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Issue No. 01 - January/February (vol. 23)
ISSN: 0740-7459

Article Summaries (HTML)

pp. 4
From the Editor

Content Mismanagement Systems (HTML)

Warren Harrison , Portland State University
pp. 5-8

Letters (Abstract)

pp. 10-12

Looking for Powerful Abstractions (Abstract)

Rebecca J. Wirfs-Brock , Wirfs-Brock Associates
pp. 13-15
Quality Time

Victor R. Basili's Contributions to Software Quality (Abstract)

Forrest Shull , Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, Maryland
Carolyn Seaman , Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, Maryland
Marvin Zelkowitz , Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering, Maryland
pp. 16-18
Aspect-Oriented Programming

Guest Editors' Introduction: Aspect-Oriented Programming (HTML)

Gail Murphy , University of British Columbia
pp. 20-23

Applying AspectJ to J2EE Application Development (Abstract)

Nicholas Lesiecki , Video Monitoring Services of America
pp. 24-32

Dynamic Adaptation of the Squid Web Cache with Arachne (Abstract)

Marc Ségura-Devillechaise , École des Mines de Nantes
Jean-Marc Menaud , École des Mines de Nantes
Nicolas Loriant , École des Mines de Nantes
Rémi Douence , École des Mines de Nantes
Mario Südholt , École des Mines de Nantes
Thomas Fritz , University of British Columbia
Egon Wuchner , Siemens
pp. 34-41

Unraveling Crosscutting Concerns in Web Services Middleware (Abstract)

Bart Verheecke , Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Wim Vanderperren , Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Viviane Jonckers , Vrije Universiteit Brussel
pp. 42-50

Modular Software Design with Crosscutting Interfaces (Abstract)

William G. Griswold , University of California, San Diego
Kevin Sullivan , University of Virginia
Yuanyuan Song , University of Virginia
Macneil Shonle , University of California, San Diego
Nishit Tewari , University of Virginia
Yuanfang Cai , University of Virginia
Hridesh Rajan , Iowa State University
pp. 51-60

Discovering Early Aspects (Abstract)

Elisa Baniassad , Chinese University of Hong Kong
Paul C. Clements , Carnegie Mellon University
Joao Araújo , New University of Lisbon
Ana Moreira , New University of Lisbon
Awais Rashid , Lancaster University
Bedir Tekinerdogan , University of Twente
pp. 61-70

Point/Counterpoint (Abstract)

Adrian Colyer , Interface 21
Rob Harrop , Interface 21
Rod Johnson , Interface 21
Alexandre Vasseur , BEA Systems
Danio Beuche , pure-systems
Cédric Beust , Google
pp. 72-75

Portable C/C++ Code for Portable XML Data (Abstract)

Zhaoqing Wang , Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Harry H. Cheng , University of California, Davis
pp. 76-81

Helping Small Companies Assess Software Processes (Abstract)

Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim , Universidade do Vale do Itajaí
Alessandra Anacleto , Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Clenio F. Salviano , Centro de Pesquisas Renato Archer
pp. 91-98
Software Engineering Glossary

Software Construction, Part 1 (HTML)

Steve McConnell , Construx Software
pp. 99
Tools of the Trade

Project Asset Portability (Abstract)

Diomidis Spinellis , Athens University of Economics and Business
pp. 100-101

In Search of the System Concept (Abstract)

Olly Gotel , Pace University
pp. 102-103
Open Source

Version Control (Abstract)

Panagiotis Louridas , Greek Research and Technology Network
pp. 104-107
In the News

In the News (HTML)

Bart Massey , Portland State University
pp. 108-113
From Your Technical Council

Bookshelf (HTML)

pp. 116-118
Loyal Opposition
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