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Looking Forward: New Ideas, New Opportunities

Sethuraman , Arizona State University

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Thanks to all of you for your contributions and support. This has made 2007 a productive year for IEEE Multimedia. We had a total of 70 submissions in 2007, representing an increase of more than 50 percent. While this is a reasonable number of submissions for a quarterly magazine, we are working to enhance the quality and quantity of submissions even further.

The July–September special issue focused on Advances in Multimedia Computing and the October–December special issue looked at Signal Processing in Life Sciences. In addition to the focus of this issue on Upward Mobility and Media Streaming and on Emerging Multimedia in the April–June 2008 issue, we have two special issues planned in 2008, which will focus on Collaborative Tagging of Multimedia (the issue will include a special section on Educational Multimedia) in July–September and Accessibility and Assistive Technologies in October–December.

The multimedia field presents us with new opportunities as we start to focus on the human–centered computing paradigm. Human centeredness is becoming important in most engineering and technological design processes. As multimedia embraces human centeredness, it will be essential to consider various aspects of human–human interaction into the design of multimedia interfaces. This requires convergence of ideas from domains such as social and behavioral psychology, neurology, and cognitive psychology. There is strong evidence from these areas that humans differentially value their sensory experiences on the basis of context. It's therefore important to understand the nature of such values; doing so can provide unique opportunities for interdisciplinary multimedia research. In addition, the synergy between HCI; multimedia; and intelligent, embedded, wearable, and ubiquitous computing will help advance the concept of human-centered multimedia computing (HCMC). The October–December 2008 special issue focuses on multimedia for accessibility and assistive technologies. I invite you to submit articles focusing on human centeredness for the special and regular issues.

I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues on the editorial board for their hard work and dedication. In addition, thanks are due to the numerous reviewers who helped maintain the standard of excellence; check inside the issue for a special reviewer thanks. We had an excellent editorial board meeting on 26 October 2007 (see Figure 1). There were several ideas discussed at this meeting to improve and advance our magazine. We were delighted to have the opportunity of all the past EICs (Ramesh Jain, William Grosky, and Forouzan Golshani) present at a luncheon to honor the contributions of our founding EIC, Ramesh Jain.


Figure 1   Members of the IEEE MultiMedia editorial board and staff at our 2007 meeting.

I look forward to your continued input and support as we advance our magazine to the next level in 2008. Please make sure to check our video blog at and provide your feedback to me at

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2008! MM

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