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Abstract—This article features some of the latest advances and applications in multimedia technology.

Keywords—multimedia; multimedia applications; media server; facial recognition; pose correction; video production; video surveillance; cloud-computing platform

Facial Recognition Service with Pose Correction

Animetrics, a developer of advanced facial recognition applications and face identity management solutions for law enforcement and the military, has announced the availability of ID-Ready, a subscription-based online service for smaller law enforcement departments that supports ±45 degree pose correction. The service takes a grainy, partial view, angulated 2D facial image, applies 2D-to-3D algorithms, and makes it usable for most facial recognition systems.

Most photos studied by law enforcement do not provide a frontal view of a face and are captured by low-resolution video security cameras or long-distance telephoto surveillance cameras. Using the ID-Ready service, law enforcement personnel can upload a 2D photo to Animetrics servers. The ID-Ready system then applies facial-feature point detection to accurately find the face and specify the eyes, nose tip, mouth, and so forth.

From there a 3D model is created and a new 2D resultant image that is pose-corrected to zero for facial pitch, yaw, and roll along the x, y, and z axes. ID-Ready automatically eliminates any occlusions using a proprietary symmetric blending algorithm.

Users may choose to show the occlusions by toggling between the mirror image view and the actual view of the rotated face, which may include the nonvisible part of the angulated face from the original 2D image. Both versions of the photo can be downloaded as JPEG images for use in any facial recognition system.

The ID-Ready service is available in per-image, monthly, or annual subscription packages. Visit for more details.


Figure 1   Animetrics ID-Ready online service pose correction (a) with and (b) without occlusions.

Video Surveillance Cloud-Computing Platform

Genetec, a provider of IP security solutions in the physical security industry, has announced the availability of Stratocast, its video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) powered by the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud-computing platform. Stratocast delivers video surveillance service for small- and mid-sized businesses without requiring them to install and manage onsite hardware and storage.

Stratocast features include HD video capture, intelligent video management that sends automatic alerts when an activity or incident has occurred, and a cloud federation feature that can add new cameras to remote/satellite locations to supplement existing on-premise security management platforms.

Stratocast also features edge recording and video trickling capabilities. The Stratocast interface lets customers access live and recorded video feeds from any computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere while away from the store or office. The service supports a wide variety of cameras, including both fixed and PTZ (pan tilt and zoom) cameras.

Monthly packages start at $10 per month, per camera. Visit for more details.

HD Video Production Studio Upgrade

NewTek has announced the next generation of its entry-level TriCaster 40, a complete HD multicamera video production studio that enables users to create streaming television on a small budget. Version 2 of TriCaster 40 includes customizable animated transitions, titles and graphics, and improved file interoperability.

TriCaster 40 now enables video producers to create HDTV-style video broadcasts. Users can also create and customize transitions and effects using the Animation Store Creator to produce full-color full-motion overlays, audio for both directions, and warped video mapped against any 3D surface.

The new version also improves visual quality and consistency by correcting for variances in the video signal on every input and tightly calibrating white, black, and color levels for every source to broadcast-acceptable standards with preview scopes.

Existing TriCaster 40 customers can purchase the TriCaster 40 version 2 software for $995. New TriCaster 40 systems including the version 2 software are available for $5,995. An optional control surface is also available for $1,995. For more information, visit


Figure 2   TriCaster 40 interface.

Media Server Enhancements

New and enhanced built-in features have been added to the Wowza Media Server 3.6. Specifically, the server has added basic support for MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) to its existing suite of supported streaming formats and now includes expanded support for closed captions to handle of multiple captioning formats and help content providers comply with FCC regulations in the United States and increasing requirements in the European Union.

To this end, Wowza augmented its support of the CEA-608 standard to expand conversion and delivery of captions in live and on-demand streams to additional streaming formats. Wowza also added support for WebVTT standards to support the latest version of Apple HTTP Live Streaming for iOS devices and other HTML5 media players.

The Wowza GoCoder app lets content providers encode and broadcast live content from their iOS device. Users can use Wowza GoCoder to capture and stream live audio and video content in real time over WiFi, 4G, or 3G directly to the Wowza Media Server.

In addition, enhancements to the Live Stream Record feature in the Wowza Media Server 3.6 give users more control over how live streams are recorded and where the recorded video on demand assets are stored. Now users can record their live streams at both the server and application level, but store archives separately. Live Stream Record also now includes property overrides. Visit for full product details.

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