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Issue No. 01 - January/February (vol. 26)
ISSN: 0740-7459
From the Editor

A Tale of Two Conferences (HTML)

Hakan Erdogmus , National Research Council Canada
pp. 4-7

My Must-Reads (HTML)

pp. 8
25th Anniversary

The Most Cited IEEE Software Articles (Abstract)

Daniel O'Leary , University of Southern California
pp. 12-14
Voice of Evidence

A Look at 25 Years of Data (Abstract)

Natalia Juristo , Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Ana Moreno , Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Sira Vegas , Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Forrest Shull , Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, Maryland
pp. 15-17

Designing in the Future (Abstract)

Rebecca J. Wirfs-Brock , Wirfs-Brock Associates
pp. 18-19
Career Development

When Robert Rules (Abstract)

Philippe Kruchten , University of British Columbia
pp. 20-21
Tools of the Trade

Tool Building on the Shoulders of Others (Abstract)

Holger M. Kienle , University of Victoria
Adrian Kuhn , University of Bern
Kim Mens , Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve
Mark van den Brand , Eindhoven University of Technology
Roel Wuyts , IMEC
pp. 22-23
Mining Software Archives

Guest Editors' Introduction: Mining Software Archives (HTML)

Nachiappan Nagappan , Microsoft Research
Andreas Zeller , Saarland University
Thomas Zimmermann , Microsoft Research
pp. 24-25

Change Analysis with Evolizer and ChangeDistiller (Abstract)

Harald C. Gall , University of Zurich
Beat Fluri , University of Zurich
Martin Pinzger , University of Zurich
pp. 26-33

Tracking Your Changes: A Language-Independent Approach (Abstract)

Gerardo Canfora , University of Sannio
Luigi Cerulo , University of Sannio
Massimiliano Di Penta , University of Sannio
pp. 50-57

Mining Task-Based Social Networks to Explore Collaboration in Software Teams (Abstract)

Timo Wolf , University of Victoria
Adrian Schr , University of Victoria
Daniela Damian , University of Victoria
Lucas D. Panjer , University of Victoria
Thanh H.D. Nguyen , University of Victoria
pp. 58-66

Future of Mining Software Archives: A Roundtable (Abstract)

Michael W. Godfrey , University of Waterloo
Ahmed E. Hassan , Queen's University Canada
James Herbsleb , Carnegie Mellon University
Gail C. Murphy , University of British Columbia
Martin Robillard , McGill University
Prem Devanbu , University of California, Davis
Audris Mockus , Avaya Labs
Dewayne E. Perry , University of Texas at Austin
David Notkin , University of Washington
pp. 67-70
Software Technology

Body Sensors: Wireless Access to Physiological Data (Abstract)

Andrew D. Jurik , University of Virginia
Alfred C. Weaver , University of Virginia
pp. 71-73
On Architecture

Not with a Bang (Abstract)

pp. 74-75

How to Use Web Services in Your Requirements Process (Abstract)

Peter Sawyer , Lancaster University
Neil Maiden , City University London
pp. 76-78
Developing Scientific Software

Requirements Engineering for E-science: Experiences in Epidemiology (Abstract)

Sarah Thew , University of Manchester
Alistair Sutcliffe , University of Manchester
Rob Procter , University of Manchester
Oscar de Bruijn , University of Manchester
John McNaught , University of Manchester
Colin C. Venters , University of Manchester
Iain Buchan , University of Manchester
pp. 80-87

Software Design for Empowering Scientists (Abstract)

David De Roure , University of Southampton
Carole Goble , University of Manchester
pp. 88-95

Usability and User-Centered Design in Scientific Software Development (Abstract)

Catriona Macaulay , University of Dundee
David Sloan , University of Dundee
Xinyi Jiang , University of Dundee
Paula Forbes , University of Dundee
Scott Loynton , University of Dundee
Jason R. Swedlow , University of Dundee
Peter Gregor , University of Dundee
pp. 96-102
Loyal Opposition

A Classification System for Testing, Part 2 (Abstract)

Robert L. Glass , Griffith University
pp. 104, 103
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