software Updates (Abstract)

Bart Coppens , Ghent University
Bjorn De Sutter , Ghent University
Koen De Bosschere , Ghent University
pp. 47-54

LTE/SAE Security Issues on 4G Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Anastasios N. Bikos , University of Patras
Nicolas Sklavos , Technological Educational Institute of Patras
pp. 55-62
It All Depends

Time-Outing Internet Services (Abstract)

Anatoliy Gorbenko , National Aerospace University, Ukraine
Alexander Romanovsky , Newcastle University
pp. 68-71

Authorship Is Continuous: Managing Code Plagiarism (Abstract)

Ian Koss , Florida Institute of Technology
Richard Ford , Florida Institute of Technology
pp. 72-74
On the Horizon

What Happened to the Crypto Dream?, Part 1 (Abstract)

Arvind Narayanan , Princeton University
pp. 75-76
Privacy Interests

A Shortage of Privacy Engineers (Abstract)

Lorrie Faith Cranor , Carnegie Mellon University
Norman Sadeh , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 77-79
Crypto Corner

Network Service Authentication Timing Attacks (Abstract)

Adrian Hayes ,
pp. 80-82
Systems Security

Avoiding a War on Unauthorized Computation (Abstract)

Sergey Bratus , Dartmouth College
Anna Shubina , Dartmouth College
pp. 83-88
Security & Privacy Economics
In Our Orbit
Last Word

IT for Oppression (HTML)

pp. 96
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