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Searchable Video Library

Luxology TV is an online portal that lets users exchange and view high-resolution video clips. Essentially, Luxology TV acts as a repository of training and presentation material on Modo, Luxology's 3D tool, and other topics pertaining to 3D content creation.

The Web site offers two main categories of video clips. The training area includes how-to video clips, and the gallery contains animations and noninstructional videos. Visitors can browse an array of video thumbnails with associated text descriptions, and search for video clips according to keywords, industries, or general 3D topics. When a video is located and selected for viewing, Luxology TV populates the page with thumbnails of related videos.

The majority of Luxology TV's content is downloadable for free. Commercial professional training materials from Luxology and third-party vendors will be available for purchase. Supported formats are QuickTime and Flash.

Visit for more information.


Figure    Modo 301 sculpting and text tools (courtesy Dan Ablan). Modo is one of the topics users can learn about at Luxology TV.

Video Conversion for Flash, iPod, and iPhone

VT3 Studio recently unveiled Video Suite Limited Edition, a video sharing and converting tool that is designed to provide users with a way to convert video into 33 formats, including Flash and formats tailored to the iPod and the iPhone. Additionally, Video Suite lets a PC acts as a miniserver so users can stream files directly to others.

According to the company, the software converts video into specified small, medium, or large files in roughly one-third of real time. The tool can define audio and video parameters and lets users set a specific start and end time for conversion.

VT3 Video Suite LE is available for Windows at

Facetracker Available in Minton Digital Cameras

FotoNation's FaceTracker face detection and tracking technology for digital cameras is available in the Minton Brica DigiArt i90, Z870, and Z970 digital cameras. FaceTracker is designed to detect a subject's face and tracks the position of the face as it changes within the viewfinder to assure that portrait photos are focused and properly exposed.

As a user previews a potential photo in the viewfinder, the software detects and tracks up to ten faces simultaneously. Boxes are drawn around each face to provide feedback on correct detection, and exposure settings are applied automatically. FaceTracker technology is also available in Pentax and Samsung digital cameras.

For more information visit and

3D Motion Graphics on the Desktop

Boris FX recently announced Boris Blue 2.0, which is an Avid AVX 2.0 plug-in option with image treatment filters. According to the company, the support for AVX allows Avid editors to perform work traditionally done in high-end, standalone effects applications within their own editing environment. Editors can create titles, transitions, and other 3D elements in the Avid timeline.

Features include Avid plug-in integration for Windows XP Avid systems; improved 3D interactors for objects, cameras, lights, and split views; 3D camera improvements; and new 3D deformers and image processors.

Boris Blue 2.0 costs $995. For more information visit

On2 Supports Akamai's Video Distribution Platform

On2 Technologies announced that Flix Publisher now can be integrated with Akamai Technologies. This capability enables customers to encode and publish Adobe Flash video to the Web.

The Flix Publisher browser-based encoding and publishing software converts digital video content into Flash video. Publisher has controls for editing and previewing the video, uploading to a remote data store, and streaming to a Flash Media Server. It encodes on the user's desktop, and only well-compressed Flash video traverses the network.

According to the company, support for the Akamai platform allows for an increase in the scalability of user generated content systems while at the same time decreasing computing power needs and alleviating queuing. Publisher customers can use Akamai's network and account-management tools as a prebuilt backend, which according to the company simplifies site deployment.

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Camcorder Offers Near DVD Quality

DXG USA announced the DXG-572V digital camcorder that records full motion MPEG-4 video in near-DVD quality. The camcorder features a portable design, a 5-megapixel complementary metal-oxide semiconductor sensor, 4× digital zoom, a 2-inch flip-out LCD screen, and a built-in digital voice recorder. The camera has a built-in flash and self-timer, as well as a white balance adjustment to control color and lighting.

The DXG-572V costs $149.99. For more information visit


Figure    The DXG-572V digital camcorder.

Digital Audio Management Tool

NewTech Infosystems announced the availability of its NTI Ripper v2 Suite, a digital audio management solution for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. The suite includes a ripper; a burning engine; and a personal DJ with a library of popular playback preferences. NTI Ripper v2 has all of the original version's features, including the ability to perform on-the-fly batch conversions of audio file formats; automatic file naming by artist, song title, track number, and album name; and support for popular audio formats.

The suite costs $29.99. For more information visit

Mini Blu-Ray Disc

Verbatim Corporation and its parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, announced a mini Blu-ray recordable/rewriteable media. Measuring 3 inches in diameter, the 7.5-Gbyte discs provide approximately one hour of continuous video capture time on a single side in high definition 1080i. The media will be available with a Blu-ray disc-compatible camcorder. The proprietary hard-coat finish on the media provides antistatic and anti-scratch properties for added protection.

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