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Looking Forward to Changes in 2009

Sethuraman Panchanathan, Arizona State University

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I wish you all a very happy and successful 2009.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in our magazine. Your contributions, the hard work of our editorial board, and the support of the staff of the IEEE Computer Society have resulted in a very successful year for IEEE MultiMedia. We more than doubled our manuscript submissions from 41 to 91, and our magazine ranks among the top of IEEE CS quarterly magazines. IEEE MultiMedia had an acceptance rate of about 18 percent, again among the IEEE CS magazine leaders, pointing to the higher quality of the articles that we publish. I would like to thank the many reviewers who helped make sure that the magazine maintained its high standard for excellence.

In addition to publishing excellent regular-issue papers in 2008, we had special issues focused on Collaborative Tagging of Multimedia and Assistive Technologies, along with a special section on Educational Multimedia. The issues planned in 2009 promise to provide an exciting year. This issue focuses on Intelligent Pervasive Multimedia Systems, while the April-June issue will include articles that address the Many Faces of Multimedia Semantics. Our July-September issue will present articles covering a wide range of multimedia-related topics. Multimedia-Metadata and Semantic Management is the focus for the October-December issue.

We had a very productive editorial board meeting on 25 October 2008 in Vancouver, Canada, where we discussed changes that will make our magazine even better. These include the introduction of a new department called Media Beat, which will cover noteworthy events in art, industry, and academia. It will consist of articles from Art Beat (with Maria Miranda serving as editor), Industry Beat, and Academia Beat. Tech Beat will now fall under the Media Beat umbrella. We've renamed Standards as Standards in Industry, with John Smith still serving as its editor. We will continue to offer the other departments, as follows, with the editors noted in parentheses:

  • Artful Media (Norie Neumark),
  • Media Impact (William I. Grosky),
  • Multimedia at Work (Qibin Sun),
  • New Products (Farshad Fotouhi),
  • Visions and Views (Susanne Boll), and
  • Upcoming Events.

We will continue to publish regular feature articles that span the wide range of topics in multimedia. I invite you to be a part of our magazine by contributing to its content. In addition, please check out the IEEE Computer Society's portal, Computing Now (see, which aggregates all the Computer Society's magazines, including IEEE MultiMedia. In fact, you'll want to read the Guest Editor's Introduction by our own associate editor-in-chief Dorée Duncan Seligmann in Computing Now's December 2008 issue ("Technological Innovations for the Modern Museum," That issue of Computing Now touches upon a few possible uses of technology to enhance a visitor's experience at a museum. The issue includes an article from the April-June 2007 issue of IEEE MultiMedia, "Enabling Mobile Phones to Support Large-Scale Museum Guidance," by Erich Bruns, Benjamin Bromback, Thomas Zeidler, and Oliver Bimber.

I'm looking forward to your continued input and suggestions on how we can improve this magazine for you, the reader, in 2009. Please feel free to provide your feedback to me at

Best wishes for a prosperous 2009!

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