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Workshop on Ontology-Driven Applications in Distributed Systems

23–27 June 2008

Lyon, France

Held in conjunction with 8th International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems, the OntoAPP workshop recognizes that ontologies are becoming widespread in several disconnected domains. Their use leads to new software architectures, especially in the field of distributed systems. However, it's difficult to measure the impact of their use in distributed environments. Feedback from innovative software driven by ontologies are mandatory for a better comprehension on how ontologies are used in real use cases. OntoAPP is a unique chance for people interested in knowledge-based systems to meet and discuss theoretical aspects as well as applied research.

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5th Int'l Conf. Image Analysis and Recognition

25–27 June 2008

Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

ICIAR brings together researchers in the fields of image processing, image analysis, and pattern recognition. Topics include image and video processing and analysis, image and video coding, image retrieval and indexing, pattern recognition for image analysis, and applications.

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3rd Int'l Conf. Digital Telecommunications

29 June–5 July 2008

Bucharest, Romania

Potential conference topics include multimedia telecommunications; signal processing in telecommunications; data processing; audio transmission and reception systems; voice over packet networks; video conferencing and telephony; image producing, sending, and mining; speech producing and processing; and IP/mobile TV.

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Image- and Video-Based Pattern Analysis and Applications Special Session

8–11 July 2008

Sydney, Australia

A subgroup of the IEEE 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications, IVPAA 08 addresses image- and video-based pattern analysis methods and their migration from academic institutions to industrial laboratories, and onward into deployable systems, and their increasing importance in real-world systems for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

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IADIS Multiconference on Computer Science and Information Systems

22–27 July 2008


MCCSIS 2008 aims to gather researchers in the core areas of computer science and information systems. The conference is part of the MCCSIS 2008 multiconference. The multiconference has different conferences with the following themes: e-learning, intelligent systems and agents, wireless applications and computing, gaming, design for engaging experience and social interaction, visual communication, society and human beings, Web-based communication, interfaces and human–computer interaction, data mining, telecommunications, informatics, e-commerce, and computer graphics and visualization.

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