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Issue No.04 - October-December (2008 vol.15)
pp: 14-21
Robert Zeleznik , Brown University
Timothy Miller , Brown University
Andries van Dam , Brown University
Chuanjun Li , Brown University
Dana Tenneson , Brown University
Christopher Maloney , Brown University
Joseph J. LaViola , University of Central Florida
As part of the rapidly evolving field of designing more natural user interfaces for multimedia information, pen-centric computing refuses to disappear. As a quite natural and universal interface modality, it presents many challenges. In this article, the pen-centric computing group at Brown University, led by Andries Van Dam, surveys the many prototypes they have designed and implemented, and discuss the research issues in the field still to be explored.
pen-centric, sketching, gestures, user interface, tablets
Robert Zeleznik, Timothy Miller, Andries van Dam, Chuanjun Li, Dana Tenneson, Christopher Maloney, Joseph J. LaViola, "Applications and Issues in Pen-Centric Computing", IEEE MultiMedia, vol.15, no. 4, pp. 14-21, October-December 2008, doi:10.1109/MMUL.2008.82
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