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Abstract—This department presents publishing opportunities to multimedia researchers, as well as announcing pertinent upcoming conferences.

Keywords—call for papers, conferences, workshops, Upcoming Events, graphics and multimedia

26th IEEE Int'l Conf. Data Engineering 1–6 March 2010 Long Beach, Calif.

ICDE provides a forum to discuss research results, advanced data-intensive applications, and issues on data and knowledge engineering. The mission of the conference is to share research solutions to problems arising in today's information society and to identify new issues and directions for future research and development in this exciting field. Workshop topics include ranking in databases; information and software as services; self-managing database systems; management and mining of uncertain data; new trends in information integration; data engineering meets the Semantic Web; and modeling, managing, and mining of evolving social networks.

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7th Int'l Conf. Informatics and Systems 28–30 March 2010 Cairo

The INFOS International Conference series aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to exchange views, positions, and lab results related to developments in computer science, information technology, information systems, operations research, and decision support. The conference consists of a set of specialized tracks: applied optimization and metaheuristics; advances in data engineering and management; high-performance computing; information technology for cultural heritage; natural language processing and knowledge mining; next-generation broadband networks; and software engineering in action.

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Int'l Conf. Multimedia Information Retrieval 29–31 March 2010 Philadelphia

MIR is a scientific meeting for discussing the latest advances in the area of multimedia retrieval. MIR 2010 will address a wide range of issues in multimedia information exploration, summarization, and retrieval, including analysis, indexing, search, and retrieval of multimedia data; personal multimedia management; novel interfaces for multimedia management, search, and retrieval; digital life experience analysis and retrieval; and exploration of media archives.

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IEEE Int'l Conf. Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning and IEEE Int'l Conf. Wireless, Mobile, and Ubiquitous Technologies in Education 12–16 April 2010 Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Sponsored by IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology and hosted by National Central University, Digital and WMUTE will be held jointly. Participants in both conferences will be able to interact and exchange ideas related to teaching and learning opportunities that can be designed in or derived from video games and digital toys.

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Call for Papers

Int'l Workshop Case-Based Reasoning on Multimedia Data, 14 July 2010, Berlin

Many existing statistical and knowledge-based techniques used to analyze and interpret multimedia data signals lack robustness, accuracy, and flexibility. New strategies are needed that can adapt to changing environmental conditions, signal variation, user needs, and process requirements. The workshop will investigate how case-based reasoning can be used to control signal processing in all phases of an interpreting system to derive information of the highest possible quality.

CBR-MD is running in connection with the Industrial Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2010). Paper submissions to CBR-MD are due 28 April 2010. For more information visit

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