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Abstract—This department presents publishing opportunities to multimedia researchers and announces pertinent upcoming conferences.

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21st Int'l Workshop Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video 2–3 June 2011 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nossdav 2011 is SIGMM's workshop on network and operating systems support for digital audio and video. The workshop, hosted at the University of British Columbia, will continue to focus on emerging research topics, controversial ideas, and future research directions in the area of multimedia systems research.

As in previous years, the conference will maintain the focused single-track format, a setting that stimulates lively discussions among the senior and junior participants. Nossdav encourages experimental research based on real systems and real data sets. Public availability of the source code and data sets discussed in papers presented is highly encouraged.

For more information visit http://nss.cs.ubc.ca/nossdav2011/.

4th Int'l Workshop Semantic Ambient Media Experience 29th June-2nd July 2011 Brisbane, Australia

Held in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Communities and Technologies, this multidisciplinary workshop is designed to work as a gathering of creative minds coming from technology, art, human–computer interaction, and social sciences, especially those who are interested in glimpsing the future of semantic, ambient media technology. Thus, the workshop aims to address the challenges of how to select, compose, and generate ambient content; how to interpret content for the ambient presentation; how to reuse ambient content and learning experiences; how to determine the characteristics of ambient media, its content, and technology; and how to use ambient media in story-telling and art. The workshop is also designed to address how ambient media can create business and value, and how it can be integrated into business processes and strategies.

Semantics plays a crucial role in the generation of ambient media content. It can be seen as the glue between the raw data and the ambient media. Therefore, the workshop will focus on how data can be (semiautomatically) interpreted and translated into media presentations.

For more information visit http://www.ambientmediaassociation.org/node/60 and http://ct2011.urbaninformatics.net/.

IEEE 4th Int'l Conf. Cloud Computing 5–10 July 2011 Washington DC

"Change we are leading" is the theme of Cloud 2011. Cloud Computing has become a scalable services consumption and delivery platform in the services computing field. The technical foundations of cloud computing include service-oriented architecture and virtualizations of hardware and software. The goal of cloud computing is to share resources among the cloud service consumers, partners, and vendors in the cloud value chain. The resource sharing at various levels results in various offerings, such as infrastructure, software, application, and business.

Cloud 2011 will be colocated with the 7th IEEE World Congress on Services (Services), the 9th IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), and the 8th IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC).

Visit http://www.thecloudcomputing.org/2011/ for more information.

IEEE Int'l Conf. Multimedia and Expo 11–15 July 2011 Barcelona

ICME has been the flagship multimedia conference sponsored by four IEEE societies since 2000. It serves as a forum to promote the exchange of the latest advances in multimedia technologies, systems, and applications from the research and development perspective of the circuits and systems, communications, computer, and signal-processing communities. An exposition of multimedia products, animations, and industries will be held in conjunction with the conference.

For more information visit http://www.icme2011.org.

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