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Abstract—This department presents publishing opportunities to multimedia researchers and announces pertinent upcoming conferences.

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6th IEEE Int'l Workshop Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval 13–15 December, 2010 Taichung, Taiwan

IEEE-MIPR 2010 will take place in conjunction with the IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM). The workshop will provide a forum for original research contributions and practical system design, implementation, and applications of multimedia information processing and retrieval. The target audiences will be university researchers, scientists, industry professionals, software engineers, and graduate students who need to become acquainted with new theories and technologies in multimedia information processing and retrieval.

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2nd Int'l Conf. Internet Multimedia Computing and Service 30–31 December, 2010 Harbin, China

ICIMCS 2010 will focus on a variety of key issues and new approaches that aim to tackle problems arising from the rapid growth of Internet multimedia and the associated service requirements. The conference is a forum for both academic researchers and industry developers to exchange information on the state of the art of Internet multimedia processing, analysis, and applications. ICIMCS 2010 also will provide attendees the chance to identify emerging research topics and define the future of Internet multimedia computing.

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Calls for Papers

12th Int'l Symp. a World of Wireless, Mobile, and Multimedia Networks 20–24 June 2011 Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

The evolution of wireless networking technologies and their key role in future Internet scenarios offer an increasing wealth of opportunities for distributing multimedia content over wireless networks, enabling dissemination of professional content to mobile users as well as sharing user-generated content between them. In the future, users will be able to retrieve, publish, and manage information, communicate with other users or devices, access and author services, create and exploit context-awareness, and so on. Papers that present original work in this area, validated by experimentation, simulation, or analysis, are solicited. Practical experiences and experimental efforts from both industry and academy, duly documenting the lessons learned from test-beds, field-trials, or real deployments, are also welcome. The submission deadline is 21 November 2010. A detailed list of topics of interest and paper submission instructions are available on the conference website at

5th IEEE/FTRA Int'l Conf. Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering 28–30 June 2011 Crete, Greece

The new multimedia standards (for example, MPEG-21) facilitate the seamless integration of multiple modalities into interoperable multimedia frameworks, transforming the way people work and interact with multimedia data. These key technologies and multimedia solutions interact and collaborate with each other in increasingly effective ways, contributing to the multimedia revolution and having a significant impact across a wide spectrum of consumer, business, healthcare, education, and governmental domains.

This conference provides an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of multimedia and ubiquitous environments, including models and systems, new directions, and novel applications associated with the use and acceptance of ubiquitous-computing devices and systems.

The goals of this conference are to provide complete coverage of the areas outlined and to bring together the researchers from academia and industry to share ideas, challenges, and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of this field. The conference invites new and unpublished papers to be submitted by 3 January 2011. For more topic information and the complete call for papers, visit

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